Tuesday, March 04, 2008

2 down 1 to go!

YEP, that's right...Sarah is sick now! Who would have guessed. After all the work trying to get urine..if i had just waited one more day...i would have known. I actually knew pretty early this morning from the rash on Sam. It started on the feet and is making it's way up her body.

Anyway, Sarah has never been this sick before. POOR BABY! She is sooo clingy and cries constantly. I just want my sweet happy babies back. I guess at least Sam is back to normal. She was totally dancing to american idol tonight...so she's ok. Sarah couldn't get comfortable but finally fell asleep on Pauls lap. It's going to be a rough day tomorrow. So my plan...sit on the recliner and hold my Sarah all day. I'm not going to worry about dishes, clothes or ANYTHING besides feeding the babies, changing their diapers and holding Sarah.

Hannah may actually have it already too. She got out of the shower and into the tub with the girls but was shivering the whole time. Then i got her out really fast and she was screaming about how cold she was the whole time. She is never that cold after a bath. I even went and blow dried her hair she was so cold with goosebumps. She's laying on the couch under 2 covers right now...she wants to sleep on the couch tonight...but i think i need some rest before my long day with sick babies tomorrow...so i'm going to put her in her bed and see what happens.