Thursday, August 30, 2007

Happy 4th Anniversary to Paul & I!

Today, four years ago i got married to the love of my life. It was the best day of our lives. Who would have known where i'd be 4 years later. HA HA! THREE KIDS, TWO DOGS, and as close as i could have gotten to a white picket fence. What a great life! Tonight we're probably going to take the whole family out for an early dinner...despit the fact that my husband said we can't go because there's a whoot off all day. TO those of you who don't know what a whoot off is...well, i don't either. Something about buying stuff...he really wants to buy a bag of stuff for 5.00 and end up with a big T.V. since one guy got one back a few months i think that will ever happen. PROBABLY NOT! But we won't sadden him by telling him that. HA HA!

Anyway for my anniversay i got the best present ever...besides being married to the man of my dreams and having a great marriage...Paul got my wedding ring resized. I can FINALLY wear it comfortably! I have to say he spent good money on my ring and i haven't been able to wear it for about 3 years now...well pretty much every since i got pregnant with baby number 1. SO, it was the best gift for me to finally be able to wear my ring again! It looks beautiful...even better than it did 3 years ago because the guys at robbins brothers really cleaned it up nice.

Well at 10a i'm off to the mall for some coffee(all my dishes are still dirty from yesterday b/c of the what i did below) and a present for Paul. I have yet to get him one because the kidos have been sick...the twins are still a bit stuffy but not bad enough for me not to get out.

By the way i forgot to mention the mess we had in our house last night. I clogged up the sink and boy was it a mess. I called ars and they couldn't come out till this morning. I was mad...but i'm over it now b/c it's fixed. NOTE TO not shove a whole bag of nasty old salad down the drain all at once anymore. O yeah and then shove a carton of nasty blueberries down right after that. What was i thinking???!!!! I was just cleaning out the fridge before paul got home from the grocery store. BAD IDEA!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hannah is feeling a bit better

Thank Goodness Hannah seems to be feeling better. We both slept on the couch last night...i don't know why i feel so compelled to watch her like a hawk when she's sick...perhaps b/c every time she gets a cough she ends up puking as she did yesterday! YUCK! Anyway, she missed her nap b/c she woke up 1 minute after she feel asleep coughing uncontrolably and then i picked her up ran to the kitchen sink with her and sure enough...great call on my part. After that i knew i had to sleep on the couch and watch her like a hawk. The sad part is that Paul and I were getting up so much with the girls...i'm accustomed to it and i don't feel like i lack sleep in the morning after a couple of cups of coffee and a couple of diet pepsis! LOL! Anyway tomorrow is our Four Year Anniversary...i have yet to go buy Paul anything b/c i've been stuck in home with Hannah all week. Tomorrow unless she's really sick i'm sending her to school...and I'M going to the mall! :) YAHOO! I'm sure i'll find something for him...i have one thing in mind...but i can't say right now.

I received the girls car seats yesterday. I was a bit upset b/c they look REALLY Bright pink on the website(which is what i wanted). BUT, when i got them sight unseen they were more of a pale pink. Also, the material isn't very soft and silky...but who's going to put their bare skin on them anyway? So i guess the material doesn't really matter. Anyway, they are REALLY cute either way...but i'm not sure if i'm looking forward to graduating to the big seats or not. Now we're going to have to have Hannah crawl in and i'll buckle her in from the front seat. The middle seat will be: the twins one on each side and Hannah in the middle. This may be a good thing or bad thing...we'll see and i'll let you know. At least when they are side by side Hannah can only bother one baby at a time. Now that she's in the middle...she can mess with both of them! UGH! I never thought of it that way till now! Secondly, no more snap n go...which i have grown to like and have just gotten used to it. Now i'm going to have to get the stroller out then get each one of them out and then get Hannah out. Gosh when will it not be a production anymore??!

On another note...Hannah seems to be very mechanically inclined. I'm trying to figure out if she's going to be really smart and picks up on things or if she's just good at guessing stuff. In the past week she's learned how to answer the phone, turn up the volume on the T.V. and she figured out how to use the camera and use Pauls camera phone. WHAT in the world is going on here? My dad still doesn't know how to use his phone...gets confused with the remote and can hardly use a digital camera. How does my 3 year old learn all this so thing you know she'll figure out the computer.

I took some pics of Hannah corralling the babies in between her legs on the play area yesterday...she kept yelling at me from the other room to come was really cute. I'll post those pics soon! They were really cute.

O yeah we have a sitter set for Saturday night. We are going to celebrate 4 years and 3 babies later! LOL!!! She's a new sitter that lives down the street. She came over the other night to visit for a bit...her name is Ashton and she's a sweetie. We'll see how she handles it. Her mom Robin came over with her (asked a ton of questions and i felt like i was having a job interview)and her two sisters Kristen 10 & Hannah's friend Jordan who's 5. Paul was all excited b/c after Ashton grows out of babysitting we can use Kristen too! We're set for the whole time we're living here!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sarah & Samantha's Weight

I weighted the girls today.

