Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sarah is NOT allergic to Bee's!

Last night we got home from our normal friday night family dinner outing to Chillis. We got home around 630p so i decided to go take them in their room and get them ready for bed. After i got Sarah dressed i picked up Sam to get her dressed as i was also coaxing Hannah into getting her clothes on and stop walking around naked. While all this is going on i hear Sarah SCREAM at the TOP OF HER LUNGS...she didn't stop. I looked down and low and behold there is a bee walking on the ground. I told Paul..I think Sarah MAY have gotten bit by the bee although i wasn't sure at all. Paul grabbed her and sure enough she had a stinger in her finger. Paul pulled it out right there. She was uncontrolable. I had no idea what to one has gotten bitten that i can ever I call my sister Jennifer because i know they have had problems with Allison being so allergic to mosquito bites. Jeff said give her benadryl and put some meat tenderizer...we did the benadryl but decided to skip the meat tenderizer. We took them all outside in their pj's because being outside ALWAYS distracts them. Sure enough she calmed down a bit. It was on and off for about a half hour and finally she forgot about it after i gave her her nightly bottle. This morning it's still puffy and red(just where she got bit)...but she totally forgot about it so i'm not going to worry. If you look at the pic you can't even tell because i was squishing her hand to hold her's her pointer finger. I'm just so thankful she's not allergic to Bees...that could have been really bad if she had been allergic to them! Now, we're going to do some research into getting an epi pen...just to keep around the house...i don't know anything about them..i don't know if you can use them on a 1 year old...i know nothing. BUT, i know we need to look into them either way. Just to be on the safe side.