Monday, April 30, 2007

Dr. appt

Paul and I took the girls in for their 4 month check up today.

Good but Bad news:
Sarah & Sam are both overweight! Who would have known that! To me they are still tiny!

They weight the following:
Sarah is 13
Sam is 13.14 HOLY SMOKES!

Sarah is 40% percentile for weight
she is 22 3/4 inches so 5% for height
and 16 inches for head circumference which is also 5%

Sam is 50% weight
23 1/4 height so 10%
and 16 inches for head...

NOW the bad part is all these percentiles should be even...not close with my girls. They are way fat and way short! I knew they were short even in the womb...but now the dr. thinks they are too heavy. Good part about that for me is that if and when Hannah goes back to school...if she gets them sick i won't be so worried about them loosing a bit of weight.

With that being said...i told the dr. i had been giving them a bit of cereal in the morning...which they really don't get more than one mouthful when i feed them. She said NO MORE CEREAL and that i should give them veggies and fruits instead. I have never heard this one before...but i'm going to start on that as soon as i get to the store for some baby food. I've learned from last time i'm really going to push greens...esp avacodas(spelling) Hannah hates them but i hear they are really good for brain growth.

Other than the dr. appt not much going on over here.

We did the walk on Sunday! Had a semi good time. Sam was hungry by the time we got around the corner...had to prop her bottle up and feed her on the go. Hannah had a blast...she just loved seeing ben and melody and the girls!! She was yelling melodys name the whole time trying to have conversation after conversation with her! It was really cute!

O yeah on another note: Mr. Beta died last Moday. We went to get her a new one and ended up getting a new beta and 3 hermit crabs. She likes them and they are definitely more fun than the beta...but they STINK! I'm wondering how long before they find a home out on the porch! :)

Lastly, thank you to all those who donated money for such a great cause! I walked through the start point almost in tears seeing all the people who have suffered premature births. ALL the signs sponsored by companies with babies names on them...some celebrating life others had not made it. I definitely think this will be the charity we will always hold close to our heart after melodys situation. I also just found out there is a lady in our group who had IVF..she had two eggs inplanted...both took and SPLIT which is a one in 9 millions chance! She ended up with quads...two sets of identical babies....3 of the 4 lived...they were at the walk celebrating the boys well as the one that didn't make it...they were celebrating in memory of him! I had to fight hard to keep the tears back...

If you do not have a charity you support you should make it next years new years resolution to get one and really support that charity....even research it and see how much actually goes to the charity how many employees they pay etc. It's the best feeling in the world and it's not like you have to give tons of money!

I think that's it for now! I hope to update and keep on this more's been crazy around here the past few weekends...hopefully it'll slow down soon!

O yeah
Sarah is sleeping from say 8p-130ish
Sam is sleeping from 730ish - 1230a!

NOT SOO BAD...and i know it will only get better!

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Gosh i didn't realize how bigs those pics were i sent to our family and friends. If you are reading this and i stopped up your email...SORRY! I had no idea how big the pics were until i asked Paul after i got a ton of return emails stating the pics were tooo big! OOOPS!
I'm going to add some updated pics of the girls...we took them out to the bluebonnets this morning...gosh they are such precious babies! We are so blessed to have such healthy beautiful baby girls!!

O yeah on another note...we sold the house! We signed the paperwork Sat and it's a done deal now. We close on May 4th...we are soo happy. Hopefully life will get back to normal soon after the house is a done deal and we get this darn bathroom finished! Should all be done by June1st! We'll see!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

counter to date

I upgraded my blog as you all can see but the stupid thing lost all my info.

I had 1039 hits before i changed my template yesterday and revamped my counter.

Now if i can figure out how to put the darn lilypie thing back on i'll be set to go.

The girls are all doing well. S&S still have colds..nothing to be worried about. Hannah still has a cough...nothing to be worried about either. Paul is sick to with a cold...not good when he snores like a gorilla at night and i need as much sleep as possible since the girls still aren't sleeping through the night.

