Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bad Sarah!

This is from the attack of the babies this morning. I never have an idea of how bad the bites are till i strip them down for bath time! This one really took the cake! Any suggestions on how to stop the biting madness! I NEED HELP! :( They were both attacking each other & slapping each other...then they both bit down...Sarah won the fight obviously! BAD BAD SARAH!And on to better, sweeter pics...the girls in the dog bowls again! A sweeter pic of Sarah...trying on a hat!
Look at that precious smile from Sam!

Hannah coaxed the girls into the clothes basket...then filled it up with stuffed animals...they were squished in there!

Sam trying to ride the big girl bike outside!
I already killed my first plant this summer...actually the girls pulled each and every bud off of this plant. We did end up planting it...hoping we could revive it. We're still waiting for it to come back to life.
After a long day of playing...Sam sleeping!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Victim of Credit Card Fraud

I can't believe it. We are officially statistics and victims of Credit Card Fraud! Yep, you got it...someone somehow stole our CC# with the little number on the back and went on a shopping spree. A total of $1100.00 was spent before it was caught. Thank Goodness Discover Emailed Paul right away...twice in a row and he called them back. I thought it was kinda humorous at first b/c i had just told him how today i spent a large amount of money today. I went grocery shopping and bought lots of meat(which is always expensive). THEN i went and put 100 dollars worth of gas in my car(still didn't fill it up) and then i went and picked up some dry cleaning. I didn't go to our usual shopping spots so i thought Discover was just calling to make sure the charges were me. Well, they went through one by one...groceries-check, dry cleaning-check, gas-check, banana republic-700-on line purchase...UH NO, The gap-on line purchase-400, UH NOOOO AGAIN! WHAT? I was SHOCKED to say the least. How did this happen when we were both holding our credit cards right in front of us?

Evidently credit card theft is becoming a big ordeal and it happens all the time. There are many ways it can happen...but mainly through hackers if you use your cc to buy anything on the web. Check on that one, we both buy stuff on line. AND, if this is the case the lady at Discover told me, the hacker probably has ALL our info, SS#, Address, account number, etc. That is some REALLY scary stuff. The other way it COULD have happened is by handing your card over at a restaurant and the waiter walks to the back...takes his/her cell phone and takes a pic of the card, both sides.

I am soo upset about this whole ordeal. I feel so violated and upset. Not scared...just MAD! We are now re-thinking a company to track our ss#'s, and all our info on a daily basis. Discover card does this for 12.99 a month. NOT TOO bad, considering this could happen to us again. Chances are high that who ever did this, if a hacker, will strike again.

The lady at Discover also said they prosecute as many as possible. AMEN to that! I did ask if i should file a report with the i emailed my MOMS group and some said i should. She said NO, because they have their own fraud dept that does this and if you don't KNOW who did it...what's the point. Which was exactly what i thought.

Another thing that one of my MOMS said that was very true and totally hit me hard was: when you leave your table at a restaurant, ALWAYS take YOUR receipt. I used to, before i met Paul. Yep, Paul, this was bad re-training on your are WAY to carefree! I used to be so careful...always took receipts and tore them up very carefully b/c my dad always drilled that in my head over and over again. So NOW, i will be a LOT more careful and make SURE we take our receipt and destroy it. We are just so careless...and most probably are until they've been violated! Then you become willing to pay the money to keep your credit in good standing.

We've decided we're going to go with the This is a program that will guard your social security for example: if someone wants to buy a car with your ss#, they can't until lifelock calls you and you approve it and there is a day waiting program. OR, if someone tries to open up a cc with your name and ss, it won't happen that day...they have to get it approved through lifelock. I'm not 100% sure on this one...but this was pauls decision v/s paying 12.99 a month to have discover track your credit on a daily basis. If anyone has any thoughts on which is better..please leave me a comment below.

So, that's all for now. I'm just furious that this happened! I also now know why they offer these protection things...that i have always turned down and blown off. NOW I SEE THAT THESE ARE WORTH THE MONEY!