Sarah weights 16.3
Sam weights 16.13

They probably pooped out a few ounces each since then though. Sarah's big top right tooth is all the way through and as sharp as a paranah(spelling). Her other one is on it's way through. Sam's teeth are both there but not through the skin yet. I'm assuming that is why they both have been pooping unimaginable amount lately! Gosh i can't wait till this phase passes and the dirty diapers goes back to normal. YUCK!

Anyway the girls in the past two days have decided they are speed champ crawlers...and it's hard to keep up with them. We are still undecided as to what we're going to do to keep them in our play area. B/C of our Slate floors i have these horrible nightmares about being rushed to the er b/c someone hits the floor! i regret the slate. It's pretty but so scary for little ones since it's sharp, uneven, etc. Think that's it for now.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Is it bad that some days i'd rather Hannah at school...even if she's sick?!

Hananh's been driving me crazy all morning...coughing on the girls. Coughing all over them! I tell her not to and the next minute she's doing it again. As if that wasn't enough i just went to the kitchen and came back to catch her knocking over the girls while she was doing somersaults all over their little play mat. I feel bad for her b/c she doesn't get 100% of my attention...but does she really need to breathe all over the girls...while she's sick! Err...

I just got side tracked so i wanted to update the latest of happenings in our house. As sick as my daughter is she proceedes to make the best of her day. We were having a great day and i took the girls upstairs to play while i tried to clean up some of my ebay auctions and get them together to start putting on line. Time FLEW by and before i knew it, it was 1120a. So i proceeded to change the girls diapers and put them down downstairs in their swings. Anyway to make a long story short...i put them down, went back upstairs to get all the dirty clothes and came back downstairs to find Hannah no where in sight. I called her and called her to hear her yelling for me from our FRESHLY PAINTED(the guy had just literally walked out the door) BATHROOM! I ran as fast as my feet could carry me to find her hanging over the sink yelling that she wanted to brush her teeth! I almost feel over crying! Luckily she didn't do too much damage and just scraped a bit of paint off the front of the cabinet. Who would have thought in the millisecond it took me to run upstairs and back down she'd be in trouble already! UGH! How many hours till my sweet big girl goes back to MDO tomorrow! LOL! Should i start the count down now? HA HA!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sick Babies

You might wonder what it's like to have THREE sick babies at once. Well, i can answer that. Now all my girls have snotty noses and are coughing! Nice right? Hannah had it first and with her coughing all over the place, snotting all over the place and just being sick in general...the girls are now sick. I slept upstairs again with Hannah and she woke up about 1a coughing uncontroably. She also couldn't breathe very well. So i got up, went downstairs and got some vicks for her chest...she did NOT like that. She was screaming and crying that it was cold/wet which it wasn' just felt weird. Anyway i'm not looking forward to this week of my poor babies being sick. By the way, Sam is crawling like a pro. She was just in the far corner of my little play area and came all the way over to me to cuddle...not really she came over to get my computer! I keep running away and she keeps coming after's the cutest and sweetest thing ever.

Second of all you can really see Sarah's tooth coming just really happened overnight. I wish i could take a pic of it...but i don't think she'd like it if i pryed her mouth open and took a pic. :) She's still not on the move as much...a little bit hesitant but i have a feeling it's only days away where she'll feel as comfortable as Sam.

Third of all, i'm cancelling on Hannah's friend today b/c i just don't think it's appropriate to take her to the gymnastics party...I'm REALLY SAD b/c i really wanted to see her at gymnastics..i think she'd love it. As soon as things calm down a bit i'm going to have to see about enrolling her in a gymnastics class somewhere.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Our weekend out dinner!

The girls did SOO great tonight at dinner! We went to raodhouse and i was really really bad! Pauls mom will be so proud of me...i gave the girls some mashed potatoes! The LOVED THEM! I mean they were BEGGING for more! I'm not sure if there was milk/butter in them...but they were SOO happy to eat them! Plus they were soo happy to just have something to good to eat! We had a great time despite all the comments. I think it's an ongoing thing with people having comments about our family for ex: "man, you have your handful", "God bless you" etc. I'm going to start saying "yes. i'm blessed, thanks"! On another note, the girls are both semi crawling, dragging one foot behind while the other one's actually really cute until they flip over and hit their heads! They are definitely getting around ALOT! SOO CUTE!

Hannah is still sick...i gave her some of that mucinex and now she's blowing nasty green snot ALL over the place...we're still going to try to make it to her first gymnastics party tomorrow...we'll see. I'm sleeping upstairs with her tonight on towels...she's all excited b/c we're having a girls only slumber party! SOO fun even though she's sick!

