Monday, November 27, 2006

Dr. Appt for 11/27

One more Dr. Appt down and THREE MORE TO GO! YAHOO!

Dr. Putterman was so impressed today. He said i'm doing so well considering. The babies are doing great so far and all my worries are really behind me. Right now the girls are both right over 4lbs and so if they were born now there wouldn't be much to worry about other than their lungs developing. He said if he wasn't worried about that he'd do a c-section at 34 weeks. I got really excited at first when he mentioned 34 weeks...but he said no after all.

I'm really ready to be done with my pregnancy. I'm so big, my hands are numb and hurt really really bad all night, i get really bad charlie horses and i can hardly put socks/pants etc on anymore. I will be so happy to be able to see my toes again.

Anyway he gave us a bit of information on the c-section. We will go into Methodist around 8am on Dec 26th and we'll be admitted and then they'll do the c-section about 10am. He said a c-section is really better for me because if the girls do have the twin to twin transfusion the c-section can be done and then girls be born 30 seconds apart and you don't have to worry about anything after that...rather than have a regular birth where one baby could be in there 30 minutes or more later. I chose the c-section. I guess this time my belly will hurt v/s my backside :) I'll let ya'll know which is better after i've had the c-section.

That's all for now. The dr. gave up on pictures because he's done soo many ultra sounds. I guess i won't have any more pics of the girls till the big day!

Will update again NEXT Wednesday, as that is my next appt!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Dr. Appointment

The dr. Appointement on Monday went REALLY well! I forgot to update until now...sorry!

Dr. Putterman stated that everything is going well and we've officially set a C-Section date. The girls will be here no later than December 26th! Right now they weight 3.10lbs and 3.14lbs and are doing well. Dr. P just told me to keep on doing whatever i was doing because everything seems to be going fine.

I have some mixed emotions about having the girls 1 day after Christmas. First and foremost i'm concerned that Hannah is going to have to celebrate Christmas with my family and me not be able to come since it'll be so close to the end for me. I'm also concerned that the girls will be sad when they get older and think they didn't get a real birthday because Christmas is so close and they'll think there presents are all combined together. I guess if that's the worst thing that could happen...i'm really blessed in and in good shape.

Next i also feel guilty for even thinking any of this because there are so many people out there that either can't have babies or have very premature babies that are really sick. We are very very blessed and i know that because as of right now the girls are really big enough to be fairly well if they were born now.

Anyway the good news is that if i don't go into labor before December 26th i will have a c-section that day. YAHOO! I'm really ready to have them and get started with the all night feedings :)

O yes, more good news before i forget. Melody was able to take Sydney home Wednesday(the day before Thanksgiving). She was so excited but also sad that Kaitlyn couldn't come along. She said it was a bitter sweet day... The best news is that Kaitlyn will be home very soon and is doing great...just taking a bit of time to get her to suck and take her bottles.

I got to the dr. once a week now so i'll have more updates this upcoming monday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Dr. Appt and stuff

Sorry, once again this has taken me forever to update again.

Paul and I went to the dr. 2 Monday's ago and everything is well with the girls. Pauls a bit nervous because everything is going so good so far. The girls were 3.3lbs each last appt and by now should be somewhere around 3.7lbs. Once i hit 32 weeks were really ok because they should be 3.14lbs by then. I go to the dr. tomorrow and from now on every week after this for an ultra sound.

I have had some contractions lately. Very weird to me since i never had them with Hannah. My dr. said when i do to time them and lay on my left side and drink a ton of water. SO far they go away pretty quickly....Thank Goodness.

Julia is working out great. Hannah just loves playing with her. We are still workng on the obedience part since Hannah thinks Julia is her gopher/made but i think with time things will all work out. It's definitely a large adjustment since i don't like people staying at my house for long and Julia will be here for a year...but i think i'll get used to it.

That's it for now...will update again tomorrow after the dr. appt.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dr. Appt & Family Update

Hi All,

Sorry for the delay updating. We have really had too much going on lately. To top that off we have not had phones & internet for weeks now. As you can tell we have finally gotten the internet up and running(THANK GOODNESS)!!!
Plus, last week our schedule went something close to this: Saturday we moved, Tuesday Pauls parents arrived, Thursday they left and we also left to Dallas for Pauls Managers Meeting for work, Sat on the way home Julia called and asked to see if we could pick her up, Sunday was Allisons 2nd bday party... OH WHAT A WEEK!!!!!!!

Anyway, first update is dr. appt 1 week ago. The girls are doing great and both weight 2.3 lbs and are growing big fast. Everything looks we are hoping the will hang in there and the dr. will induce right after christmas.

Second update is the house: which is finally great! Israel went through too many painters to count and finally found a great guy that is really working hard to make the house perfect...and even better...he actually knows what he's doing. He's fixed everything that i had given up hope on ever looking good. The walls look great...the doggie door is fixed(for the second time since Gracy busted throught it a couple of nights ago while we were at dinner), the counters look if we could just get the floors sealed we'd be great.

Thirdly, Allison is now two! She had a great bday party and Hannah had too much fun helping open up Allison's bday presents :) It's just great how much the love each other and how good they play together.

Forthly, we now have a new member of our family! Julia Rodrigues is here to live with us from San Palo, Brazil and we are so excited. We actually took her from another family that she was having some conflicts with and it had all turned out really well. She is adjusting well and really enjoys helping with Hannah. It's going to be a bit of adjusting for us just having a new addition to our family...but i think it'll be lots of fun and she's really looking forward to meeting the girls and spending extra time with Hannah so she doesn't feel left out. She has already helped a's just going to take a bit of adjusting for Hannah since she always wants to go wherever i go :)

Lastly, we have another dr. appt Monday. I will update more after that. Hope all is well for everyone.

P.S. we took some family pics for the holidays. If you'd like to see them please go to
go to portraits and the password is myers