Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter egg Hunt with Cousin Allison and other cute pics..

This was taken last night before we went to bed...I reloaded the diaper basket and Sarah was having WAY to much fun in the box!

Another cute shot of Sarah in the box...Sad to say the girl have more fun with free stuff(well not really free but you know what i mean) than with stuff we actually buy them!

We made some rice krispy treats to decorate for Easter..Allison & Hannah made Easter Eggs..and the girls wanted to join in and eat the left overs! Mom helping Hannah & Allison make their Egg rice Krispy Treats...
Auntie Jennifer helping Sarah decorate hers!
Allison did a great job decorating hers..isn't she just precious???
THIS was taken while Paul was outside and i was in another room...notice the black looking eyes...she got into my eye shadow and put it all the way across her eyes!

After the easter egg hunt...My twon favorite big girls!

Another great pic! They are soo sweet!
Auntie J and the girls!
Decorating the treats...look at Allsions hands...the rice krispy treats were ALL over their hands!
Mom helping Hannah get some eggs!
Everyone on the hunt for eggs! Sarah started out doing well but got distracted...while Sam started out all distracted but then ended up filling both girls baskets!
The girls in their pre-Easter best dress...and Elmo baskets! They even let me put bows in their hair! They looked like little dolls!
Sarah wanted the lawnmower...i tried to convince her to take the basket and go get some eggs!
Group you think we'll ever get a shot of all 4 looking the same way..much less all smiling???

Sarah trying to figure out what to do with the basket!
The big girls on the move!

One of the girls...hunting for eggs...Embarassingly i'm not sure which one this is...EEK!
Sam and auntie Jennifer...usually it's Sarah that will go to others...Sam wanted Auntie J to hold her...SOO CUTE!
Playing in the bedroom!
Their new bug vaccum guns! These are soo cool i want one from myself. After Allison left we caught a bee, a spider and a love bug!
Mom showing the girls where the eggs were located!
Auntie Jennifer helping the big girls!

Having a snack...the girls finally got the hang of the new picnic table...look at all those cute little girls! Another pic of the girls and Sugar looking for some food...
Sarah drinking Hannah's drink
Sam drinking some milk!
The big girls hanging out...They are soo cute and sweet and really play well together!
The End!
P.S. I'll have another post later today about my 2 days of sleep training...BTW, it's going GREAT!!!!


BoufMom9 said...

What wonderful pictures! It looked like such a beautiful day! so bright & sunny! :)
All of the girls outfits were just adorable.
ps LOL about the pic that you aren't sure who is who. heehee (it's why i am glad I have b/g twins. LOL)