Hannah's sick

Hannah has had a really bad cough the last couple of days..well last night she was coughing really bad. SO, i got her out of bed and took her upstairs and her and i slept together on Julias old bed. I just hate when she gets a cough b/c i'm always worried that she's going to throw up everywhere. Tonight i will probably just go sleep upstairs with her. That way she can sleep on some towels(just in case) and her coughing won't wake up the babies etc. I never thought i'd get any use out of the extra bed but now it seems much better than sleeping downstairs on the couch with her propped up on pillows. UGH! I can normally deal with any other sickness...but her cough is just so horrible!

Friday, August 24, 2007


My MOMS Group! What a great group of ladies i'm so excited about meeting! The lady in the blue shit(you can hardly see) had the other set of identical twins..there just don't seem to be many identical sets in my group. It's about 100 fraternal and 25 identical! There's my friend from college melody on the right with her eyes closed...i don't think she'd be happy to know i posted this on my blog! :)There is katelyn on the left and sydeny on the right...they are the cutest babies ever!

We finally we able to go to a MOMS Play group! What a great time we had. I met so many nice people that have twins and are going through the exact thing i'm going was great! I think there were a couple of babies older than mine but more were right in the 7 - 8 month age range! These will probably be the kids my kids will hang out with for a while since we are all members of the moms group!
Before i forget, Sam is really making some headway on crawling. She can take a couple of crawls in a row now. She can also drag on foot and crawl with the's really cute. I will have to post a movie soon.
Lastly, we are now on the FIFTH...REPEATING...FIFTH PANEL on our bathroom shower. The guy brought one today and it didn't have a hole where you have to have a hole to bolt it down and also the took more off the bottom and added it to the in reality it was even smaller at the bottom with a BIGGER GAP x's 2 and TIGHTER at the top...what FOOLS! I can't even fathom how much money they've wasted on this shower. On the same note, i really chewed out the contractor today. I told him it was ridiculous how the painter came in yesterday and didn't even retexture where they had to fix some sheet rock errors! What a MESS! I'm furious and they WILL work around my schedule since i'm trying to get out more on TUE & THUR with the girls!'s been one year since we bought the house now and still not a full functioning bathroom. Also, the plumbers came today and messed up even more than my sink is not functioning at all! Pauls is, but the little thing in the middle...the stopper...doesn't work! WOW...what a mess!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A funny little story and some other happenings around here!

Well here's a funny story. In a nutshell, Paul and i feed our own baby every evening and night and we hardly ever switch. Pretty much from 5 on Paul has Sam and i have Sarah. Well, our evening goes something like this. Feed at 5p then keep them up till about 615ish. We eat around 6 and they sit in the bumpos at the table. We put them down for their last nap to miss the whole "witching hour" stuff. Then we get them up at 7p feed them, play with them till around 730 or 8p & then put pjs on and put back down till 9p when we get them up feed them and put them back in bed. Well last night, we put their pjs on played with them and then when we went to get them for their 9p feeding i guess i grabbed the wrong one. Anyway to make a long story short we totally switched which bed they slept in etc. Then when i got sarah, which was really Sam up, Paul was surprised b/c it was Sam in Sarah's bed and so the end note is that we think the bed Sam normally sleeps in is much more comfortable and we also think the cool mist humidifier may wake who's every in the bed by the humidifier up earlier. Weird and soo confusing! Anyway i thought that was really funny.

Second of all i called St. Rose yesterday to get an idea of how much it would be since we are putting Hannah in PreK next year! HOLY SMOKES! We are in BIG trouble when we the twins get old enough to go to PRE-K! I'm sad to say it's just way too much and just as i had expected, we're going to have to move out to the nice clean burbs in then next 4 years...i'm guessing we'll move around late 2010 or put the house on the market about then. We have to be moved by Aug 2011! School is just way to expensive and we've weighted the pros and cons and if we took all that money we'd be saving putting the girls in public school out in the burbs we'd save ALOT of money...enough to put at least one of them through college just by the end of Elementary! SO, that's the plan right now. I'm just so surprised at how much private school tuition is now a days! To top all that off they have all these added 430 per kid per year for field trips/after before school care etc. Stuff we don't need but you still have to pay for..just to get more money out of the family. They only give you about a 100 per kid a month discount, which is really not much with all the added expenses.

THANK GOODNESS for this auto save thing they have added to blogger! I had typed this up and then couldn't post because something crazy went on i'm guessing over at google! YIKES! Well anyway after a few hours i rechecked it and low and behold it was in my drafts saved! Yahoo!

