Thursday, July 31, 2008

Not even sure what to title this one....

SO, you are definitely reading since i didn't title this blog! Today, was above and beyond the worst day we've had in AGES..crying, puking, pooping, nothing can compete with my day today! It all started last night at 2am! I was awaken to my hubby telling me his head was killing him...then he said he had to puke and went running to the bathroom! Out comes lots of hacking and yucky unmentionable stuff. No big deal, just a virus-i can totally handle the kids for a day, no biggie. YEAH, not exactly. At 5am, his head was STILL hurting so bad he didn't want me to talk. Progressively it got worse. I decided to pack the girls up, take Hannah to school and take the girls to Target(assuming when i got home, he'd be a bit perkier)! NOT at all! Every time i went in and asked how he felt..same answer...still puking and head was hurting so bad he could hardly move. Finally it hit poisoning! He called the guys at the shop and told them he would not be in for sure. I kept's going to get better, it has the hours past by it seemed to still keep getting worse. Finally at around 2p i went in and told him he better take that phen i got for Hannah after her surgery. He finally decided after not keeping anything down for HOURS that i WAS INDEED right. So he took 2, which is for a normal adult. Puked 30 minutes later...UGH! I went to get Hannah got home and he still felt horrible. I called my parents and they were my SAVING GRACE! They came over, fed the girls, played with them and took care of them for HOURS...while i took him to the ER. Luckily we have these new Handy Dandy makeshift(for the lack of a better word) ER's. They are not part of hospitals...just little emergency care clinics. This one was just like a real ER! It was awesome....we were the ONLY people there. Walked right in, taken right back, waited on IMMEDIATELY. They ended up taking blood, 2 bags of IV, Cat Scan on his head just to make sure he didn't have a blood clot or anything, and 2 shots of morphine. The place was immaculate and i'm happy we went. I don't care how much it was totally worth it. Paul was SOOOO dehydrated it was pitiful! He still feels horrible...but we got home and he's sound asleep now. He was to take his meds at 10p...but i'm not waking him up. I just can't. He was in sooo much pain that to me it's harder for me to go in there and wake him up than it would be to wake a sleeping baby. I just want him to sleep peacefully!

He has salmonella poisoning from those nasty tacos he gets next door. I guess(or sure hope) he doesn't go over there anymore. Tommy, his manager, also ate over there that day and said he was sick too. Not puking..but the other end. SO, he had to get sick from that nasty food. OMG, this was the most expensive 50 cent taco we've ever had. I'm furious and i'm seriously thinking about reporting them to the health dept. Something is not right...and they are going to end up killing someone with the food they are cooking there. Paul told me to leave it alone..but he KNOWS i'm not the type to do that. I'm SOOO going to report this little taco dive hole in the wall to the city! I hope and pray they shut them down. I don't care who looses their job...if they can't cook right then don't freakin cook at ALL! For heaven's sake, they could have cost me more than a ER visit and 120.00 worth of meds! I'm SOO ANGRY at that crap hole place! What if he had fed that food to my daughter??? OMG, i can't even fathom what would have happened...BUT, luckily i would NEVER let her eat that no worries there.

So, now at 1040 i'm still wide awake. Paul is asleep and Hannah is sleeping out on the couch with me...the girls are all tucked in and it's time for bed. I just hope and seriously pray that Paul feels better in the morning...It's been one hell of a day for him! In the 5 years of marriage & 2 years of dating...i have NEVER seen him so sick...NEVER! It's horrible!

That's all for tonight...i'll hopefully finish up my birth story this weekend...tomorrow i have to try to make arrangements for food for Hannah's party, take her back to her pedi podi(if pauls better or my parents come back over) and back her cup cakes and try to help her have a great bday, even if her poor dad is sick as a dog!

I really need some extra strength these days...i thought and felt like i was falling into a rut. AND, the rut just keeps going and going and going.

TTL ER visits:2
TLL Dr visits: TOO many to count
TLL surgeries:1
TTL vomits in the house: who knows....

You get the picture!

I never thought i'd say this...but i'm soooo thankful for my parents tonight. They really seemed to prove me wrong. They really jumped right in and helped. THANK YOU THANK YOU! I needed help today like never before. They came in, took over, fed the babies, fed the dogs, took the girls outside(got suckered on that one), and just kept the house going even when we weren't here! I even told Paul like 10xs, "i know this is horrible to say, but it was almost nice and like a vacation sitting in the ER. It was sooo peaceful...i almost forgot i had kids for a few seconds there" Ok, that's bad to say, but i got to sit and read some magazines w/o a child tugging on my leg or crying..or anything! Bed time!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Four Years ago Yesterday!

