Tuesday, March 04, 2008

All Sick on the Myers Front...

Well it's official. Sarah & Hannah are both sick. Hannah just woke up from falling asleep on the couch..sure enough...she's Burning up! I swear the tylenol is flowing here like alcohol does on New Years Eve...LOL! Paul said the sickness is in my blood and i'm sure to get this icky bug. I pray i don't...otherwise, how would i take care of my sicklings? UGH! This is the worst part about having 3 kidos...i always worry about them all being sick at the same time and me trying to take care of them...and hope i don't get it. I remember a situation a long time ago when Hannah was a baby. Paul and I both ended up with a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE case of food posion and we fed Hannah pretzels all day because neither of us could seriously get up off the couch. We both ached everywhere! When i finally got better...i hoped that would NEVER happen again.

Anyway, hopefully Sarah will get a good nights rest. She went straight to bed when i put her in her crib...i sure hope she sleeps till at least 3a.

Hannah hasn't had a fever in a long time...it's not to bad now because she can tell me what hurts...what she needs etc.

O dear...i hear a baby crying...gotta run!