I sure hope this crazy fool that stole our credit card # ends up in the pokey and that Discover and/or Banana Republic and the Gap prosecute them. The lady at discover card said most are we'll just hope this crazy fool gets it. I would LOVE to know myself who did this but i'm sure i never will. I'd also, love to have a little chat with the fool, which i'm sure won't ever happen either b/c of confidentiality. HOW does THAT make sense?? They steal OUR credit card...use OUR money...but we will NEVER find out WHO THEY ARE! ERR..that annoys me!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

7 random things about me...Well, Really 10!

One of my blogging buddies Debi had been tagged and said anyone that reads her blog wants to do their own 7 random things about do so and forward to her. SO, i have never done them before, so i thought, now is just as good as ever to write a few things about myself.

1. I met my hubby at Hooters through a mutual friend who was actually my sorrority sister at University of Houston. For our wedding rehersal dinner...Paul wanted to have the dinner at HOOTERS...Thankfully that didn't happen. He still loves telling EVERYONE we know and meet that we met at HOOTERS..and NO, I didn't wait tables there.

2. My dream was to be a police officer. I went to a high school for law enforcement and co-op'ed at the police dept for the chief of police(chief Nucia)..a long time ago. I worked in all different depts there...civilian employment, recruiting, motorcycle squad, auto theft, DARE, the jail for a few days doing date entry, the legal dept and i could seriously go on and on! It was a great job! Then i ended up getting a scholarship through HPD for college...they paid for 60 hrs of college and i went into the police academy after that. I dropped out after 6 weeks of the academy...i just couldn't run for the life of me(5 miles a day with a 300lb guy running behind me in alpha order...screaming at me to run faster). I DO NOT regret it till this was not for me dropping out...i would have never met my hubby if i had stayed in and finished up the 24 weeks.

3. I've taken 3 polygraphs...and one came out kinda squed...ended up that i freaked out when they asked if i had ever stolen anything b/c a LONG time ago my girlfriend Jaymie and I were working at the rodeo one night and we stole a bright orange cone that was in our way(it was in our way as we were driving out of the parking lot)...we jumped out of the car and threw it in her trunk so we could take it to our favorite frat house and save ourselves a parking space in front! I know i know...we were crazy! That was A LONG time ago...

4. I've had many jobs in my life including: a day care for a few summers, the police dept(in high school and then in college), a travel agency(my favorite job and boss of all time), 93Q radio station handing out freebies, a patent company & Dillards as second job to make more money.

5. I absolutely hate seeing anyone from my past that i worked with at the police dept. Although i don't regret dropping out..i'm very embarassed b/c when i told them i wanted to drop out, one of my favorite sergeants(who i actually house sat for and baby sat for) really begged me to stay. He even said he'd meet me up at the academy on weekends and help me with my running. I still told him no, as i turned in my stuff. Till this day i Can't go back to the police credit union to even close my banking account(which is sitll in my maiden name) b/c i'm scared i'll run into someone i knew back then.

6. My first car that my parents actually bought for me was a honda accord 1986! I was rockin in that car considering they bought it for me my junior year. Then i wrecked it and hit a curb while i was in a fight with my first real boyfriend...and i tore up the car(had to replace everything underneath b/c i went up and over the curb and back over the other side). My parents made ME take out a LOAN and pay for the damage and wouldn't let me claim it on my car insurance. It cost me 3500.00 and till this day i'm sure they STILL think he actually wrecked it...but i seriously did it myself.

7. I absolutely despise frogs. Looking at them gives me the quivers. Paul thinks it's funny b/c Hannah loves frogs and i yell at her if she picks one up b/c i'm scared she'll really get warts or it'll jump towards me!

Well, since i'm on a roll...i thought i'd throw in a few more just for a little extra about me! LOL

8. Before i met Paul i was not very money savvy! I spent money as fast as it would hit the bank. AND all i ever bought was CLOTHES! Lots and LOTS of clothes...and i mean NICE clothes. I never, in my wildest dreams thought i'd be reverted to wearing Target and Walmart clothes...and now that's my whole closet. The only one expensive want i still have is coach purses...which i get about one nice one a year.

9. I have a photographic memory for phone numbers. If you give me your number i can probably remember it forever! LOL! When i worked in HR/payroll at the travel agency i could blurt off anyone's number without looking it up.

