Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Allison’s 5th Birthday Party..

Sam, trying to get out of the ball pit.


Playing in the ball pit before the melt down..


Happy Girls…




Happy Sarah..who loves her grandma SOO much!


Silly Face with grandma..


Sarah letting Sam have a drink..soo sweet when they share.


I feel bad..i didn’t get very many pics b/c this is one of the very small amount of times Hannah really had a break down.  She hadn’t taken a nap..and when a guy told her she was going the wrong way down something..she just melted and cried.  It was all over for her after that..so mommy held her and made the best of it.  SOO SAD..b/c i know how much they love each other..but things happen..and naps are good for days when we have birthday parties…hopefully that’ll be a mental note to self from now on…


Happy 5th Birthday to my sweet niece Allison!

Birthday Parties Galore…

We have been to SOO Many birthday parties the past few weeks.  First was Gavins First birthday party..I can’t believe my sweet little nephew is ONE!  Time is just flying by too quickly!  Here are a few pics from the special day.

Of course no party at Allison and Gavins house could be complete without a little dress up…


Allison getting all glamed up for the fun!


Sweet Gavin..you can already tell in this pic..he was TIRED!


Playing a bit..all happy on the floor until..


Well, still playing here..


And then it was time auntie B decided to do a costume change..it was hot and he needed something a little lighter..


And Auntie B REALLY made him MAD!


But..was her REALLY mad at her..OR JUST TIRED?


When a little eater doesn’t want much cake(OR auntie B calls it..sugar)..you KNOW it’s not just the clothes change…


Big girls=Funny Faces..these sweet girls just can’t get enough of each other…they are two very silly cuties.


Auntie K feeding the twins ice cream…they were LOVING her!


Uncle Jeff and Allisons Uncle Mike helping the big  girls with the silly string Allisons AWESOME Grandpa brought over for them…


Ready, Set, PUSH…that button that was almost child proofed..it hurt your finger soo much to aim and spray!


The girls having fun!!


POOR Baileigh…Auntie J dressed up Baileigh for Halloween…sweet puppy dog!



Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet nephew…we love you SOO much!

Character Parade @ Hannah’s school!

I worked pretty hard on my first project for Hannah’s class the last few days.  They have an annual Character day Parade every year…this entails each child in grade K-2, picking out and getting all dressed up as a character from a book they like to read.  Hannah wanted to be..PINKALICIOUS!  DUH!  I made her tutu and her wings..i thought i did a pretty good job for an amateur.  Remind me next time..to just go buy the tutu though..it would have been easier and almost a bit cheaper..TULLE is pretty pricy if you don’t conserve. 



I made the wings myself…Pink-Alicious….I think they came out pretty darn cute. 


Hananh(keep in mind she still has a black eye from falling off of the chair at the pic people)..and micah and Lauren…


Hannah and Micah…she lives over one block…she’s soo sweet.  One of Hannah’s BFF’s!


During the parade…


Hannah pre parade…the girls are still in their pj’s!


Hannah last night…in HER pj’s!


Posing for the camera….


It’s been a while..but i’m going to try to get back on the blog bandwagon…facebook(my year long addiction) is getting old. :>)