Sunday, March 16, 2008

Almost Done!

Look at THIS...ALMOST DONE! This is one big BAD playset! I know the swings don't match yet...but we're getting ready to order some really nice ones. But for right now, these will do just fine!

Paul did AWESOME this weekend! I'm so excited to say he's almost done. We have a few 15 month proof things to do...for instance we are going to close off that rock wall on the left so the kidos don't go flying down that...and we're going to put some boards behind the steps so that their feet don't go through the ladder when they are crawling up...o yeah and we still need the roof. But other than that he'd done! It looks awesome and the girls had a BLAST on the swings and slide today. We got rid of the old swing set our neighbor gave us...and we're getting rid of the doll house our neighbor gave pretty soon we'll have just this in the backyard! It's soo nice! The one funny thing...the slide is so big and fast...the girls go down so fast the hit the ground and do a half flip most of the doesn't seem to hurt though.
Sarah enjoying the swing
Sam wasn't quite to sure at first...but it just took a few minutes and she was fine!
Hannah LOVES her big girl swing!

This was about 10a...the girls are starting to just hit the floor for naps...i LOVED this stage when Hannah did this...she'd just fall asleep wherever she was when she felt sleepy! I have all sorts of funny pics!

Another shot of Sam sleeping on the floor!
Sarah thought she needed a pillow to she flipped the chair upside down and slept on it like a pillow!
Paul working on the playset!
All the girls swinging! Look at those happy faces!!!


BoufMom9 said...

That is quite possibly the coolest "swingset" I have seen!

Gibson Twins said...

What a great swingset! Looks like the girls had a blast too! I hope it helps wear them all out for some super naps too. I love the pics of the girls falling asleep wherever they choose, so cute!!