Saturday, March 15, 2008

Come on Girls...Sleep Past 5a...I know you can do it!!!

Well, our lives are back to the normal early hours. UGH! Why can't my girls sleep past 5am????? I'm so lost as to what to do. What have i done soo wrong. Today is a new day and with that i'm going to try new things. I'm moving their bedroom around today. Right now their cribs are on each side of the they can peek through and see the other one. I'm now going to try to back them up to each other so they can't actually see each other. I hope and pray this doesn't bring on even more climbing out or over the top to the other crib. I guess it's worth a try. I'm just going to keep trying new things till something works. I've tried so many things already...I just don't get it. After the time change we had THREE GOOD days of sleeping till 6am. THAT WAS IT! I guess i'm selfish.....i want MORE of those days. I, MYSELF, want to sleep till 6am!!!! Darnit, Darnit....i want some sleep. Then on top of this darn 5am thing...i've felt guilty about waking Hannah i let her sleep in our bed for the past two nights. Another BAD idea. She moves around like an earth worm. Kicking, hitting, slapping, sideways...anything you can think of, she's dones to both of us. Too bad we don't have another bedroom downstairs. She is still in totaly refusal of sleeping in the awesome brand new bedroom set sitting upstairs waiting for her. I have the sneaky suspicion she won't sleep in that awesome bed till the girls go up there with her.

On a happiers note, we had another nice date night out. Since my pre prego clothes are finally fitting me...loose i might add, i've been really motivated to get out and go on dates. Yeah, almost 15 months later and i'm finally getting this weight off my body. So with that, last night we went out and our favorite babysitter Terra came over to watch Hannah and the girls. We went to Cafe Red Onion, which is a fusion type restaurant. Paul didn't like it much the first time we went...but he's grown to like it. He doesn't like the whole..meat with fruit kinda thing...and all the plantains you'll eat...or the pineapple salsa....but i love the place. So, we went there. BUT here's the really ironic part. Our waiter, who was a great waiter by the way, totally remembered us from the last time we were there. How funny is that? The last time we were there...was probably almost a year ago! The girls were tiny...and we needed a night out. I cant' remember for sure...Julia might have even babysat for us. SO, anyway we were eating and he came up and said..."Hey, don't ya'll have twins?" I said "we sure do". With that we started talking and talking...his sister has fraternal twins who are maybe a month or two older or younger than ours. So he was telling us all about how much trouble they get into..etc. How did he remember after that long...i have no idea. Anyway, that alone deserved an awesome tip. How many waiters can remember someone who does not frequent a restaurant but yet still remembers the people??? So funny!

Today the weather is we're going to work on the darn playsystem all day. Paul & Hannah are already out there...but i'm waiting for the dew on the grass to dry up before the girls and i go out. Plus after 2 beers last night and waking up at 5am...i'm kinda dragging this morning. We wanted cousin Allison to come over, but since the girls are sick again...i'm afraid she'd get we'll wait till next weekend to see her. They are coming over Sat morning for a Easter egg hunt! Last year we had it in the playroom upstairs b/c the girls were tiny and it was icky, rainy and cold outside. The year before that they had tons of fun outside at the old house...this year is going to be a blast. All the girls can hunt eggs...and Allison has already said she's planning on helping the babies on their first real easter egg hunt. FUN FUN!!

I have some pics to load soon. I kinda went crazy and bought the girls a ton of i have a few pics of them in their first dress. Unfortunately, Sarah's poor little knee is ALL banged up from falling with a dress on...i have a pic of that too! Poor baby!

O yeah before i forget..i found this very interesting article that someone put up on the "how do you do it" blog. Interesting facts about identical twins!

In a nutshell, it's saying identical twins are not as identical as we think....

I love reading stuff about twins...but i'm definitely partial to identical twin info.