Hannah was due! I ended up being FOUR days OVER DUE! Yes, I DO thank my lucky stars. I didn't, at the time. I wanted her to come sooner, than later, as i was SOO big. Two Hundred Pounds and in the Middle of a Heat Wave, seven hundred dollar electricity bill and we had had enough. My doctor was very "let this happen by itself" back then. I was NOT happy. I wanted her out...and every dr. appt. i went to the last few weeks...i had my bags packed and ready to roll. I would even stop on the way to stuff my face full of salt hoping my blood pressure would be soo high, they'd just send me to the hospital! BAD ME! Sad part was, that didn't even work! I'd go in, Paul would drive like a crazy maniac everytime. I'd assume my blood pressure would be SOO high, there'd be no way he was letting me out. Then, he'd make me lay on my side, my blood pressure would go down and i'd be sent home AGAIN! TO sit and wait, over and over again! It's so funny, but everyone thinks they're going to have that first baby early. Granted, some do, then some have them WAY too early(i know all about this through Melody), and then there was ME! I now know, indeed, i was lucky! It could have been different. I could have had Hannah way to early. Now i don't whine or B&$ch about it.

Now that Hannah's 4th birthday is getting closer and closer i'm starting to think back on those last few days. The last few days of a quiet house with nothing to do besides lay and bake my baby in my belly. OHHH, if i had only known what my life would be life FOUR years later! LOL! I laugh because i LOVE it! I hoot and holler about how exhausted i am, how i don't get to sleep in, how we don't get to take those awesome vacations anymore. BUT, then i think about a quiet house and i know that is NOT for me. I can't even stand here and type and imagine no children in my house(as i stand at the bar because i can't sit on the couch or they'll attack me). :)

I'm going to work on Hannah's birth story. It's very ironic because having her was actually much more traumatic than the twins. Weird, i know. I still wonder why. I mean i know why(which you'll hear all about later), but it still blows my mind why there were more complications with one child than with two.

Here's a pic of our LAST VACATION by ourselves. It was NOT as relaxing as it looks(LOL). We actually took our first born with us to the beach(that would be our, not so smart chocolate lab, gracye). BAD IDEA! We took her off her leash on the beach. BAD BAD IDEA. She was running through the water drinking salty was as she ran. She got so sick, i almost made Paul drive us home and throw away all our money we had spent on this beach house rental. It was HORRIBLE! There is now way to put this lightly, she was pooping water! DO NOT ever let your dog drink the salty water...they get pretty sick! Goodness, it was bad. After a few days of pooping and dripping water out of her behind..she was FINE! UGH!
Here's me with my baby...YEP, me at 200lbs! I just wasn't a cute pregnant woman! Cute clothes couldn't help me here! They couldn't help me the last month or two! LOL!Here's our new family...

Stay tuned for the entire birth story in the days to come!

Monday, July 28, 2008

A little bit of this...a little bit of that!

We had a great weekend...but for some reason i'm STILL EXHAUSTED! Friday night we went to Red lobster as i stated before. Saturday, we went to the circus and then Saturday night we had date night. Samantha came over about 7pm to try to interact a bit more with my antisocial twins! :( I feel sooo sorry for her. She's sooo sweet and we just adore her, but boy, my sweet baby girls DO NOT like her. I think she feels soo bad. SO, we put the girls to bed as usual and headed out for a dinner out on the town.

We went to McCormick and Schmicks which was YUMMY! I had never been there before except for a drink with my friend Jaymie, years ago. The food is delicious! We ended up sitting in the bar because the place was PACKED and most people had reservations(we didn't)! So, we ate, had a few drinks and then i had planned to walk next door to this new fancy cup cake bakery to get a THREE DOLLAR AND FIFTY CENT Cup cake. Yeah, um, we probably can't afford those on a daily basis. But it's the new crave in town, so i thought we'd share ONE! It was almost like someone was watching out for our figures, because the darn place was closed by the time we left the restaurant! DARN!! Anyway, we ended up going to jack n the box to get a shake on the way home b/c we didn't have the right amount of change to pay Samantha! It was a fun time...but in my loss of weight i also became a MAJOR light weight. I had a funky semi fruity drink and then a beer...and i PAID all day on Sunday! YUCKY! There is nothing like having a hang over and trying to do your motherly chores! OMG...that DIDN'T WORK! I felt HORRIBLE and SOO TIRED ON SUNDAY! I'm seriously going to have to re-think drinking all together or plan on sleeping the next day through.