O yeah lastly my babies are growing up! I've just purchased toddler seats for my car for them! I had them on order at USA baby about a month ago...well i called the other day and they still weren't shipped by the manufacture! SO, i called this place called had some awesome ones that i really wanted more so anyway. I called usa baby cancelled my order and ordered the other ones. The exciting part is that since they are getting shipped from NY i don't pay shipping OR BEST OF ALL TAXES! YAHOO! Anyway my babies are really getting so big. The reason i really jumped through hoops to get them ordered somewhere else was because i went to the mall with them yesterday and this lady proceeded to tell me how big they were and that they didn't look like they really fit in their car seats anymore. I agreed. What's worse is carrying two of those baby car seats at the same time....talking about lots of arm muscle to carry two carriers that probably totals 60lbs! UGH! I'm will be happy to get the new ones and get to selling these!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I'm getting ready to head to the mall to get Hannah some new pj's since all of her's are very worn out and have holes in the toes. Anyway, what i wanted to write and say was that after much thought we've decided to keep Hannah in St. Rose. SO, i took her back this morning to start her LAST YEAR of MDO! I can't believe it! I get a lump in my throat every time i think about the fact that this is my last year of having her home with me a few times a week. Next year she will start Pre K! How fast my baby is growing right before my eyes. Also, she's the youngest one in her MDO class right now. There is one girl in there that is a GIANT! Almost as tall as me. I couldn't believe it. I guess it's always going to be like this for her since she's so small to start with and always going to be the youngest one in her class! I hope she adjusts well next year...but i don't think it's right to hold her back...i think she'll be ready to get out and learn more!

I better run...i have to get to the mall and back here before noon so i can meet all the darn people that are coming by to work on our darn bathroom! This bathroom is a never ending projct that i sometimes wish we had never even started! I know one day it'll be done and we'll love it so much...but right now it's a pain since they can't get anything at ALL right! ERR!!! Poor Paul has to hear about it from me everyday! I know he's definitely ready for it to be over with.

Before i forget...the girls are still trying to crawl and can if they really try...but they are just not motivated to unless you put something they aren't supposed to play with in front of them to motivate for instance paper to eat! LOL! It's really funny!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Family Pics

We went to Portrait Innovations....they are AWESOME! Thanks to Amy for referring us to them. Much better than the picture people! WAY Cheaper and you get a disc of the whole sessoin of pictures! The girls did great! We had such a great weekend! We even went to lunch today afterwards. I can't believe how good our girls were the whole time. Hannah is such a delight to take out. She is so sweet and acts like a grown up...until she gets back home that is...LOL! By the way, there is one model of Dean coming our way. I sure hope it doesn't but we are prepared and Paul even got the generator working just in case.
Enjoy the pics...boy the twins are looking more and more like Paul everyday...i think it may be the blue eyes!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sarah's Teeth

Both of her teeth are coming in! Whoo Hoo!

She hasn't been acting too bad so far. Let's hope it stays that way!

We go to take our family pics tomorrow...i'm really excited. I bought the girls new outfits today...i can't believe i braved the crowd at the mall! What a mess! We also went to walmart this morning...we bought SEVEN big boxes of diapers...i think we may go back and buy some more since they are TAX FREE! YAHOO! I never thought i'd be so excited about tax free as i am now that we buy soo many diapers! Too bad Formula wasn't tax free...we'd have bought enough to last us the next FOUR MONTHS! I'm counting down now! We are going to be rich once we don't have to buy formula any more. Right now we go through 1 gigantic can every 2 days...the can is 33.00 each! You do the math..i can't even think about's so much money to spend on formula! I'll post pics tomorrow...

Friday, August 17, 2007

More pics of the overalls!

Sam in her overalls..with that cute little face she just learned to make!Sarah "another pic mom...please get rid of the camera"!
This was my favorite...they are both ready to stop the picture madness!
This was a great pic of Hannah..she's such a poser! The girls are sick of my camera!

Sarah LOVES to pull hair...can you tell??? She does it all the time...Hannah let's her!!
Samantha is just a sweet baby...she just wants attention and loves making that face at whoever will look at her! SOO SWEET!
Samantha & that face again! I just couldn't stop since they all looked so cute in the overalls!
Samantha is a doll...when you actually get her to smile since she always looks so serious!
I bought these bumpo covers...they are AWESOME! I can't believe i waited so long to get them when they were only 10.00 each! cheap as he is...was sad when hadn't discovered these earlier! They love them and you can still put them on the table and then they can work on their pincer skills!

Sam is pulling her hear! Sarah just LOVES smiling at the camera! Can you say...Sarah LOVES the Camera!
Sam trying to crawl and Hannah dancing making the girls laugh! She's such an entertainer! The girls LOVE HER SOO MUCH!
Another precious pic...i couldn't stop taking pics! Just way too cute! I think these were actually boys overalls! Don't they look great on girls? HA HA!

These are TOO cute! I couldn't resist! I bought these on sale at old navy...6.99 each! What a bargain. Melody went back and bought a ton of them b/c she's going to try to decorate them for her girls. I really just wanted them for when they started crawling!