We're throwing around keeping Julia for another 6 months. Paul and i both kinda agreed that i'm really starting to think i'll need someone full time for another 6 months because the girls are still so high maintenance and i just don't see myself spending 500 a week on a nanny that comes and goes. SO, this may be our only way and if julia leaves in Feb we'll have more time before we have to put Hannah back in school. It's all kinda up in the air now...but we need to figure it out we can make plans.

O yeah my girlfriend Jaymie is pregnant! We are all so excited for her and Chad! She is Due Nov 20th and doing really well. We've all been praying for her to have a happy healthy pregnancy...she's at 9 weeks this upcoming week and is doing great!

We're going to take pics in the bluebonnetts tomorrow so check flickr this coming week for more pics!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Please Support our March of Dimes Team

Paul, Hannah, Sarah, Samantha and I are getting ready for the big walk. We still have a few weeks left to go...

I never thought i'd find a cause so close to my heart as i do with The March of Dimes. Just knowing that Melody's premature labor(my friend that had her babies at 26 weeks gestation and weighting in at 1.10lbs and 1.12lbs) could have been prevented with more reasearch on preterm births...i find myself really wanting to help out!!

Thank you to everyone that has already donated!

If you have not and want to help Please check out my website and support the March of dimes



She definitely has a UTI. I talked to the dr. yesterday and the dr. said she had numbers for something(can't remember the name) in the hundreds of thousands. From what i got from that was that her numbers were high and she definitely had a UTI. She also said from the blood test they could tell Hannah was Anemic. YIKES! She said i need to feed Hannah some LIVER! YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paul said he's going to buy some and see if Hannah likes it. Perhaps i have horrible memories because my mom didn't know how to cook it...i DON"T KNOW!!!

Sarah & Sam both have colds...nothing really bad just the sniffles. I hope everyone gets better soon..but with this weather who knows.

Think that's it for now.

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Well i'm assuming she had a UTI because the dr. said from her urinalysis everything pointed to a UTI. SO, she gave me the medicine and things are MUCH better. Yesterday was a BAD day for my sweet Hannah. She slept almost all day and didn't want to eat or drink or anything...that is when i finally decided to call the dr. and tell her we needed something because she is getting worse. Her fever was really high two nights the point i had to give her tylenol and then motrin rotating them out every 2 hours.

Now she doesn't have a temp and is taking her medicine like a big girl. She has also decided that she doesn't want to wear diapers and just wants to wear panties. She has had 2 accidents(one #2 and one #1). She is such a big girl...i can't believe my big girl is potty training herself!

Hannah & Sarah also have a cold. Both are also kinda stuffy and snotty. I'm sure they'll get better soon.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I took Hannah to the dr. yesterday. She had some issues pooping all weekend...crying and telling me her butt hurt. The dr. checked her out and couldn't figure out what was wrong with her, although she did have a fever of 99.7, which isn't a really bad fever but does tell us her body is trying to fight something off. We ended up getting a urine sample and having a cbc(where the take blood out of her arm). It was pretty bad and she was NOT at all happy about someone taking blood. POOR BABY! I felt soo bad.

Anyway now we wait and see what the results show. I hope and pray she's ok.

Sarah and Sam are both a bit sick with stuffy noses...since this isn't my first baby i'm a little more lienient and not sooo worried. I did call the dr. and she said nothing i could do besides try to make them both comfortable. I'm using the suction and little's helping a bit.

I weighted the girls babies aren't such small babies anymore.

Sarah weighted in at 11.3
Sam weighted in at 12.2

I can't believe they are a whole pound apart now...but i can really tell the weight difference. Sam is soooo heavy...Sarah is heavy but definitely not as heavy. They are just both soo precious and cute little babies...they smile soo much now and they can focus on things really well too.

Now let's all say a prayer that they sleep through the night sometime soon. I don't know why they are still getting up every 3's driving me CRAZY. I'd love to have just one whole night of sleep sometime soon...even if just 9-3 or 4a. ANY sleep would be fine...paul and i are both just so exhausted.

Will keep ya'll updated as soon as we hear more about Hannah!