Friday, March 07, 2008



Well, after 5 days of sickness, my life is getting back to normal. Besides having cabin fever(and the weather is really yucky today so we can't go outside now that they are feeling well), everyone is over the sickness. Thank goodness! I really can't explain how excited i am that my girls are acting like themselves again. Last night they were dancing to every song that came on when we were watching American was soo nice! Now that i've seen what life can be like with sick kids, i'm much more appreciative of my happy, feisty well children. I like it that my house is a mess because the girls are well and pulling out every toy is sight. I like it that i have to move toys to the side just to walk through my living room or kick plastic bowls under the counter to get through the kitchen. All this means my kids are happy, well and back to their normal. With all that being said, i don't think their appetites have come back yet. They are not eating well..not drinking much milk and probably lost a bit of weight. Either way, that'll all come back with time.

This weekend we aren't doing much. Paul is thinking about going to sams to buy that swing set so he can get working on his weekend project for the next few months..LOL! I promised Hannah we'd go to Red Lobster tonight...because she talks about going there all the time(i think she just likes saying "red lobster" more than she likes eating there). Then, tomorrow night, Ashton is coming over to watch the kidos so we can go out to dinner by ourselves. We try to get out about every other week just to get away for the evening after the kidos are sleeping. I'm excited and ready for a night out!