10. I'm very picky about my cleaning. NO ONE besides me can do it right...not even the cleaning lady. I like everything cleaned just one certain way..dishes loaded one certain way...scrubbed clean, etc. So, no one bothers to even try to help(which is fine b/c i usually re-do whatever they have done anyway). I also have to have my bead made up one certain way and unless i'm dying sick i make my bead everyday right after my feet hit the floor.

Ok, i know i've cheated in a big way and added a few extra. If you know me, i can ramble on for That's That! I'm done. This gives you a little peak into my PAST! LOL!

March of Dimes Walk

Today was the March of Dimes Walk. I was really worried yesterday because the chance of rain went from 30-70%! BUT, the big guy upstairs was watching out for all of us March of dimes Supporters! We had a GREAT WALK! I mean it went by so fast, Melody's husband Ben said "It doesn't seem like we did 3.1 miles...i bet there going to say we have to make the loop again"! LOL! It was AWESOME! Once again, SOOOO much better than last year! The girls had a blast and received lots of treats and ate bananna after bannana! This is the second year we've done the walk and every year i seriously get all teared up when we drive in and see SOOO MANY supporters with t-shirts and families of people that have been truly affected by prematurity! It's soo amazing and i feel so honored to be a part of it all! I'm sure next year we'll be doing the walk again...and again...until we're too old to walk anymore! :) It's always so great to see Melody and her family too! The girls are SOO precious and i know we really need to get them all together for a play date they are growing up SOO fast!

Of course i have tons of here we go:
This is what Hannah decided she wanted to wear to the walk this morning..obviously a punky brewster moment...i convinced her to wear something much cuter!In the car on the way there!Babies sleeping on the way there!
We're there!
Our booth at the walk...they did a GREAT JOB! It looked sooo good!Another view of the booth! Family pic...Shores family pic! Uh..i got the girls looking...although Ben's eye's were closed...guess you can't have it all when you have 4 people and your trying to get them all to look the same way at the same time! :) Me & My girls...Melody and her's...and Ben's sweet mom!Another pic of the girls...with the balloon in front of bens moms face! UGH! Getting ready for the pic...Melody's mom & Katie playing one of the MOMS games...they had all sorts of games to play...the girls were watching getting ready for their turn! Sydney on left, Katelyn on right!Albach twins on left, my girls in the middle and the Vick triplets on the right! LOTS AND LOTS OF MULTIPLES!!Katie looking up in this pic...aren't they just precious??? Sydney won some dice playing a game! FUN FUN FUN!More pics of the girls...i went crazy since i don't see them too often!And the finish line! Paul and the girls at the finish line...we really finished REALLY FAST...Another finish line pic! YAHOO!The after party...Ben, his mom & the girls having some ice cream! YUMMY!Katie smiling! She is just sooo precious!
Sydney, eyes closed with mouth full of ice cream! YUMMY!Sarah wanted her OWN ice cream...she was eating it like a BIG GIRL! The whole ice cream sandwich! Sam ate some of Pauls...i think she got ripped off on the ice cream...You'd think daddy would have broke down and gave her her own ice cream since she was SUCH A GOOD GIRL! They really made me proud today! They were sooo sweet and not one screach the ENTIRE walk! Hannah with all sorts of beads and ice cream! YUMMY! The End!
Again, THANK YOU THANK YOU!! TO everyone that made a donation to such a great cause..even if you had your own walk and raised your own's all for such a good cause and I THANK YOU ALL TOO!! We were so honored to be a part of this wonderful walk and doing so for such a wonderful cause. I still get teary eyed thinking of how many babies are born too early!
Love to all!
The Myers Gang!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Some funnies...

