Friday, March 07, 2008

Mommy told you once...and she'll tell you again!

When you wake up before 6am your punishment is sleeping on the living room floor! LOL! Not really, but girls come on...if you fall asleep on the floor like this you MUST be tired...can't you give mom a break and sleep till...even 530a! This 445a thing is getting old and mommy is getting grumpier and grumpier by the day. The girls literally fell asleep in the middle of the floor while they were playing. Again..way before their real nap time which is 10a. They fell asleep at 915a!
I know they are supposed to have pillows till 2..but look at them sleeping on them. They seem so comfortable...i wonder if that would help them sleep better at night! Superstar SAM!
Sam playing jail bird!
Two jail birds!
Sarah says "peek a boo"


Gibson Twins said...

How sweet they look laying down sleeping :) Mine used to fall asleep wherever they were playing but that was a LONG time ago. I'm afraid they'd never nap if it were their choice.
Cute sunglasses too, the new ones I bought for these guys have found a home on the table since no one wants to wear them!
Glad everyone is feeling better, have a great weekend!

BoufMom9 said...

Oh wow! They are so cute!
How funny that they just fall asleep while playing. It's been a while since mine have done that. I got really lucky and have 2 good sleepers.
Do yours have their molars yet? That could be what is causing them to wake so early? My little guy, Will, has been a real "bug" lately.