Saturday, March 01, 2008

14 months & 4 Days Later

Today the girls are 14 months & 4 days old. It was a great day...and most importantly Paul & I both agreed we are finally starting to feel like our normalcy in our lives is coming back. We first decided since it's such a beautiful day to take the girls to traders village, which is a huge flea market not to far away. After that they were kinda fussy so we decided to go to McDonalds and then have a picnic outside. Although it was a mess...and the dogs probably ate way more food than the girls...we had a GREAT TIME out in the back yard enjoying the day and eating on a blanket like a normal family would do.

While we were cleaning up we had a bit of a small disaster! I couldn't believe it but Sarah somehow came walking up to me with #2 all over her hands. SO as i walked inside to clean her up...Paul came walking in and said "we've got a problem. Sam was naked and had #2 ALL over her legs..all over her. YUCK x's 2! It was DISGUSTING! We didnt' know what to i jumped into the shower with clothes and all...and scrubbed them both down at the same time. Paul then took one at a time to change them...then i got dried off. It was a mess...but a FUNNY MESS...that will be a story to tell one day. Paul then came up to me and said...we have people poop in the backyard somewhere. Of course, he retrieved the diaper that one of the girls had figured out how to take off...and all is better now. Still gross to think about the people poo in the back but it's funny!

So, after all this took place we decided to be even MORE adventerous and took the girls out in front and help was Pauls truck! Hananh's at that age where she had a BLAST! She was scrubbing and scrubbing! It was soo cute.

Now we're all inside getting ready for a mid spring time nap! The girls HAVE to be exhausted....and i hope the sleep for a while b/c i have a ton of cleaning to do!

Here are some cute pics from the day!
A family pic..thanks to the camera timer....BTW it was GEORGOUS TODAY! high 70's and i changed into shorts and a tank for a walk later...where can you live other than TX where you can wear shorts and tank tops in March!?
Hannah took this one...what a great pic!The twins making a mess with their was ALL OVER the blanket!My sweet Hannah...she's such a precious sweet big girl!Another of Hannah...she's just soo cute!Family pic less dad...Another family pic of our picnic i the backyard!Sarah with 10 or 15 french fries in her hand...she was hording them...not eating them!
Sam gave me a kiss...notice how she opens her mouth! SOO CUTE!Sarah trying on dad's shoes!
One shoe on...where did the other one go?
O, there is the other one! Just a cute pic of my girl in her cute new spring dress!

Washing the car...Sam was actually holding a stick...she has the obsession with sticks lately...she picks them up and carries them all over the place!

Hannah & Daddy cleaning the truck!Another good one of the truck wash...Paul has not washed his truck in over a was DIRTY!The girls pitched in and helped scrub the wheels...And MY FAVORITE PIC...Hannah was soaking i took her dress off and told her to go stand in front of the truck...kinda like Vanna White..LOL! One day she's going to strangle me for this pic! Just playing in the backyard!