Here is a pic of the girls through the front window. I finally decided to open up the front room(dining room) when i'm out in the front yard watering my they can watch from inside. I took them out with me the other i could water our new flowers. That was NOT a good running all over the place...Sarah was chasing a bird close to the street(thank goodness we live in a very small neighborhood and there is not much traffic at all...because there are only a few houses on our street...which is really nice) and i didn't even notice for a few seconds. The girls then found that if they run in front of the hose while i'm watering they'll get wet. Then i ended up with 3 soaking kids playing in wet dirty! YUCKY! So, i found it easier to just let them in the front...they are just as entertained watching from the front window and i can at least see what they are doing. This is Hannah under 6 covers. Can a 3.5 year old have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? She is psycho about her covers. Everyday she covers up the entire couch with covers...she moves them around...gets up...covers herself up...then re arranges the covers etc. I DO have OCD...but only with locking doors..NO, i'm not medicated for it! :) But i do find myself checking and re-checking doors...and i can check the house alarm at night 3 or 4 times on a good night to make sure i actually turned it on. I guess i do this because if it were up to Paul he'd probably just leave every door unlocked. You think it has something to do with me growing up in the city v/s him growing up in a small town in KS where you NEVER locked your doors...left the keys in your car..etc? Anyway, i thought this pic was really funny..she was all covered up.
This sand has a funny story! I seriously think i lost a pound or two yesterday after agreeing to go get sand for the front yard. I HAD NO IDEA that the bags of sand weighted in at 50lbs each! NO IDEA! So, i get to Lowes on the way to pick the girls up and get a cart that already in itself weight probably 50lbs. I mean, it was REALLY heavy. Anyway, so i knew i had 30 mintues to get 12 bags of 50lbs each of sanded loaded and down the street to get the girls by 3p. So i drag the cart over to the sand...there was NO ONE anywhere to be found. So, after standing around for a few minutes i decided to just do it myself. BAD IDEA! Either way, i start to lift...ONE by ONE i slowly get the into the darn cart, while ripping a few along the way. There was SAND EVERWHERE...and a few people walked by(i mean men...that totally could have offered to at least help) but no one helped. So i kept on trucking as the sweat dripped down my face...i looked nasty and smelt even worse. I couldn't even believe i didn't just walk off and tell paul to go back and get it. BUT, i had already told him i'd get i was going to get it either way. I just dropped the bags on the little cart however i could get them on...they were ALL over. FINALLY, i had ONE more bags left to get on the cart...the rep for the sand co came walking by and was you need some help with that or are you done? I said...NO, I'm done thanks. THEN, i started to TRY to push the cart that weighted in at about 700lbs to the check out line....GALS, this was HILARIOUS! I mean i was huffing and puffing like NEVER in my life. I had on a new pair of flip flops that had velvet or some slippery stuff was HILARIOUS as i pushed and pushed. I was determined, either way. The rep helped give me a LITTLE push to get the cart started and that was it. I seriously thought i was going to fall over by the time i got to the front of the store and it wasn't even that far of a walk. So then i get to the check out line and the lady asked how many bags...i told her i HAVE NO IDEA...NONE. I knew we needed 12...but i didn't know if i had even made 12. I called Paul on the phone while in line and said "seriously, i think i'm going to fall over and croak!" He was like what? I said, YEAH, i had to load 13 bags of 50lbs of sand each on a cart ALL by myself! I seriously couldn't even catch my breath! He was like..."are you ok"...i said "I THINK I am". Anyway, this was the pic of all the sand i loaded on the cart all by myself..NO THANKS to LOWES! BUT, they did help me load it into my car...EVEN THOUGH i could have done a better job b/c the guy that loaded it in got sand ALL OVER the back of my suburban! AFTER i told him...the blue things has to point up b/c that's wear the spout is to you think he listened? NOPE! BTW...i will NEVER ask Paul if he needs anything from home depot or lowes again..I'VE LEARNED MY LESSON! LOL!!