Our Date Night

Turned into a "Family Night Out". Our baby sitter cancelled on us at the last minute due to school wed decided to go out to dinner. We actually had a VERY VERY NICE TIME! Not to much commotion, not to many nosey people, not to many people with comments...just a nice family night out to Red Lobster! The girls did GREAT! I fed them biter biscuits and toast the whole time and they were totally occupied and didn't have a worry(or shriek for that matter) in the world! What a NICE NICE DINNER! Of course it wasn't as romantic as planned since we had our whole brood of kidos...bit it was great! Now if every dinner out would be that nice we'd be doing good. Paul said he's worried now we're going to have to start getting out to eat more and that means more $$$!! :) Either way it's nice to get out...i just have to make sure that Hannah gets enough attention and i over did it this time and kissed and hugged on her the whole time(with my peripheral vision on the babies eating the biter biscuits they could choke on). Hannah did great...ate great...entertained herself...etc. What a NICE NIGHT! Oh i'm so happy! Life is really getting much easier...the girls are much happier and we're all much happier now.

Now our next thing to conquer is to go on vacation with the girls! I'm actually looking forward to it...or i definitely will by next spring! I'm soo ready for a vacation...i need to get away from the bayou city even if it's just for a night or two.

Sarah has her third tooth

Sarah has her third tooth coming in through on her top left side. I just noticed it today but i'm thinking it should break the skin sometime in the next 2 or 3 days. How exciting!

I took some really cute pics of all 3 girls in overalls...i'll post in the next day or two. My computer is acting crazy and i can't seem to be able to load the pics! UGH!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

R.I.P- Alley

My Mom & Dad had to put Alley(my dog from my single life) down today. She was 9 years old. It was a freak thing that happened and my dad found her pushed up against the couch unable to walk. She ended up having a slipped disc in her spine(or something to that extent) and there was only a 40% chance if she had surgery that it'd help. But at the same time the dr. said that he had a guy bring a dog in 4 weeks ago for the surgery and he had just brought the dog back to put that one to sleep because it didn't work. Either way i know my parents did the right thing although i don't think they think it's the right was definitely the way to make sure she wasn't in pain for a long time. I just hope she's in a better place puppy heaven!

Some Great Pics of the Girls!

UH OH...MOMMY CAUGHT US TRYING TO ESCAPE!! Trying to crawl...but more like the army crawl to me!

You just watch...we're going to escape when your not looking!
I thought i could escape this way...but there's a wall in my escape path!

Trying to make a triangle! Didn't work since they move too much!

Mommy...don't forget me over here!

Come on Sam...just one smile!

Hannah doing mommy's job...What a big girl. Who knew a 3 year old could feed TWO babies at once!
Come on Hannah...burp me!

The cutest smile i have ever seen in my life!

I took some great pics of the girls today. Hannah is officially my big girl babysitter. She fed BOTH of them at the same time today after lunch! She is SUCH a great helper! Secondly, Paul is definitely going to have to put the bed down today...they are pulling up like it's no big deal. They are soo sneaky!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Latest Hair Style

We're getting our family portraits done this weekend at Portrait Innovations. What do you think about the new hair style for the pics???!!! Just kidding! I was just playing around trying to make the twins look like girls...I feel like it's going to be ages before they get enough hair! NOW, if someone can tell me who's who? I actually am not sure myself. The only way i know there is a pic of each is because one of the girls hair touches the evenflo sign behind them and the other doesn't! I'm starting to think that they are in fact identical! HA HA! Enjoy the pics. They are already preparing to go to K State...Can you tell?

Movement on the homefront

Well the girls are finally starting to seem pretty interested in crawling. It's funny how they go back and forth. One day Sarah will really progress and move around really good...the next day Sam will over take the crawling progress and really kick butt. I'm so excited about them being so much more mobile....well maybe NOT! :) But i'm glad they are hitting all their milestones and doing so well. They are finally starting to slow on the crying and become happy healthy little infants. What a blessing! I'm starting to feel a little better about the whole "Twin" thing. I'm becoming more organized and planning ahead. I've learned what i need to pack, what i don't need to pack and really how to take the girls out in a more timely fashion. I've even been able to keep them out and feed them at the mall. I'm learning...but boy it's alot harder than it was with one. I keep telling Mel she's lucky she started with two b/c she will never know what it's like with one so she won't know what's she's missing/not missing. Like how much easier it would have been with just taking one to the dr. or to the mall, etc. I do know that. I know that i could do it alone with one...i wouldn't have to have paul accompany me to every dr. appt. like i do now. Our life has changed for a long time...i don't ever see myself loading/unloading 3 girls to just go to the store or walgreens. I'd much rather wait till Paul gets home and i go. I do, however see in my near future, a dinner with all the girls.

