Monday, March 10, 2008

Our New backyard attraction!

This is going to take about 10 years to build...but we've started! This is from Sunday...Day TWO of production! Doesn't look like much...but we've got the second story floor down and the upper deck floor on too! This thing is HUGE...25 x 12! It's going to take up a bit portion of our backyard...thank goodness we have a huge back yard! THIS is why we bought this house...for the backyard! Day 1 of's the biggest puzzle i've ever seen. Each piece actually has a letter and number on it...that coincides with the directions. It's funny...Pauls bro STEVE would LOVE putting this together! He loves puzzles!

Another pic of the end of day 1!

Playing on the slide laying in the grass..the girls had a blast and their hair was so staticy it was hilarious!

Playing in the boxes that held the wood for the playset!

We put part of it together before we moved it out...

There were a total of FIVE's amazing how they can fit everything for that huge set in such a small space!

Another shot of the wood

See post below this one for the pics of over 2000 screws in the set! I've been having some MAJOR problems with blogger this morning...SO these posts are all out of order.