Sunday, March 02, 2008

Temp 103.7 and hopefully on the way down!

Sam woke up this morning in the usual mood...kinda grumpy but not horribly grumpy. As the morning progressed she seemed to not feel good. I didn't really realize it till after we got home from the grocery store. BUT, it had started before b/c after breakfast she fell asleep in the middle of the floor at like 8am while the girls were playing around her. We woke her up...took her to the store...and now that i think back she just didn't look herself. Her eyes were quite dreary...she just didn't look right. We got home from the store and the girls all went outside to play...Sam wanted inside. Paul ended up holding her ALL day long. She'd sleep for a bit...then wake up...then sleep for a bit...then wake up. She was eating ok...but not great. Finally, i took her temp at like 430p. LOW AND BEHOLD...she had 103.7! HOLY SMOKES! Talking about deserving first place for the bad mommy award of the YEAR! I can't believe i missed her lethargy all day until 4:30p! WHAT A BAD MOMMY! I feel horrible. Anyway, we had given her some tylenol at 2p because she felt a little warm...then 430p i gave her some motrin and she now seems to be acting normal. We haven't given her any milk all day except for her morning bottle...and after the 430p motrin i jumped in the bath with all a luke warm back to try to get her to feeling better and get the fever down. I'm going to go check her again and see if the temp has gone down...i'm sure it has though b/c she doesn't feel as hot. I sure hope she gets better soon...i just hate it when my babies are sick and all you can do is hold them and comfort them. POOR SAM!