Monday, March 31, 2008


What to do with two of these little sweeties? I think they fell out of their moms nest and they've been roaming and crying all around the front and side yard. We found them earlier as we all took a walk to the mailbox and i almost had a heart attack b/c as i was walking back one was just sitting right in front of me...i think the ENTIRE neighborhood knows after i let out the loudest scream ever. It startled me and i thought it was either a dead or alive RAT! Obviously it's two baby squirrels! I watched them and Hannah and I really want to take them and put them in a box and take them somewhere...give them to someone..but i think part of life is letting them take care of theirselves and whatever happens, happens. Anyway, so we were fine once they went into the neighbors empty lot...then just a minute ago i hear this squeaking at the door...sure enough one had come back...I stood out there but don't know what to do with him. POOR BABY! I'm a sucker for some stray animals...but i think squirrels carry we just can't help him. I'm so sad i'm probably going to be hearing that poor baby squeak all if my neighbor ever thought i took in a baby squirrel...he'd never talk to us again(just kidding...but maybe not kidding who knows). You see, we live in a neighborhood with TONS of pecan trees...and they eat the pecans and our across the street neighbor actually sets traps to catch and get rid of them. SO, you can see where i'm going with this...
We also have pecan trees...but we had SOOO many pecans two years ago...i never worry about having enough to give away to anyone and everyone we know. So, i just don't worry about the squirrels. BUT, the trees only make pecans every other this upcoming year will be the BIG year for he's really advocating getting rid of the squirrels this year. :(