SO, Sunday i got up and then laid down on the couch until 11am! YEAH, that's right...ELEVEN IN THE MORNING! I was SOOO SLEEPY! The poor girls wanted to play so bad, they piled covers upon covers on top of me(makes me wonder how i could breathe under all the covers)! Paul took a pic and thought it was hilarious! I have NOT been that tired in AGES! I don't know if it was the drink or the fact that i've been going full throttle for a while now and i truly need some kind of break. I told Paul, i'm seriously contemplating just taking a vacation on my own. Driving to a spa and staying the weekend...or flying to a beach somewhere and staying the weekend. I know it's kinda self-fish. BUT, i haven't had one day of my own in years. Paul does NOT get it. He thinks when i drop the kids off a MDO, that's a day OFF FOR ME! Well, it's NOT! I still have to go grocery shopping, come home, re-organize, keep up with buying diapers and wipes and anything else we need. Then i always have to come home, do laundry and dishes. Then most of the time as soon as all of that is done, it's time to head BACK up to school! So, in all reality it's not a vacation. NOT CLOSE! So, i really need a break...and so does Paul. So, since we don't really have a babysitting option yet, we're going to do separate vacations and then hopefully by next summer gma & gpa myers will be able to watch the kidos!

Anyway, after i finally woke up Sunday at 11am, we decided it was time to go on a search for a new camera. My camera is very out dated and the pics aren't all that good, so we were on a serach. We started out buy a very small camera that they had on display. Red flag SHOULD have been...if it's on display and it doesn't work...DO NOT BUY IT! Well, what do we do? We bought it because Paul really wanted a small camera and had veto'd all my other cameras. Through the past few years i have become a camera freak and i did have a few wants in a new camera. Here is a list of the things i had to have:
1. FAST(for some reason every time i whip the camera out and get started i can take one pic...but it takes FOREVER to load that pic before i can take another one.
2. Video
3. Easy to use
4. Good Zoom
5. Semi-good pics...they don't have to be professional grade..but i don't want to spend 100 bucks on a camera and have crappy me a camera is worth more than many other things...they capture memories that are priceless to me. I will never be able to re-capture these days of small children.
6. Be able to video and zoom in and out while videoing
7. FAST FAST FAST!! Yes, i already said that..but that was my TOP PRIORITY!

SO, we got home with this camera(i don't even remember the brand). Bust open the box and take a few pics. The sales guy had promised me it was fast. UH, NOPE, it was as slow as a turtle. Slower than the camera i HAVE NOW! SO, i took it back and got the big mama i wanted! I LOVE it...and the best part, SO DOES PAUL! He was playing with it yesterday while i was catching up on the chores i blew off yesterday morning while i was sleeping...and it does some cool stuff. For instance, it has this button to flip it to and it won't take a pic until the person smiles! It's really nice. The screen can be propped up or down so you can lower the camera and still see what you are taking a pic of on the screen! It's pretty cool! I think we made a great decision, Paul just didn't want a big camera to take with us everywhere. SO, we compromised and we will take the small one when we go out and keep the big nice one for at home and special occasions!

Gracye taking a nap...she sleeps upside down in the corner. Hannah & Sarah snuggling!Hannah vacuuming the bottom of the carpet...i'm a bit a freak about the stinky dog laying on my rug...don't know why it's already disgusting from my three kidos. Anyway, so every night before we go to bed a part of my OCD pattern is to make sure the carpet is flipped up so the dog won't sleep on it...well she still sleeps on it...just on the backside. SO, now i have to vacuum, BOTH sides of the carpet! Yep, i am a bit of a freak! Cute babies...L-R, Sam, Sarah & Big sisSarah & Hannah...Count Down till Ms. Hannah's BIG DAY = 4 days!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just some pics...will update on my weekend, TOMORROW!

