Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dr. Appt

We took Sarah & Sam to the dr. today.

They are doing great.
Sarah weights 9.12 height 20 3/4 head 13.5
Samantha weights 10.2 height 20/12 head 14.5

We have to take Sarah to a pedi Ear Nose & Throat Dr. because of her crying while she eats. The dr. seemed to think it is reflux. Medoy knows all about reflux because Kately has it. She said it really sounds like Sarah has it. We have an appt for March 29th...can you believe that i had to wait FIVE WEEKS?? Crazy! Anyway other than that Sarah & Sam both have plugged up tear ducts and that is why they have eye boogies 24/7. I have to give them eye drops to get rid of the infection they have along with the plugged ducts. If they aren't better in 4 more months they will have to go to the eye dr. to have it checked out.

Other than that not much to report over here.
We did take the girls to dinner Sat night with my sister...BAD BAD idea. Sarah was a mess the entire time. It was horrible! I will probably never take them to dinner again if i can help it!

Lastly, Katie McDonald is going to be both girls God Mother and Steve(Pauls Brother) is going to be the girls God Father...i think i have made a great choice for both Katie and Steve.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The girls Weights

I weighted the girls today.

Samantha is a whopping 9.13lbs(yeah that's right almost 10lbs)
Sarah is a bit behind coming in at 9.5lbs but staying close behind her sister

Who would have known they'd be such great eaters considering little Ms. Hannah hated eating and never liked any foods i gave her either.

I'm so proud of my eaters...we really are blessed to have such good healthy babies!

Melodys babies

Everyone keeps asking about Melodys girls and i wanted to give a wonderful exciting update. Katelyn and Sydney are doing great. They have ECI(early childhood intervention) coming over once a week to help with all sorts of developmental things...but so far the girls are right on track with their adjusted age which is 6 weeks ahead of Sarah & Samantha. Melody thinks and we all hope the dr. has finally found an answer to Katelyns GI/Reflux problem. The dr. said her espohagus are irritated and that she needed to take out the feeding tube and give her new and adjusted dosages of medicine. She did and now katelyn is doing great. Melody took the tube out today and hasn't used it in 3 days and katelyn is taking right around 18 ounces a day which is great for her & without a feeding tube. Sydney is doing great and physically developing at her corrected age and sometimes even better. All in all the girls are doing great...and we are already trying to start planning some play dates for the summer after cold and flu season are over. I can't wait!


I'm probably going to jinx myself but today is a day of celebration!!! Sarah, who is my sleeping buddy, slept until 12:30a and then didn't wake up again till 5a! I'm sooo excited.

Pauls sleeping buddy, Samantha, slept from 9p to 3:30a without a feed!

I'm sure this was all a fluke. but if it's not, i'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

Anyway, besides not sleeping through the night, the girls are doing very well. Both had a bit of a stuffy nose last week and i used those little nosey saline drops and they are both fine now.

Now if i could just get them on a schedule, i'd be in heaven.

Right now they usually feed at the same time...but that tends to literally be all day! It's really hard for me emotionally because i really just sit on the couch all day feeding them both. If they'd start to slow down some i could get a few things around the house done. Right now it's been so crazy i wasn't even able to get their announcements out. I just had them done this past weekend so everyone should be receiving them soon although if you are reading this you know anyway. Either way the lady did a wonderful job AGAIN on the cards. So far she has put together Hannah's first bday invites, our christmas card last year and now these announcements. She's just so much more creative than i am...

Lastly, Katie, Jaymie and I are semi planning a girls weekend down here. The rodeo fell through because everyone kinda dropped the ball on tickets. Katie couldn't get them,,,i don't think Jaymie could and no one ever said well lets just buy them and get it over with..i guess i could have just bought them myself, too. SO, as of right now Katie is planning on coming down the beginning of April. We haven't confirmed it with Jaymie yet because she is soo busy we hardly ever talk to her...but Katie said either way we'll just make plans and hope Jaymie is free. We are planning on meeting up with some of our old classmates from high school if all goes as planned. The only stipulation for me was that S & S had to be sleeping through the night so Paul wouldn't be miserable taking care of two girls half of the night.

Well that's it for now...i will update with more pics soon!

You all wouldn't believe how big the girls are now. The girls are definitely starting to look more like infants than just blobs. They are very to play on their gymnis and swings...the only problem is that they aren't that big on walks. I'm going to have to change that soon so i can start walking and loose some of this baby weight. :)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Identical Twins

I forgot to add that Sarah & Samantha are definitely identical twins. When i went to the dr. Tuesday i found out that the hospital had done a test on the placenta just to make sure the girls were identical although my dr. was 99% sure at 8 weeks of gestation. Anyway, YES, they are identical twins. I asked him if he was sure because now that i see them everyday i can tell them apart as Sarah has a small head & Sam has a big head. Anyway, he said as they get older they will definitely look more alike just because right now they are growing at different rates etc.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Samantha & Sarah weights

I have great news...i just weighted Sam and she is 8.5 & 1/2 lbs. I can't believe it! She is such a big girl.Sarah weights 8.2lbs and really catching up with Sam quickly! Who would have known they'd put on so much weight soo quickly.

We had a bad bad day yesterday...actually Paul and Julia did b/c i had to go to the dr. for my 6 week checkup. Anyway when i got home it was a circus in the house...Sarah was crying uncontrolobaly(spelling). Anyway i'm not sure what was wrong...i pray she doesn't have colic but she sure is a fussy baby. She cries a lot more than Hannah ever cried.

We are talling up the amount of food the girls eat because i do believe they are over eating which could be why they cry so much in the afternoon... I will put the totals up tomorrow!