One last thing...ever time i start to feel overwhelmed with 3 kidos...i'm going to read the following blog.
This lady has a little girl about Hannah's age...9 month old identical twin boys and a fourth child on the way. HOLY SMOKES! My heart raced as i found and read some of her blog off of her posting on! She IS A SUPERMOM! When her fourth is born...her twins will be around 15 or 16 months. I couldn't IMGAINE having a baby with my two trouble makers running around the house. I would seriously pack my bags and run to mexico! LOL! I mean, i DO love kidos...but we are DONE FOR SURE...unless i get baby fever later on and decide i want to do foster parenting or adopt an older child later in life. But right now...not even close. I even told my OB/GYN the other day when i went for my yearly..."i don't even get that giddy feeling anymore when i see a pregnant woman, as i did before the girls were conceived!" He totally cracked up when i said that!
Lastly, check out this link...this lady had identical triplet little girls! What a blessing! I couldn't even fathom how scared she was with 3 babies in one sac. Two is scary enough!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Some Cute Random Pics

First, Again THANK YOU, THANK YOU, to those of you who have generously dontated money to my March for Babies walk! I'm half way to my goal...which is GREAT! We are so excited and ready for the big walk on Sunday, which is also my sisters 35th birthday! Gosh, i can't believe she is going to be 35...that also means i'm going to be 32! HOLY SCHNIKES!

Anyway, here are some random pics...these are the girls cute little gymboree dresses i bought second hand. They are SOOO cute...but i just don't have it in myself to let them wear them to school...they are just TOO CUTE. AND, i can sell them on ebay for what i paid for them if they don't get destroyed! Ahh...the way you think when you have 3 babies! This is Sarah...caught with her mouth full! :)
Sarah sitting in the doggie bowl...talking about cheap entertainment! Once Sam saw her in the bowl....

She went and got the other one...LOL!Sarah did an awesome job putting on my shoes...right after this pic there was a cat fight over who was going to wear mommys shoes!

Sam is always so serious...this is a cute pic of her actually smiling...could it be b/c she had on a fancy dress??? LOL! Sam playing with bowls in the kitchen.
Hannah is going through this new stage...make faces for the camera! LOL! Thank goodness i made her wear shorts under her dress to school since she doesn't know how to cross her legs like a lady just yet! :)
UGH! Our couch is no more OUR couch...Sam has invaded it..along with her snack bowl. I give up on this. I think in another year or two we'll have to just break down and get a new couch...This poor couch has been through pee, vomit, and lots of smearing yucky squish snacks. I think our next couch will be leather...i vowed never to get leather b/c if you wear shorts your legs/butt stick to it when it's hot...but now that Sam has invaded this with her snacks...unassisted by anything...we're just out of luck. My friend Melody has a leather's really saved her with all the puke she has had to deal just wipe it up and move on. With Sam, I saw her actually climb up on the couch from the floor for the first time today. I almost had a break down...usually they have to pull something up to climb up...not anymore.

Sneaky smile there...bad bad Sam!
This was yesterday...look at those cuties.
Another shot of all 3...this actually came out pretty good!

Hannah in her purple dress...she wore this to school today..she is just soo'd never know what kind of trouble she can cause from the sweet smile! LOL!!

Sarah after she decided to drink and spit...that's her new game...or maybe not to new...but she loves to drink and spit...until her clothes are soaked and the floors are too. Then when i go to catch her and take her cup away she runs like lightning!
Another couch poor couch! This couch has gotten me through 2 pregnancy's(sleeping on the couch lots of nights when i had insonomia and/or had to roll off the couch i was soo big), 2 dogs(that we finally taught NOT to get on the furniture), 5 years(almost) of marriage and 3 babies(and lots of nights of sleeping on the couch when Hannah gets those dry coughs that make her puke) ...I'll be sad to get rid of it..but it's definitely seen it's better days. We'll wait till they are old enough to keep the couch maybe another year or two.

That's all for now! Happy Thursday. Tomorrow is a BIG DAY for me. I have the girls ALL DAY by help at all! Paul is leaving for a trip to Dallas for the day so he leaves at 5am-ish and gets home at like 8 or 9p! I've dedicated tomorrow as a day of taking it easy..and staying in our pj's till the comcast guy gets here at 11am! Also, we're going to party it up and eat out for lunch and dinner..FUN FUN STUFF!! But say a prayer i make it through! People do it all the time..i'm sure i can manage for one whole day by myself! :) The crappy part is that it's ALREADY so HOT outside i don't even want to go out! BUT tomorrow i think we'll make it outside...i MAY even convince Paul into getting down the baby pool and filling it up by mid day the water will have warmed up and we can swim outside. HINT HINT!!!