P.S. Paul bought me a new awesome camera today & we received the disk with all the family pics Friday..we just need to go through and lighten some up with i'll add more later!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


My new Sony Camera pics...i'll write more about it tomorrow!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Hannah & I went to the Barnum & Bailey Circus today! Just the two of us and my MOMS group! We had so much fun! It was really the first year she could sit there and really enjoy the show. Here a pic of my sweetie pie, who by the way, is about to turn FOUR!!! Amazing that time flies by SOOO quickly!

A pic of Hannah & ME! Hannah's mouth, full of pop corn! We both ate our own box of was delicious..but talking about messing up my diet for one day! We had popcorn...i had a coke, then on the way home we were starving so we went to McDonalds and i had a cheeseburger...I can't remember the last time i ate a cheeseburger from mckie D's! It was OK! One more pic of me and my big girl! Before the show we were able to go back and see the animals! It was tons of fun..but PACKED full of people! Another shot of the elephants!The zebra's were so cute!The pony!The horse in the cage! One more shot of hte zebras!My favorite part...the clown and a acrobat on these small but VERY HIGH poles...they did all sorts of tricks! It was soo neat!This is one more of the first lady climbing up the pole!
The clowns had a massive party!
The clown party again!
The elephants!

Loved the elephants!

Paul did a great job with the girls while we were gone. He took them to play upstairs in the playroom, then they went outside and swam and the topping on the cake...he EVEN DID THE Laundry! Can you believe it? What a awesome, multitasking daddy! O yeah, and i came home to everyone happy and smiling. DADDY GETS A GOLD STAR TODAY! YAY!

Tonight Paul & I have a date night! SOO MUCH FUN! Not sure where we're going to eat yet, but i think we're going to try something downtown! We haven't been downtown in YEARS! I think the last time we did go downtown, was pre-baby! SO, at least 4 years ago.

This upcoming week is going to be crazy. I have to start getting my ducks in a row for Hannah's big birthday party! So far we have about 19 kids coming including my three! Should be fun and a bit crazy! Um, i think i'm going to need a vacation after this party. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. I still have to order a cake/cup cakes, order food for the kidos and adults, go buy drinks, get together some party favors and i haven't even ordered Hannah's birthday present. Plus i have to take her back to the dr. Tuesday to get her stitches out.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Here a funny story for the evening:

We went to eat at Red Lobster tonight. Hannah BEGS to go there ALL the time. I honestly think she just likes saying "red Lobster" but either way we hadn't been in a we thought it was time for a lobster run. Well, we get seated, another family with one little girl sits by us and then another big family sits right next to us. Anyway, a hostess brought over a couple of older people(should i just say they were old, retired, and probably over 65) and they looked over at all the kidos in our section and said: "this is the kiddy section, we don't want to sit over here!" LOL! Ok, so there is a point at which you are just plain rude...and i think that lady had gotten a gold star. I don't mind people not wanting to sit in the kiddy section if there are a bunch of kidos making tons of racket...but to be quite honest, ALL the kidos were being really quiet and if she hadn't seen the kids, she would have never known they were there! I mean, she seriously made it known in front of everyone that the section we were sitting in was the KIDDY section! LOL!

After this incident i was talking to Paul and asked if there'd be a chance we'd be like that when we got older b/c we had done our share, had our kids and wanted a bit of peace and quiet. Paul said, "probably not, because we KNOW, we're not the ones going home with that we can deal with a bit of roudiness!"

Anyway, all in all, our trip to Red Lobster was actually really really nice. The girls were on their best behavior. There was one man at the door that was totally gawking at the twins...then talking about Paul being bald and then proceeded to tell him how he was TOTALLY outnumbered by girls. Well, he ended up being sat right by us. He was really nice and funny! THEN it happened...the girls started their normal yelling marathon. It was kinda funny. I ended up having to put my hand over Sarah's mouth because she'd scream, then Sam would scream and on and on. It was a crying scream..just a "let's see who can scream louder for longer before mom tells us NO, scream". The guy was laughing at the was funny...but we finally got them settled down. I guess it could have been worse. They could have been crying instead of yelling... Being a parent, yelling doesn't bother me AS much because it's not a unhappy yell or's a "let's play a game", noise.

Check back later! Hannah and i are getting ready to head out the door to the Circus! I'm SOO excited. We're going with our moms's going to be a blast. She's finally at that age where i truly think she'll enjoy it!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hannah's new Shoe!

