Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sarah has reflux

I took Sarah to the dr. today and she has pretty bad reflux. The pedi ENT i went to see gave her some Previcid and i give it to her daily for a month and then i go back for her to get another checkup. I sure hope and pray they don't have to put that snake looking scope back down her nose through her throat. THE SNAKE CAMERA WAS HORRIBLE! Sarah was so upset she turned completely RED to the point she looked like a RIPE RED APPLE!

Anyway i'm hoping that her reflux has a bit to do with the reason she doesn't eat much and still eats so many times per day. If i followed the normal guidelines the girls should only be eating about 4-5 times a day/night. They eat every 3, so they eat about 8 times give or take 1. I'll be really happy if previcid helps the pain and she eats more and less times. If this does work i'm going to do whatever i have to do to get Samantha some too....

Friday, March 09, 2007

Sarah slept through the NIGHT!!!

YAHOO! Sarah is finally getting accustomed to the schedule i put them on. She slept from 9p-340a! What a miracle! I never thought she'd be able to do it. I have heard a few scary stories about peoples twins taking a whole year to sleep through! I don't think that'll be us...or at least not ME! HA HA! Paul takes Sam at night and she's still taking a bit longer to sleep through. I guess that proves a point that cereal does not always really help them sleep through becuase i have never given Sarah a lick of cereal! Soo many people have told me to give them cereal...including my mom. Melody on the other hand started giving her girls cereal and Sydney slept 12 hours at night...maybe it depends on the baby.

I will update more as things happen. I'm just so extatic that i got some well deserved sleep last night...esp since during the day Sarah is so high maintenance and it's really hard for her to sleep the last hour of our 3 hour cycle of feed, play and sleep. I'm so excited that it's 4am and i'm WIDE AWAKE for the day!

Oh it's going to be a great FRIDAY!

Monday, March 05, 2007

We're putting the girls on a schedule

We've finally decided to give the girls a little "tough love". We are putting them on a schedule. It's just getting too hard to try to feed on demand now a days. I don't seem to ever have time to do anything other than sit on the couch and feed a baby. So as of 6p yesterday we've put them on a schedule. It's tough, and i know it will be for a few days...but it will get a LOT better soon. The girls did really good until the 3am feeding...that was pretty tough. THEN the 6am feeding was even HARDER for Paul becuase Sam really really wanted to eat. Anyway this morning at 9am was ok and they both ate 3ounces but i'm waiting for the hunger outburst to start again soon. :)

We are baptising the girls on april 21st. Steve, pauls brother is the God Father. My best friend Katie is the God Mother.

Lastly, Hannah is officially off her Paci. The other day she bit into one and showed it to me and told me she bit it. Yesterday for some reason i just decided to rip the tip off and give it back to her. She was really really MAD! I can't tell you how many times she threw it at me and how many hugs i had to give her to stop her from throwing anything she could find at me...but we are over that hump and she slept ALL night without it. She does keep asking for me to go buy her a new one...i've already told her they don't make that one anymore..which they really don't. And i think with time it will subside and she'll be just fine. smooth of a transition that was. If i had known i definitely would have done it sooner. But perhaps it was so easy because anything is easy once you've raised two fussy twins! LOL!

Cross your fingers the girls do good on my schedule and that Hannah is finally over the paci frustration! :)