Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pauls making progress on the playset in the back!

Here is a shot at the beginning of today!

We had a great day today. The girls are sick...just coughing and congested...but in a good mood either way. I put some vicks on their chests before we put them to bed...that always helps them breathe a bit. I think this sickness is a mixture of the teeth...the weather and a cold. But i'm not a dr. so i could be totally wrong. Pauls been sneezing ALL day and can't breathe either (gonna make for a great nights sleep for me...while he's snoring) i have a feeling some is sinus from everything blooming!Hannah playing croquet for the first time.

Paul working on the big project! Looking good!
Just a cute pic of Sarah!

Sarah going for the shoes...again! She LOVES shoes!
Just playing around with hats today! Sam has the denim one...Sarah has her winter bunny hat on...SOO CUTE!

Now that the girls are wearing dresses...the boo boos really start. This happened today. She is a tough baby though...i didn't even realize it was all scraped up till i noticed blood all over her dress. Poor Baby!
Yucky boo boo! It was so bad she needed a BIG band aid...i cleaned it with lots of hydrogen peroxide and neosporin! It looked much better tonight! It was all better after we added a dora band aide on top of the regular bandaid!Enjoying the beautiful day on their new picnic table. Notice...Sarah fell off and is stuck underneath...i had to pull her out.
Hannah enjoying the day outside

What a good pic of Sarah!
Sam in her denim hat!
Another one of Sam in her denim hat!
One more...i know i know...but she's SOOO CUTE!
Sarah in her bunny winter hat! Look at that cute smile!

Sam in her basket!
Sarah in her basket!
No fighting when they both get their OWN baskets! :)
Hannah picking her nose...i was just trying to take a pic...and this is what she decided to do for the shot! NICE RIGHT??? Can't wait to show THIS to her boyfriend one day!
Sam playing with poor Gracye!
LOOK AT THIS! MAJOR PROGRESS...Paul did AWESOME TODAY & i didn't even help. I watched the babies instead!
On another note: Please pray for my fellow MOM Sabrina & her baby Brihanna! Brihanna is a
micro premmie(25 weeker) who melody met while in the NICU. Last night she had to have emergency surgery and have the shunt in her brain replaced because it wasn't working correctly. Please pray for her family during this rough time!


BoufMom9 said...

Wow! Good work on the swing set! Your hubby sure got a lot done today!
The girls all look adorable (ok, maybe not the nose picking. heehee)
I will add the little baby to my prayer list on my blog. Please be sure to update.