That brings me to my next point for today. I gave the girls those biter cookies this morning...then Paul looked at the box and said your not supposed to give them to a baby till they are 10 months. Mine aren't even 8! UGH! Either way, they sure did LOVE those cookies! I took them away for a sec so i could put bibs on them b/c they are kinda messy...the girls threw a fit when i took them out of their hands. The sad part is that i really liked them eating these b/c they are big, easy to handle, and it takes them a while to eat them. Since they can't have these again for a few months i'm going to try the zwiebat bread during lunch. We'll see how much they like that. I bet they girls love any kind of food you give them. I bet they will even like that nasty meat when i get to the meat stage of feeding! POOR BABIES! I remember giving it to Hannah one time...almost puking from the smell and never giving it to her again until she could eat real meat with her teeth!

Think that's it for now. I will update again as the girls progress with crawling more. O yeah before i forget they are both pulling up on stuff. Sam tried to pull up on the end table yesterday and on the crib while i was changing Sarah...soo cute. Now we really have to put the beds down so they don't fall out! YIKES! Time is just flying by faster than i had imagined it would!

O yeah check out my tickers at the bottom of my blog. We're counting down till the girls are ONE and Hannah will be FOUR! babies are growing quickly!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Tara came over last night around 700p to watch the girls. Our plan worked out just as i had hoped. She came over, we fed the girls, played with them till 730p and then put them to bed. Hannah stayed up a bit later but she went to bed before we got home. She totally remembered Tara like it was just yesterday that she had babysat. We had a great time...we went to red onion cafe and had some dinner and a few drinks. What a nice evening away. We are planning on having another evening out alone this coming friday since tara needs some money for school and we always love to get out an enjoy a few hours away from the daily grind. I'm looking forward to my next date/dinner night out.

O yeah before i forget the shower is still a no go. This is the THIRD Large Panel they have measured incorrectly! What a mess. The next one better be right! I'm not going to hold my breath though! LOL!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sam is feeling MUCH better today!

This morning Samantha woke up about 530a and you could just tell she was feeling much better. Happy and smiling! Oh soo much better than the past few days. The girls are really moving alot now. Sarah can go all the way from one side of the play pad to the other and is very very active. Sam is a bit behind and sometimes i just think it takes a bit to get her going and once she does she'll also go rolling all over(i think she just needs some motivation). They are both getting their feet under their bellys to crawl but not quite doing it yet. I think they are pretty close's just hard b/c they keep slipping when they get their legs under their belly. I think we may go out tonight and have dinner and Tara may watch the girls for an hour or so. We had plans to go to my sisters party but it's just to far and we'd be in the car for an hour of our time away and right now time is precious since we don't get out i thought it'd be nicer if we just went somewhere right around here and sat down for dinner in peace and quiet for once.

Think that's it for now...o yeah Hannah really wants to go with us tonight to dinner...i wonder how she's going to act when Tara comes over since it's literally been over a year since she baby sat for us! YIKES!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Samantha Con't again

I took Sam back to the dr. The dr. said she has a very slight UTI but she thinks she may also have a virus on top of that but she's not sure. She said if she breaks out in a hive then that's the virus and not to worry about it. Sam is looking a bit better this afternoon and the girls are back to fighting for toys(that's a really good sign)! I feel much better now that i know what's wrong and now we'll just comfort her the best we can until she's back to normal.

Maybe i can make it to the NEXT Moms of Multiples infants play group. I'm not going to jinx myself and just not rsvp b/c it seems like every time i do i have to skip b/c someone is sick! UGH!

Samantha More

Samantha slept ok last night...till 4a. She got up i went and got her out of bed and she slept with me for a little over an hour. About 520 she got restless and i got her up, gave her her meds and she ate about 4 ounces and hung with Paul. I'm EXHAUSTED from this but i know that's part of life and part of having babies! I just want her to get better asap! Also, this morning she smelt like was actually urine. So i'm 99% sure it's a UTI. I thought though that taking the meds would help nip it in the bud and that since it hadn't stunk and we were already on the meds that it'd get seems to still be getting worse. Anyway i'm thankful we caught it when we could have been way worse. Anyway i'll keep updating as i hear back from the dr. I'm going to cal her today and ask her what we should do if Sam decides this weekend she's had it with food and goes on a hunger strike, or how many ounces she HAS to eat a day before little ms paranoid mom takes her to TCH!?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Samantha Con't

I'm really worried about Samantha. She's not eating...and she's been on the antibiotics for 3 doses now. She ate a bit today but after her 3p feeding she's only eaten 2 ounces which is not much. I've reserached UTI's in babies and it's not a good deal. It's really hard to explain and to be quite honest i don't really understand the whole thing. I do know that if the cuture comes back positive tomorrow we'll have to take all 3 girls in to the urologist for evaluation since Hannah has had one too. The dr. wants to catch this and make sure she nips it in the bud. I really think she does have a UTI because she has many of the signs that point to a UTI: failure to thrive, fever for no reason & very irritable. UGH..i hate this. I hate my poor baby feeling soo bad and crying all the time. I'm very nervous that we'll have to end up taking her to TCH for an IV if she doesn't start eating soon. It just seems to be a down spiral for us and esp for her. Please pray for my baby..i want her to get better fast! O thank God she just started eating a bit!

