Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sarah & Samantha’s First day of Mothers Day Out!

The girls are loving school..just not liking the whole “car line” drop off.  They do NOT like when i drive up and they have to go with a different stranger every time.  :<(

Here are a few pics from the big day!  I sure did miss them the first day they were i’m finally starting to relax and enjoy my time alone. 

When i picked them up the first day they told me ALL about their day.  It was SOO cute.  Sam told me how she had strawberries and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and ate ALL her food.  Sarah was telling me all about the big red dog book her teacher read to them.  I know they are loving it and meeting tons of new friends. 



They had to hook their lunch bags on to their backpacks..they LOVE their new backpacks and lunch bags…and LOVE eating their own food. 



On the way to school in the car…