Saturday, June 30, 2007

Some more personality differences

Sarah & Samantha are so different personality wise.

Sarah loves to move. I can lay her down on the ground and she'll push with her feet all the way from one side of the gymni to the other...on her back with her feet. She can totally roll from her back to her belly and back but normally just stays on her belly once she rolls.

Samantha likes to stay put. I don't think i've seen her move at all. You lay her on her back and she just lays there and plays with whatever is above her. She's just not interested. I did sit her up and put pillows all around her and she sat there for a good 5 minutes with just the support of the pillows.

I have a feeling Sarah is going to be an adventourous baby just like Hannah while Sam is going to just follow along.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

What a great week!

Paul & I had such a nice week hanging with our nieces and my in laws/pauls parents. On our last outing yesterday we went to schliterbahn in galveston and to show the girls the beach.

The trip to schliterbahn was awesome! Paul and i both agreed that Hannah has NEVER had so much fun in her life. She wasn't scared of the water at all. We began by riding the lazy river which was a ton of fun. Hannah sat on the double float between Paul and I with a life jacket on. Since it wasn't really packed yet the lazy river was a bit empty and when you rode it the waves were extremely high...I was almost nervous b/c it started to look like a huge wave was going to hit us and the people in front of us flew out of their rafts. It wasn't bad and no one tipped over and boy, did we have a ton of fun. Schliterbahn is definitely very kid friendly...more so than even the childrens museum.

All in all we had a great week. Brooke and Nicole are such sweet girls and we hope to see them again next summer since they live so far away and it's really hard to get together with everyone.

I'll attach some pics after paul loads the camera again!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Nieces

My nieces Brooke & Nicole are in town with my in laws. We've had such a great week soo far! We went to the childrens museum and the aquarium yesterday. Then today we went to NASA & to Kemah to eat today. Tomorrow our plan is to go to Galveston. Let's pray for some good weather! I'll post some pics after the girls leave. They have grown up soo much in the past year...they are such sweeties. Hannah has really formed a bond with Brooke....they get along soo good. Hannah just follows Brooke around like Brooke is her big's soo cute. I'll write more later...we're just having such a great week. The twins are hanging with Grandma & Grandpa all week and having a blast.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

All is quiet at the Myers house!

Well we've finally made it! I truly see the light at the end of the tunnel! For the first time ever all my girls slept in the SAME bedroom last night! Who would have imgained this could ever happen! I'm soo excited and proud! It's the sweetest thing ever! Well we've made it over one big hump...i think life will start to get back to as normal as can be expected for having 3 babies under 3!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Paul just loaded the pics off the camera

Here are a few more pics.


Can you tell who is who?

Here are a couple of pics since it's been a while since i've added any. The girls are just growing so quickly!
Sarah is 14.10lbs
Sam is 15.7
They are staying right around a lb a part.
Now the big question...who is who? Do you think they are identical? I was thinking for a while...there is no way they are identical...when i look at these pics i believe they are definitely identical!
Enjoy the pics....i'll post more soon!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Twins, My Birthday & A Car Wreck!

What a week it has been for me. I had the absolute worst birthday i have ever had! I don't know where to begin. I guess first to the BEST & Most exciting news! We finally decided to let the girls cry it out at night and put them in their room! TWO Nights and going strong. The first night was REALLY BAD! Between the two they cried straight from 2-5a! What a bad morning it was for me. On top of that It was my bday morning...and i was exhausted mentally and physically! The second night(last night) was like living in HEAVEN! Sam got up a few times but just whimpered and went back to bed...Sarah my little sleeper slept from 8p-630a! WHAT A GREAT NIGHT! Anyway that was the best part of our week!

Now on to the Wreck! Julia has planned to take Hannah and meet all her friends at the zoo. Anyway to make a long story short...and i don't even know whos telling the truth about the wreck...Julia slammed into the back of her friends car with my car. She must have hit pretty bad becuase it caused 1500 worth of damage to my now we are out alot of money that we didn't need to spend becuase of Julia's not watching where she was going! What a MESS! We have to pay for my car, her friends car,etc.. Luckily and most importantly Hannah was not hurt! Thank GOD! Anyway to top this wreck off she let her friends host familys kids play in my car and i had pen writing all over my leather seat! I had to scrub it out with on of those magic pen things from mr. clean. It totally took off all the texture and i'm not a happy person about the whole thing! What a mess!!! Needless to say we're not extending with the service as we had originally thought! Once again, what a MESS!!!!!!

Think that's all for now...i'm on my own today and it's going great so far. I really think i can just do it on my own. Paul is scared that he is going to have to deal with a not so Happy person when he gets home from work! I'll let you know how that turns out later! :)


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'l loosing my extra set of hands

Well Julia is going on Vacation for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! I just can't imgaine how things are going to run around here. I did find a polish girl we met at the park to help out while she's gone. I'm just not sure how well she works under pressure. I'm actually really really nervous.

I also just can't wait till this bathroom is done and there is no-one working in my house anymore. After that i won't be so stressed out about the girls crying so much. Right now i get all nervous and feel like a bad mom if there's someone working on the house and my girls are they usually egg each other on so if one's crying the other starts to cry and gets even louder than the first. SO as soon as everyone is gone i'm going to buy the biggest baddest pair of ear plugs and let them scream to their best ability! LOL! Just kidding.

Other than that i'm on a baking frenzy. I've baked 3 or 4 carrott cakes in the past few weeks and i think i've mastered it(Don't ask me how i have time to bake with three kids under 3 but i find time.) I'm planning on baking another one for the guy that bought our house.

O yeah and on another note: we have a whole family of possums in our backyard! Gracye went crazy the other day and paul piked up the little ramp that goes up to the little playhouse/shed in the backyard and low and behold there was a mom and 4-5 babies underneath. We ended up catching one in our neighbor Charlies, trap. BUT there are still 4 or 5 in the backyard hiding!

By the way S & S both have 2 teeth coming in and they have broken the skin and are visible. I think the two top ones aren't far behind because they are totally getting soliva all over the place!

One last thing...the guys are done tiling the restroom. Tomorrow is paint, then shower doors and trim. I don't think it'll be much longer....i'm so excited and ready to have a pool party with Hannah!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

We closed on the other house

Well after months and months of hoping we'd find the perfect person to buy our house...we've finally sold it. We closed Friday and it's officially a done deal now. We are so thankful and relieved that we don't have to worry about the house anymore. What a pain in the keister. Anyway the guy that bought the house is a great guy. Single with two kids but the kids live with their mom except for every other weekend. SO that's why he was ok with the smaller house. He also said over and over again how much he loved the fence, etc.

Not much more to report except for my girlfriend Amy that lives a block over is pregnant again. This is her fourth baby and we are so excited for her. It's going to be soo cool because all our kids are like steps: Tabatha is 5, Ethan is 4, Hannah is going to be 3, Naomi is going to be 2 in Oct and the girls will be 1 in Dec. and then her baby is due Dec 30th, cool would it be if she had her baby on the twins birthday a year later?! We are just so happy they live so close and are such great friends. Hannah also went to Ethans bday party this past Friday at McDonalds...she had a great time and Amy did such a great job with the spiderman theme even though i think she's pretty sick and exhausted all the time. O how i don't envy her going through the whole morning/daytime sickness.

Think that's it for now, it's 8:30p and i'm already falling asleep!