Samantha Update

Sam is doing a bit better today(so far). She took some of her medicine last night...we had to really work with her on taking it. Last night she was REALLY fussy...we stayed up past the normal 9p to get her to bed. She finally went down and stayed in bed all peeps. I didn't check her because i was exhausted and also i didn't want to go in there and check her temp on her cheeks and wake her up since she was sleeping peacefully! This morning she got up about 520 which is totally normal...we gave her her meds since she was hungry and i thought she'd take it. She took it all with a little help by going back and forth with the puffs and then meds. Then she took a whole bottle...i know my poor little baby is starving! Thats it for now...gotta run!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Samantha's Test Results

I talked to the dr. and she said that Sam's test results pointed towards a UTI. The white blood cells were elevated and the urine had some signs of a UTI too. Bottom line is that we're giving her the meds to get started. I want her to get better Fast...i hate to see her so sick and crying soo much! All we can do to calm her down is to hold her and then that doesn't work sometimes. We'll have the big results on Friday b/c we have to get the specimen time to grow bacteria. I'm rather sure it's a UTI though b/c when she pees she groans to the point that i think she's pooping and check and all that's in her diaper is urine. Her temp has been doing if she just wasn't in soo much pain! My poor poor baby! Please pray for her to get better soon!

What a night!

We decided to take the girls to National Night out last night! What a mess! Hannah had a blast but i noticed a few minutes before we left that Sam was acting weird. Very out of it for a lack of better words. SO i told paul hurry up it's time to go. Mind you it's 100degrees outside and we probably shouldn't have taken them anyway. SO, we got home and all the way home she was in and out of it...i thought maybe a bit hot and a bit sleepy. Well we got home and she was burning up! I took her temp and it was 102.7! WHAT? So i gave her tylenol immediately and tried to wait to see if she'd cool off. She didn't want/like the tylenol didn't want a bottle etc. I was pretty freaked out b/c i don't remember Hannah ever having a fever that high. I called the dr. and prepared to take her to the ER. The dr. told me not to and to medicate her with tylenol and rotate out with motrin. After about an hour the fever was reading 102.1/101.0 on the other themometer. Anyway to make a long story short she slept in bed with us so i could check her temp every 30minutes or so. I'm exhausted! I took her in to the dr. this morning and she wasn't sure what could be wrong. When she got up the morning she didn't have a fever..98.6 on the dot. By the time i had gotten back up to the dr. it was 101.0. WHAT? So she thinks a few things could be wrong: UTI or Virus. I had to take her up to NW memorial hospital to have blood work and they bagged her for urine to check and see if it could be a UTI. We should have the results back sometime today..i will update after that. Please pray for my little baby as she is really not feeling well...on top of that i took her around town all morning to the dr. then to the hospital and she was NOT happy and ready to go to sleep. She is resting peacefully right now...i just hope we have a better night tonight since bad things always seem to happen at night! UGH!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hannah's Stats

Gosh i've been a blogging fool today! I just got back from the dr. with Hannah! She went in for her 3 yr appt. She is doing great. Here stats were the following:
weight: 28lbs 25% percentile up from 8% last year
height 38 inches 75%percentile up from 25% last year.
The dr. just said she's growing well and that she'll probably be tall and skinny. She got her Hep A shot and did SOOO well! I even told her she was going to get a shot and she wasn't scared. I think i was more nervous and more scared than she was today! What a trooper i have!

Some pics of the mall today! Yes, this is my second time this week! :)

Melody & I met up at the mall this morning. We had a blast! Melodys babies are SOO Cute! Just precious! Please see pics below. Melodys babies awake and hungry..and then fed and fast asleep! Mine after being fed...too bad mine just aren't good at sleeping after they eat! We caused a freak show at the mall by the way! Tons of people were asking if they were quads. Mel said at the end we should have just said they were since so many people were staring and asking!

A Day in the life of raising twins

Just so i can look back in a couple of years and remember what my life was like at the beginning. I wanted to do a day in the life of twins. But before that i wanted to quote the shirts Paul and i wear with pride every once in a while

My shirt says:
"One Day with Twins: 24 Diapers
14 bottles
6 bibs
4 changes of clothes
0 sleep
"It's a good thing they're cute"

Pauls shirt says it all too!
2 cribs: 600.00
2 bikes: 300.00
2 college educations: 100,000(really in 18 years this will be EACH, so for us x'3)
Being the father of twins: priceless!

