Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Personalities Samantha V.S. Sarah

Sarah & Sam's personalities are both coming out now.

My thoughts are that:

Sarah is going to be outgoing just like Hannah. Sam is going to be more conservative like Allison. Sarah loves to smile and giggle at Hannah. She loves to watch Hannah all day long. Hannah was dancing for her and all she could do was stare and giggle. Samantha loves Sugar our dog. She yells at her all day long. Today was a day of lots of talking for Sam. She was making noises all day long. Yelling at Sugar and Hannah. It was really funny and soo cute. They both LOVE the bumpos and red wagon. We were even brave enough to take them to walmart this past memorial day. We seriously took the red wagon and bumpos and put them in the bumpos in the wagon. Boy it's weird taking them out in public. People stare like i've never imagined. It's really kinda sad for Hannah because people never take a double take of her but when it comes to the girls people stare and talk to us like they are our best friends. In return i know we just have to give her a little extra attention even if she's the most self sufficient 2.5 year old i've ever known. I can't tell you how many people struck up a conversation with us in walmart. How many people cooed at the girls or had comments about how i "have my hands full". As my MOMS of Multiples says "full hands, full hearts" and now i truly believe that. We may have our hands full...and boys is that and UNDERSTATMENT...but our hearts are SOO FULL i could have never imagined how much love we get in return already! It's worth every minute even if the girls are still waking up twice a night on a good night :)

Today was a great day with the girls. Sarah and Sam were both laughing and smiling all day. Sarah loves to eat on her bug and jump in her jumperoo all day! Samantha likes to play in the baby einstein with all the different toys and she loves to eat fingers.

They both have 2 teeth now...and sam's are really poping out to where you can really see them. Sarah's are out but you can't seem them really good yet.

Think that's it for now.

Hope everyone had a great Holiday! For once in the past five months i can say we truly had a great weekend with a much smaller amout of crying in the house. Just say a prayer the girls are finally outgrowing the crying stage...

By the way Hannah is such a great big sister. She really loves the girls and really helps a lot. In the morning i take them in her room and put them in the bouncy chairs and she totally plays with them while i get as much done as i can before our day really gets going. Every time i've gone in there she is covering them up or playing with them with their toys and they are always totally smiling and giggling.

Friday, May 25, 2007

IT's going to be a rough weekend!

We just noticed Sam is getting ANOTHER tooth. So now she's getting the two bottom teeth together! YIKES! Just wish us luck that the orajel works like it did on Hannah! AND they get some sleep!


Got her first tooth in today. It actually broke through the skin and everything. We are all doing ok...just praying for the day where we can go somewhere and not worry about babies fussing all the time.

Hannah also started school last thursday and is loving it. Although i have a really funny story about school. She came home the other day and immediately told me Maddy pushed her and wouldn't let her see daddy's truck as he was pulling in the parking lot(there's a window in her school room where they sit and wait for their parents to get there to pick them up). Anyway she said Maddy wasn't her friend anymore. Well the next day i told Maddys grandmother that about the situation. She laughed and said that Maddy had went home and told her that Hannah slapped her in the face but it was a long story. Anyway who knows the whole truth...it was just really funny but it's great to be able to have somewhat of a conversation with her now that she talks like a big girl!

Friday, May 18, 2007


Got her first tooth today! It broke through the skin and everything! She seems to be doing ok through the whole thing. It really poped out fast considering i just saw the white coming through the gums yesterday! Now we're waiting on Sarah's tooth to come through!

P.S. Neither Sarah nor Sam is sleeping through the night yet!! I GIVE UP! Luckily my body and Pauls body are adjusted!

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Twins baptism & Mothers Day

The girls were baptized this past weekend. Everything went very well. Katie, my bestfriend from KY came in since we asked her to be the God mother. Steve, Pauls brother also came in because we asked him to be the God Father. Jaymie also came to the baptism and hung out with us all weekend. We had such a great time. I'm always sad to see them go.

I will attach pics as soon as i load them from the computer. The girls were just adorable.

Secondly, we signed ANOTHER contract for the house. I hope and pray this one goes through...we should be closing no later than June 4th! Cross your fingers!