Friday, March 28, 2008

Cute shirts...

I went on a shopping spree yesterday at Marshalls and Old Navy. It was time to start buying some larger clothes for my girls. Hannah...poor Hannah...her 3T jeans are just finally tooo short. I realized it when i put them on her yesterday to wear to school and it really looked like she was waiting for the flood. SO, i bought her some 4T jeans...WAY WAY TOO big in the waist but fit just perfectly in the length...thank goodness for the elastic button waist. Who ever invented that...i hope they are making the big bucks because i'd be in big trouble without the elastic.

Anyway Hannah's shirt say's "chicks rule" Sarah's says..."i'm ALMOST ALWAYS RIGHT"
Sam's Say's "You WISH YOU WERE ME"! LOL! I think Sam's is my favorite! SOO CUTE
I also wanted to add a pic of baby 4 of 5(including the girls and my girl dogs)! Sugar got her hair ALL CUT off the other day...she LOVES it and we do too! She looks soo clean and smells great. She no longer looks like a sheltie...YES...she really is a full bred sheltie...HAIRLESS! LOL! I HATE putting pics of myself...but it was the ONLY way i could get any sort of pic of Sugar..she wouldn't sit still!


Gibson Twins said...

Those shirts are AWESOME! Too funny :)
BTW you look great in the pic too!
We are in between sizes too- mostly because of length. In dresses and shirts/onesies, Alli is in 24m and she still wears 18m in jeans, pjs, shorts. Ryan's in 24m everything but I did buy some 2t pjs for him in the snugfit kind too that fit.

Do you dress yours identical a lot? I like to dress mine like "twins" when we go places but people still always ask me if they're twins or if Ryan's older.

Do the girls like the dog? I want a kitten for these two but not sure how that might go over...

Hope the weekend is going well!

BoufMom9 said...

Love the tshirts! The saying are so cute! :)
I think you look great in the picture! I had never seen a pic of you before. You look so young & cute! (and looking so much skinnier than I am.)

BoufMom9 said...

PS Meant to also say that they twins look a lot like you too!