Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hair cut pics and more fun pics!

These are in no specific order...but i started adding them yesterday and got distracted...Thank Goodness for the automatic save on blogger! :)

Sarah just hanging out!
Hannah & S....i'm seriously loosing it. I, again don't know which this is...i'm pretty sure it's Sarah! EEK!

This is like the new do's? Mommy cut everyones hair today! We had lots of shaggy bangs and now we can see! LOL!
Sarah on left..Sam on right..Seriously, am i loosing it. They look really different in this pic...i guess maybe because they are side by side...when they aren't i honestly can't tell them apart that well...unless i really look at them. A good me describe their difference in features? Add comments at the bottom! :)
They sat still on the recliner for about 1 second down pat. Sarah already escaping...
This is Sarah..

NOW, this one is EASY! SAM has the bigger belly...on left...Sarah on right...Big Sis in middle...Gracye's butt and tail in the way! :)
Naked babies...i NEVER take naked shots...but they were playing outside and got drenched because Paul received his new pressure washer and the girls got into the water...he's still playing with it a day later...and i'm going to go deaf from the constant hum in my ear!!! ERRR!
Not so happy here! Like the phone hanging from her mexican dress Grandma M bought for her in Mexico! She's definitely going through the dress up stage...3-4 purses, a few necklaces and makeup when she can get into my bathroom and get it before i catch her. I have to by day i get better at catching her when she's getting into trouble! The big kicker...if she's out of my sight for more than 2 minutes...she's probably in trouble! :)
Samantha with her new hair cut! Maybe i should go back to school to be a hair dresser? OR just a bang trimmer! LOL
Hannah in one of her funny poses! Tounge out...hands doing something goofy and extra short dress from last year! I think it's time to invest in 4T!

BAD BAD up early again the morning in the pic...Both fell asleep as i was literally cooking lunch!

Poor Sarah...she feel asleep in the kitchen while i was cooking...she was SOOO tired!
Another goofy pic of Hannah...her new dress...with Jeans and 3-4 purses per arm & 2 hats on her head! Precious!
Naked Sarah...smaller belly!
Sam with that big belly...