Thursday, April 30, 2009


Here are some pics from the rain we had a few days ago.  It was HORRIBLE and really rained from 5pm on Monday until Tuesday morning about 5am-NON STOP! 

Since we have a wonderful lovely neighbor that had bought the lot next door(years before we moved in) assuming he’d one day have enough money to build his “dream home” and obviously doesn’t have the money…he’s letting it all grow over and there are weeds galore.  This is what happens as the grass grows high..and the water can’t get through fast enough!  Gotta love “those” neighbors!!  LOL!


I have never seen the water this high!  It was CRAZY!


More pics..i think it’s time to give the guy a call and tell him to get with it or i’m REALLY going to report him to the city for not mowing his grass.  Did i also mention that he’s left a stagnant pool of YUCK right beside us..luckily he’s nice enough to fill the BROWN pool with fish to keep the TX size mosquitos away…not really sure it works..but we’ll pretend like it does. :)







AND Since Hannah’s school suddenly decided to close and didn’t tell us…we brought everyone home through the flood and Hannah painted this lovely apple tree.  I think she’s going to be an ARTIST!  She’s sooo good at drawing! 


My sweet big girl!


You can’t see too well..but these are my poor feet after being attacked by fire ants while going down the row with one of my sweet older neighbors(Charlie-who reminds me soo much of my grandpa) unclog the drains and get the water moving.  Those little bastards suckers bit me about 10 or 12 times.  When it first happened i felt a sting..but they didn’t itch until the middle of the night..NOW, they are still itching the point that i scratch and they bleed! 


This is what happens when the girls are over-tired and fighting their naps..they fall asleep hanging off of the couch!  LOL!  HILARIOUS!  I


I had to shove her back on the couch..


Sam slept on daddys chair..sooo peaceful! 


Sunday, April 26, 2009

March of Dimes 2009! What a GREAT YEAR!

The walk was amazing..just as always.  The booth turned out fantastic!  Hannah was an angel and was such a BIG HELPER!  I love having a 4.5 year old!  Thank you to Mary, Anseli, Melody & Ben, and my Hannah!  We had soo much fun!  Just wish we would have had more people from our moms group show up.  Carrie & her hubby, Jennifer & her hubby & Gwen & her kidos all showed up.  THANK YOU FOR COMING!  I’m passing on the torch next year as i really enjoy raising funds and walking more than all the stress of trying to get people to help out and donate items- and volunteer to help with the booth.  I hope someone will take on the job..if not, i will still do my part and walk, knowing it’s for such a great cause. :>)

Enjoy the pics..the weather was beautiful and WOW..the t-shirts tell stories that would make anyone cry & smile!  I saw one t-shirt that said..i was walking for i’m walking for others-with a pic of a itsy bitsy NICU baby.  Breaks you heart and makes you smile all in one second!  I LOVE a happy ending..

Hope everyone had a great walk!




















Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday..

Today i’m thankful for:

(SORRY, i just can’t get ENOUGH of these pics in the bluebonnets!)   I can’t wait to have time to load some on mpix and have them printed.  SOME DAY SOON…

My BEAUTIFUL Healthy Twin baby girls..


My BEAUTIFUL big girl!


My hubby..didn’t have a pic of him alone-EVEN THOUGH he’s grumpy at night and snores SOO LOUD he probably wakes up the old couple next door to us! :)


My sweet Gracye…since we’ve very lucky that they have a cheaper surgery we can afford to do on her second leg.  :)


AND MY SUGAR..don’t have a pic of her..maybe b/c she’s all over the place.  BUT, she is also such a great dog and the girls just love her soo much!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

B is for Busy..M is for March of Dimes…

These days seem to all run together and i never feel like i have enough sleep.  What was i thinking when i agreed to Co-chair our Mothers of Multiples March of dimes family team walk??!!!  Between that and keeping up with 2-2 year olds, 1-4.5 year old that LOVES working in her educational work books, field trips, garage sales, bake sales and such..i’ve been pretty darn busy.  O yeah and did i mention i have to keep the house clean just in case we have to show our house. 


NOW, on Friday afternoon Gracye ripped her other ACL and she’s having her second surgery(the other leg) in a week!  SOO, that doesn’t help any b/c now we have to keep her inside at all times, or walk her on a leash…as if i didn’t have enough to do without THIS drama! :)  The best part is that she WILL be OK!  The best part is that the dr. said the best rehab for this kind of injury is swimming..well, nice that our new house has a pool! :)


And with all that being are a few pics from the past few weeks in no specific order. 


The girls are going through this Naked period..they LOVE taking their clothes off and not putting any back on!


Teasing Gracye with food..


Poor Gracye after she hurt her leg!



Hannah loving on her Sam!


More love… :)


Gracye wondering when the pain would go away and the rain would stop! :)


Sarah watching over Gracye…


totally random pic of all the cupcakes i baked for the MOD benefit bake sale..that i took to the garage sale that got rained out!  NOT FUN AT ALL!



More to come folks!  Bear with me while i have one more week of MOD work and i’m  DONE!  I gotta say, this has been one BIG CHALLENGE!  BUT, with Melody’s help, we’ve done a great job..and even though we didn’t raise anywhere near as much money as we did last year, we’re going to make the most out of it.  Thanks to all that is going towards such a great cause! 

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter to everyone!  We had a AWESOME Easter!  Here are some pics from Good Friday.  My parents and sister came over and we had a Easter Egg hunt, decorated the cakes i baked, dyed some eggs, and opened a few presents.  Man, i think it looked like Christmas around here that day.  My parents bought the girls presents, my oldest sister bought the girls presents and Jennifer bought everyone presents too!  PLUS i have bought them a few dollar presents myself. 


Allison & Hannah decorating their bunny cakes…


Mom & Baby Gavin..look at that BIG OLE’ belly..and i don’t mean my MOMS belly!  LOL!


After the wonderful-lovely sister brought some confetti eggs…JUST REMEMBER PAY BACKS Auntie J!  Did i mention she bought body glitter for the big girls..but Auntie B was ready for battle with HAIR GEL GLITTER for the girls.  I tried to put some in Baby Gavins hair..she wouldn’t let me!  DARN!


Auntie J & Baby G


Cracking confetti eggs on their heads!


Checking out the confetti in Sarah’s hair!


Grandpa B with confetti in his hair!


Granda B with confetti in her hair!


Sarah has lots of confetti in her hair!


checking out their eggs..


Look at all those eggs…over 100 eggs to hunt for in the back yard..and the big girls did SOOO well sharing with the little girls!



Eggs everywhere!


And then to the porte a cache for some bubbles and chalk!  I’m really going to miss this house..we have soo much room for EVERYTHING the girls love to do! 


Loving the big bubble machine i bought for the March of Dimes walk!


we had to test it make sure it worked out well! LOL!


Look at baby G..i think this was the very first time Hannah really got to hold him.  I finally felt she wouldn’t break him..SINCE he weights almost 20lbs!  :)


Look at that SMILE!  He’s just SOO cute!


And Allison with her baby brother!


The eggs the girls Dyed..STINKY afterwards!


Hannah after she put together the first puzzle..


I have lots more pics..i’ll hopefully have a little time to blog some more this week.  We have a ton going on the next few weeks..i have a MOMS function, then the buy/sell for my moms group, maybe another open house(#3), then the following week is the BIG WALK!  I’m excited but also stressed & will be very relieved once the walk is behind us!