Monday, March 31, 2008

Comments on my blog

I just wanted to thank EVERYONE that has posted comments on my blog. I have to say they are all sweet and helpful.

P.S. i did order some suction plates on amazon...i hope this helps the mess
I also ordered these cool things that you hook somewhere(i couldn't tell on the pic) but mainly the object of the item is that the sippy cups don't get thrown on the's a big ordeal for us b/c everytime we go to dinner out...they chunk their sippy cups on the ground...and on top of that i go through 10 sanitizer wipes a meal wiping off the tops of the cups..
Now with all these cool items...the object of the game is to find some other foods the girls will eat besides mac n cheese, pancakes and Snacks.

Also, thanks for the sweet comments about me and my Sugar...i obviously had on no make up and humidity in houston is that's MY excuse for looking like i looked...if you can see the bags under my eyes are only of one that has multiples and sleep deprived. LOL!!! Actually, today is another day or sleep deprivation! One of the girls(i'm a bad mom and never did go in to the room and see who it was) didn't have a very good night...just whining and crying for about 1.5 hours. It wasn't a SCREECHING cry...and EVERY time i went to open the door she'd calm down. Needless to say i was up half the night...listening to a crying baby. Then back to the grind with getting up at 5am! UGH! We did go a little stray from their normal nightly routine...reason being...i think i need to go back to TWO naps a day on the days they are home. They are horribly tired by 10am -ish(is that a word) LOL! But i've been working and working to keep them up...THINKING in my head...they'll be SOO tired they'll sleep for 2 or maybe even 3 hours during their nap! TOTALLY opposite. It's been 45min-1hr latest! SO, i think maybe they are sooo tired they just can't sleep too long...i don't know what else to think.

I just called my mom the other day and told's SOOO hard to have two at the same time. Yep, I AM pulling that TWIN card thing again! LOL! But geeze...trying to keep them on the same schedule as they get older is HARDER than it was when they were small. I couldn't fathom having triplets or quads! I seriously would have packed up my bags and been gone by now! LOL! ONLY KIDDING! But, what i'm saying is...getting down a routine and sticking with it...with very HARD work. I feel like it's a never ending changing thing around here. You finally feel like you've gotten something down and BAM...doesn't work anymore. WHAT in the world did i do to deserve this???? THEN, i look at my beautiful sweet innocent children and KNOW...whatever i did...must have been good, to be blessed with these sweet healthy sweet precious little girls! Anyway, i guess i'm just ranting and raving this morning...because i'm still not feeling like i've got a good schedule down yet. 15 months of learning about twins...figuring them out...watching them...and still can't figure it out! What am i doing wrong that they wake up at night and cry? Teeth maybe? Nightmares maybe? On top of the two kidos..poor Hannah is having some growing pains...i REMEMBER in details how my body would ache from i know she's not telling a story. The other night she came into our room crying that her leg/ankel hurt...poor little girl. Paul put her in bed with us and rubbed her ankel...what else can you do for growing pains? I don't think anything. I wonder if you can put icy hot or absorbine jr. on a child? Going to have to put that past my dr. when we go in tomorrow for the twins 15 month shots/check up!

Anyway, thanks again ladies...for commenting...I LOVE COMMENTS! I feel like i have this group of blogging friends...that are right there with my on all my adventures in twin mommy hood and it's so nice to know i'm not the only one going through all this...i don't know what i'd do without my blog and my MOMS group..they are both soo helpful!

BTW, before i forget...Samantha Said "BYE BYE DADDY" yesterday..or maybe i was hearing things. I was shocked...but their vocabulary is blossoming by the day! It's amazing how fast they grow. This upcoming weekend we're going to the bluebonnetts with my sister and her family. You will be soo shocked to compare the pics once we take them. Last year, the girls were tiny at this time of year. We had to sit them in bumpos in the bluebonnets to take pics...and they sat still and couldn't move..they had NO hair...and i could hold two of them soo easily. This year...WOW...i can't even imagine. It's going to be fun...but i wonder if we'll get one good pic since they are all over the place! I also remember telling Paul on the way home, "just think what this is going to be like next year"...."they girls will be 15 months and hopefully walking"...Oh boy, what a difference a year makes. This year when we leave...i'll probably be thinking..."next year i'll be able to tell them to SIT STILL" and they'll know what i'm saying! Ah...i sure hope so!