***NOTE*** A few pics below are not for sensitive's just stitches..but it kinda grosses me out****

We went to the dr. today to have Hannah's stitches checked out. Everything is fine. The biopsy came back just as the dr. had suspected. He said it probably started out as something small entering the skin(something in the grass she stepped on or poked her) and then the body kept thinking it was still there even after it disappeared. So, the body kept protecting it with more skin even though there was nothing there anymore. He said it was good that we cut it off though b/c it would have kept coming back over and over again and causing Hannah pain. Hopefully now that we've cut it off it won't come back.

Dr. F ordered Hannah this new cool shoe to wear(don't even know or want to know how much this cost) until the stitches are taken out, hopefully next Tuesday. One more shot of the's kinda big, but the smallest size he could find.
Another shot of the foot! My Little poser! Obviously she feels WAY better now!
Stitches on her ankle! Her foot is a bit swollen...but not bad!YUCKY Stitches...should come out NEXT Tuesday! YEP, that means ANOTHER dr. appt for us...and then the following week she gets her four year shots!

Here are a few shots from Yesterday. This is Sarah, convicted of eating lip gloss. Lip gloss, Hannah left out somewhere, where her sisters could find it, put it all over their faces and all over the couch. The couch was totally my fault! I was staring right at them..but from the bar/counter, i couldn't see what they were doing...until i got a closer look at my greased up, sparkly couch!

A closer shot of lip gloss! I did call the 800 number on the lip gloss b/c they used the whole little compact full of lip gloss. The lady said it was non toxic. As i noticed the amount on the couch, i wasn't so concerned anyway. Luckily a little soap and water got most of it out. Next couch we buy WILL be a leather couch! You can wipe anything off leather!
And Sarah was SOO proud of herself...showing me the lip gloss on her hands! YUCKY!
Samantha was right along with her. Yep, she showing me the lip gloss on her finger!
And on her face!
Nope, none in the mouth! Thanks for showing mommy, though!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Just a quick note to thank everyone for all their well wishes for Hannah! She is doing MUCH better today! She is mostly back to normal...although she's still trying to soak up the attention. I'm taking her back to the dr. tomorrow after i drop the kidos off at MDO, for a post op appt! Her foot has been wrapped and i had to give her a sponge bath today. I think tomorrow he'll unwrap and check it out. I'm crossing my fingers we get those stitches out before next weekend...her big BIRTHDAY PARTY! Oh dear, i didn't even think about THAT before the surgery. We're having a big bash at a jumping place for her and all her friends! Sure hope she's 100% by then.

This upcoming Saturday, Hannah & I are going to the Barnum and Bailey Circus with my MOMS group! I can't wait. I think she will really enjoy it this year. Then in TWO weeks we are going to see the Backyardagins for her birthday present! FUN FUN FUN!

Hope everyone has a great Thursday! I'm i'm headed off to bed early tonight!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Surgery is DONE!!

