Thursday, March 06, 2008


Here are some pics of the beginning and ending of what kind of toll, the virus took on Sam. It was bad...i'm sure over 104 temp...very lethargic and didn't want to do much of anything. Of course the day she started to feel better...Sarah & Hannah got it. It's been a crappy week around here. Lots and Lots of crying and everyone wanted to be held. No one wanted to take naps or sleep in their beds and lots of tylenol was used to keep the temp down. Sam got in Sunday morning and broke out in a rash from the waist down on Tuesday(one day after i put her through the blood and urine testing). Then Sarah got it Tuesday as Sam was ready to get moving again...and was down most of the evening Tuesday and Yesterday was REALLY REALLY BAD! I couldn't put her down to literally go to the potty. I had to hold her or listen to her whale at the door of the potty. Poor Hannah was a trooper through the whole thing. Sarah is finally on the up and up today. I haven't had to hold her constantly, all morning. I see the beginnings of a rash(it's sooo weird how it starts on their privates really bad and then moves down to the knees and feet), which is actually a good sign...that means we're at the end of this yucky virus. I look forward to the girls getting older when they can say what's wrong and what they need to make it feel better. For Hannah it's normally some water and gum! :) FUNNY how GUM can make ANYTHING FEEL BETTER! She could break her arm and i bet gum would make it all better! LOL!

We're going to miss the easter egg hunt this weekend with my MOMS since the girls are probably still contagious! So we'll just have our own little "family hunt the Saturday before Easter Sunday, of course, including Allison in the hunt too! I'm sad about missing it...but with so many preemie twins around there is no way i want to chance spreading it around!

The beginning of the Virus!
Another day of sickness for Sam!
Ahh...finally feeling better! It's funny because normally we only give baths on Monday, Wednesday & Saturday because it's a big production and they don't really get that dirty..but with the fevers and all we've been bathing them EVERY NIGHT! It's actually not too bad...and they LOVE taking baths!
This is what the rash looks like on her's 2x's worse on her privates!
Can't see this well but it's all over the back of her legs & her feet too!