I'd like to talk about my shirt first. First of all if i actually tabulated the amount of diapers i'd have to say it's probably more. There are 14 bottles because we still feed them at 6,9,12,3,5,7,9. That's ALOT of bottles to clean every day. UGH! Then the bibs...who needs bibs! I probably use them once a day but we use burb clothes all day since they still spit up so much. Lately, both girls have been having some back luck with diapers leaking...both #1 & #2 so i change their clothes at least once or twice a day...there have been times where i've done way more than 4 changes of clothes a day!

Now to our daily grind. Paul gets up about 3 or 4 depending on if we get woke up by someone crying wolf in the middle of the night. The girls just don't sleep like Hannah did when she was a baby. I hear them peep(for lack of a better word) normally at least once or twice a week. That doesn't seem like much but when your going all day long 7 days a's ALOT! Anyway i get up dragging my whole body out of bed around 6ish...Sam gets up about 5ish so i get her out of bed after she screams for a bit and take her into paul who's already furiously working. He holds her till after i get up at 6a and take a shower. Then if he hasn't gotten the girls up while i was in the shower(which he normally does) i get out of the shower and get them up. Taking a shower has always been my one "getaway" a day! I have to get up and take a shower or i just can't get moving. So then at 7a paul either goes to work or goes to the office to work on Tue & Thur. On Mom, Wed & Fri he goes straight to work and gets home about 330ish. On Tue and Thur he stays here and takes Hannha to school at 830ish. So on Mon, Wed and Fri after Paul leaves we normally play till around 730ish and then we eat breakfast. While we're eating i normally feed the girls puffs and put them in their bumpos on the table with me. Then after breakfast around 8a i put them down for their first nap. They sleep till about 845ish and then they get up and we play till about 9a then i feed them. Around 915ish i change diapers and then we play some more. I normally have to move them around from the floor to the exersacucers to keep them busy so they don't get bored with playing with one thing. I make sure they get some floor time rolling around now so they learn to crawl asap. Around 1030ish i put them back down for another nap and they sleep till around 1130ish. At 11a while they are sleeping Hannah and I eat lunch as fast as possible so we get to eat in peace and quiet. Then when they get up i try to play with them for a few minutes so i get as close to noon as i can before i feed them again. After 12noon we eat, play some more and do the same thing over and over agin. I keep them on this strict schedule b/c it really works for me. They are much happier on a schedule and i know what's going on when myself. During naps i have tons to do on top of trying to do some selling on ebay. I load the dishwasher, wash and fold clothes, clean up messes, play with Hannah and give her as much attention as possible, deal with contractors and more. Paul gets to go to work and have real adult conversations. I think that's the one thing i've missed being home for so long and esp now that Julia is gone. At least with her here i had someone to talk to...Not that i don't LOVE being on my own in my own house..i just miss talking to people although i talk to Melody and compare notes with her at least once a day. It's nice because we are both home with no one to talk to most days.

I forgot to say, Hannah is getting ready to start a new school Aug 22nd. Luckily we decided to hold her back because of her bday b/c she's went soo backwards potty training wise that we wouldn't be admitted to the upper class b/c she's back to being totally not potty trained. We've give up and don't talk about it and when she's ready she'll tell us.

I've written a book and babies are crying i'll write more later!

Monday, August 06, 2007


We are teaching the girls to hold their bottles...something we regretted not teaching Hannah to do although i don't think she would have held it anyway since she didn't like eating. Life is so different with two babies that thrive for food constantly! SOO MUCH LESS STRESSFUL! I wanted to show everyone what the life of luxury with twins looks like! I just started proping them up in their bouncys with their bottles. I still have to push the bottle up every few minutes so they don't suck in air but this is nice since before this i would feed one at a time while the other would sit in the exersaucer crying while one was eating. Normally i'd feed Sam first since she eats very very the same time i thought it wasn't fair to Sarah to always end up getting fed last and crying bloody murder while Sam got food first. Before i forget..Mel's baby Sydney(the smaller of the two) is OFFICIALLY CRAWLING! I'm so excited for her and so happy things have turned out soo well for her and Ben! Her girls are just precious and very healthy considering all they've been through! We are going to their 1st bday party in a couple of weeks...i can't wait to see all the girls together for the first time if we don't make a mom play group before then! Enjoy the pics...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

More pics of the girls from yesterday

I put the girls in these precious little dresses i bought from my friend/mom of multiple buddy. Her girls were born right around xmas 2 years ago and between mel and I we are making out like a bandit buying her precious boutique clothes. 1 dollar a piece! What a deal! We got them all dressed up to go to the mall. Paul said every little old lady that walked by flirted with the girls(althought he thought they were flirting with him when i wasn't around). LOL!!! He said one guy looked at them and said "man they are identical"! SO, can anyone tell them apart? I can...I think Hannah can...Paul can most of the time. No one else knows who's who!!!