It was a long day for Hannah & I! She woke up knowing it was the day of her surgery and wasn't very concerned. I, on the other hand, didn't get much sleep last night and was really worried about today. I knew it had to be done either way! We got to the surgery center right about 750a. Everyone was REALLY welcoming and just very nice. They took her back fairly quickly(we were the ONLY ones in there). We went over some things and then they took us back to pre-op. She was fine back there. Then the anesthesologist came in and gave her a itsy bit of meds that made her feel like she was a drunken sailor. It was almost scary...and soo weird to see my baby girl like that. They then took her back to surgery. I felt like i was sitting out in the waiting room for was only maybe 30 minutes. Then they came to get me. I went back and found my sweet baby totally out of it. I was a bit frightened. She was all swollen and couldn't hold her head up...couldn't talk..NOTHING! A few mintues later the nurse asked if she'd like something to drink. I told her i had brought along her favorite cranberry juice. I got it out and we gave her a drink. She immediately started choking...and she couldn't breathe(like a gulping noise when you are THIRSTY, but it just kept going and going and going). I almost had a heart attack right there. I felt so helpless...the nurse was rubbing her cheeks and
try to get her to swallow it. She kept sayig she was fine. FINE in her eyes maybe...scared the poop out of me. I have NEVER in my life fainted(o wait, except when i gave blood back in college the very first time) but i nearly did today! I must have looked like a white ghost and i kept trying to hang on and help get her back to normal..but i, myself was about to hit the floor. I felt a burning in my cheeks, i was dizzy and then my ears were ALL PLUGGED was the weirdest thing i have ever felt. I finally told the nurses i had to sit down or i was going to hit the ground. The immediately had me sit on the bed next to hers and hang my head below my knees. I sat there for a few minutes and they kept worrying about me...i kept telling them not to worry about me...i'm fine...please please take care of Hannah! They then brought me a chair to roll over to her side so i could talk to her and try to get her to feeling better...i held back my tears good. It was scary. She couldn't even hold her head up. SERIOUSLY..i had to keep pushing her head back on to her pillow. Then i grabbed my phone and told them i couldn't take her home..i had to call my husband. They said i could use my phone right biggie. So i called Paul on his cell...he didn't answer. I called him at work and they had to put me on hold a few times...i finally got a hold of him and said please just come up here, hannah's fine..but please just come up here. I swear he must have gone 100mph because he showed up in less than 10 minutes for sure. By then, things had gotten a bit better...she was still totally out of it..but she was breathing fine and talking a bit(jibberish talk, but talking a bit). Finally Paul made an executive decision and we decided to take her home. She was stable and talking better. Paul carried her out to the car and we decided to just leave one car up there...we got her about half way into the car seat and i buckled her up and sure enough as the sky is blue, she puked all over the place. Everything she had just drank was all over her and her car seat. Poor baby! She was crying and i told Paul just to get moving and let's get home. He punched it and i sat in the other baby seat in the back with her...and held her leg up because it was really hurting her...and we made it home in 4 or 5 minutes tops!

Once we got home i got her all settled in...things just weren't looking up for me. She was crying and crying and telling me how much she hurt. She'd go through spurts of crying and then calm down and then cry some more. It's so unlike my sweet baby to cry so much. Poor baby! She puked a few times...and then it seemed to calm down. She fell asleep and then when she woke up at 2p she threw up as she woke up. All over again. So i finally called the dr. and he sent her some phenagren to the pharmacy..Pauls on the way to get that as i type. I have pretty much sat by her all day to her every need. Giving her every lipstick i own...putting eye shadow on her eyes to distract her and anything else i could think of to keep her calm. Finally about 330p-ish we got up and we walked outside to get the mail. She needed a good walk...i think her legs were getting numb from not moving.

She has a ttl of 3 stitches and it's all wrapped up till i take her back Thursday at 1130a. Then he'll check to make sure it's healing and we'll go from there. Her dr. has been wonderful through the entire thing. I've talked to him on the phone twice(personally)...he said to call if i needed anything. I truly think dr. F is is her regular pedi. We're so lucky to have such great dr's.

This month has been a roller coaster of dr's appt's and i'm ready to settle down. I sure hope this is the end of sickness and dr's. I want to get back to a normal life, and i'm sure my dr's are all sick of hearing from me over and over again. I'm normally a very laid back person(or i think i am) but this month i've been grumpy and stressed. Way too many things going on...i like the simple and normal life.

I'll update as things progress...but as of right now we're going on 3 hours(almost) of no puke. Paul is still going to get the meds just in case...because i sure don't want to be without meds in the middle of the night just in case. Tonight i did promise Hananh i'd sleep on the couch and her on daddy's chair just to make sure she's ok all night. Plus she needs to keep her foot proped up as much as possible. She has 3 stitches so hopefully those will all heal well and we won't have to go through this again.

Now, i know i probably looked like a fool..but i did get a pic or two in the waiting room BEFORE surgery...afterwards i was in NO CONDITION to take pics, although Paul did remark that he wanted to get video of how off she was for later...i told him N-O!

Here she is in the waiting room...before the meds! The remote is a massage chair...she loved playing with the buttons!

More pics pre surgery!
Then at home...foot raised, puke bowl on lap, purse full of lipstick on left...teddy bears right by her side. The white foot is the hurt foot...BTW!
Note, to your left...which is really right leg..the wrote NO on it. Then to your right, technically her left leg has the white cover...he even drew a cute little smiley face on it!
No pics please...i'm sick mom! O yeah..notice the purse's FULL of lipsticks!
Just one more pic...she covered her head with teddy bears! Ok, maybe one more!
Then she was fast asleep...this was pre puke. She was sound asleep for about an hour..then she woke up puking! POOR BABY!One more of her fast asleep! Poor baby! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!