Thursday, March 06, 2008

Just another day in Paradise...

Since hopefully all the population reading my blog is an adult i'd like to share my morning in a nutshell. Sarah screaming all morning at the top of her lungs wanting to be held even while i'm doing chores, making breakfast and anything else...she was just hanging on my pants all snotty and crying. THEN, as if that wasn't enough, Hannah didn't feel like eating...she had already spit up some breakfast on her plate because she just wanted to watch t.v. I told her to get moving and stop staring at the t.v. I've now learned that we're just going to have to revert to NO TV at all while we're eating any's too distracting for my non-eating child. So, after she stuffed all her food in her mouth as fast as she could...tried to swallow b/c i told her if she didn't eat it all she would not get any snacks(which we should just completly cut out anyway, but the snacks keep the twins from crying). So anyway, i told her to go wash her hands and she could go back to watching t.v. I then hear this screach...and low and behold her breakfast was ALL OVER the floor in the laundry room. You know, i don't want to say this has nothing to do with the virus, although neither of the twins puked. BUT, it could also be manipulation. How do you know??? I just don't know! Anyway, what i'm getting at is all this teen pregnancy could be stopped really quickly if these kidos had a glimpse of my life(LOL). When my sister used to come over when the girls were younger and cried all the time and were really colicy, she'd always say...this is the BEST form of birth control! LOL! So, there's no real point to this blog...just ranting on about my day so far. Luckily the twins are already down for their nap...YEP, you got that right. 9am and sleeping. Reason being, the WOKE UP AT 415A! YEP, that's CORRECT....4:15A! I just can't figure them out...who in the world would want to wake up at 4:15a! Besides the fact that Sarah didn't want to go to bed last night and we fought and fought with her till about 9:30p then she woke back up about 10:15p screaming...we let her cry it out for about 15 or 20 minutes(she finally went back to bed) else are they going to learn...and i knew they weren't sick because we had JUST put her down! She wasn't warm and ate her whole bottle like a champ. Talking about 2 weeks in a row filled with stress! I REALLY need a break from all this...what i'd do for a nice fruity drink on a beautiful sand beach relaxing with my hubby and no children in sight! AHHH...i CAN dream though!