Wednesday, December 31, 2008


So, we had a GREAT day.  The girls were happy, played in the play room.  I cleaned a TON.  Baked muffins and then we decided to go outside.  We played outside..i(not always the norm) went out and pushed the girls on the swing for an HOUR..they were having SOO much fun.  THEN, Paul came home and we all decided to pull out the quads i just bought from another mom not to long ago.  Paul had plugged them in last night b/c i wanted to make sure we'd have them today, just in case it was nice outside.  SO, i had to go in the barn/garage and pull out the charger, connect them and straighten out the wheel as the girls pulled them out of the garage.  In the midst of all of this, Sam decided she wanted the barbie jeep that was plugged in.  I said fine, but i had to unplug THAT too.  So Sarah & Hannah went back outside while i unplugged the barbie Jeep for Sam & Sarah.  I heard Hannah yell at me that something weird was there & i needed to come out and look.  I Normally blow her off for the second and she normally has to repeat herself..b/c truth be told, she normally is just talking to talk(kinda like her mom).  TODAY, that was NOT the case.  I walk outside to find an ARROW-as in a BOW & ARROW, less the a few inches away from the quads.  YES, YES, INCHES away.  I have the pic i'll post below to show you.  Being a woman, i didn't freak out at first, assuming it was some kid that accidentally shot the arrow the wrong way and it flew into our yard.  I ripped it out of the ground and took it into Paul, who had just gotten home from work..all i remember was him yelling "HELL NO" and grabbing it out of my hand and running towards the door.  There are three total houses that back up to our he knew it had to be one of them.  He drives off as i freak out..and finally it sets in.  THAT could have hit one of my kids.  As it sinks was a arrow...a HUNTING arrow w/a razor sharp point.  HOLY SMOKES...i'm still numb 4 hours later.  I have to stop thinking about "what could have happened".  I KNOW if i had NOT believed in GOD before, i would have now.  I do believe in GOD...and i KNOW HE was watching out for my girls.  You can't even imgaine how traumatized i am right now. 

SO, Paul went over there, and came back.  He said that evidentally the guy was a grandson of the lady behind us, that her husband just died not to long ago.  SO, i'm guessing she's looking for anyone that will come over and give her some attention.  What was this idiot thinking..i DO NOT know.  So, Paul went over there and talked to his girl cousin, who said he took off BUT said he looked and there was NO ONE in the backyard.  YEAH, AGAIN, not sure where he got that from.  We were SQUEALING(i mean HALLOWEEN..i see a VAMPIRE SCREAM) in the backyard.  I even had to tell Hannah to use her OUTSIDE VOICE, not her ..HALLOWEEN VOICE.  Paul told her, NO, my wife and 3 kids were back there and the arrow landed inches away from their quads.  Anyway, he came back w/no real answer to what actually happened.  I was PISSED OFF(NOT at Paul, he definitely did the right thin), more and more as i actually "thought" about what happened.  SO, i jumped in the car and drove over there..and i told the lady, if he does NOT come over to talk to me i'm going to call the police and make a report.  She said, she's sorry and that he's sorry and she really seemed sincere.  You could tell she didn't have any kids..SHE HAS NO IDEA WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED if GOD hadn't been looking out for my kids.  I'm not really really those that know me know, we don't go to church, not because we don't WANT to go to church.  Just because i don't feel i can get ANYTHING out of it if i can't listen.  ACTUALLY, I DO go to church, when Hannah goes on Thursday.  Anyway, my point girls are OK!  Now, don't ask me when i'm actually going to let them in the backyard again..i don't know.  I had just gotten to the point where i let them have a free for all in the backyard, as long as the back door was open, the gate was locked and i was in the kitchen or living room and could hear them.  I hope i have the courage to let them out again.  I don't know if i will. 


Please pray that i have peace with what happened and i get to talk to this guy.  He ran b/c he knew he really could have hurt someone(AGAIN, I CAN'T THINK OF THE WHAT IF'S). 


I HAVE to stop thinking about the what if's or i'm going to drive myself crazy.  I LOVE MY CHILDREN SOO MUCH..i couldn't imgaine if this crazy fool, who ran off, had hurt them..OR ME OR PAUL!  I hope i'm not thinking too deep into what happened. 


We went to dinner afterwards and it just wasn't fun.  I'm still all frazzled and i think rightfully so.  

If anyone has any suggestions please email me or leave comments.  We've decided that the only way i'll feel semi-comfortable is if the guy comes over to talk to us and tell us that he WON'T do it again.  If he ends up being a jerk then and acting like it was no big deal..we'll call the cops and press charges.  I did call a lady tonight from the local substation who was VERY NICE.  She listened to me..b/c i think that's what i really need right now.  She told me that i was doing the right thing b/c he MAY be living right behind us and we want to make some sort of peace(thankfully we're putting the house up on the market soon).  I want to look him in the eye and make sure he's really sorry and truly see that he won't be shooting bow and arrows in his grandma's backyard again.  If i don't get that feeling i'll still call the cops and report him.  The lady told me that it won't be a charge of something that he MEANT to do..i can't remember the name..but unintentionally shot the bow the wrong way.  I could really care less..but i just want to scare him.  I want him to see the girls that he could have hurt or more.. 





Ok, so maybe the arrow was further away than i thought..but VERY VERY close in the big scheme of things.  CRAZY..and i'll never know exactly where the girls were b/c a 4 year old can only explain soo much.  BUT, i can say, Hannah did a really good job telling me..i KNOW she had no idea what COULD have happened!  THANK GOD!   I'm definitely counting my blessing and holding my children extra tight for a while..and more than likely not letting them play in the backyard for a while.  Thank goodness we have a circular drive..we can go out in front and ride our quads for a while.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Hannah's Christmas program 08'


Hannah's Christmas program was held the Thursday before they got out for Christmas Break.  Embarassingly, i'm JUST posting this b/c that last week of school and the week following were KRA-ZIE!  SOO, here are a few photos from the program.  Paul was not able to come b/c the program didn't start until 7pm and the girls go to bed at 7:30p.  SO, we opted to keep them at home w/Paul, while i took Hannah and had some mommy & me time.  I actually took her to dinner at Chillis before we went to the program and we had a peaceful/fun time.  WOW, it's different with one child that is very obedient out in public.  LOL!!!  I couldn't even imagine having just one child..i think it'd actually be WAY to quiet.  HA! I guess maybe deep down, i like the craziness of my three ring circus..and believe me..having three children IS a three ring circus. 

Here are the ornaments the girls made at school this year.  They all made such nice ornaments.  TOO bad the twins tore their ornaments up as soon as i put them on the tree.  NEXT year i'll know to keep them above the ARMS REACH area.


Hannah, making a photo frame for xmas.


Hannah, passing out the xmas presents she bought her classmates.


All the kidos having snacks


Hannah, getting ready to go to her xmas program.


Me & Hannah at Chillis, eating dinner.


Hannah, posing for the camera.


Some of the kidos in the corner.  (Hannah, Lily, Kaila, Mattie, Ben, Olivia)


Liam joined in..but the kidos couldn't stay still.  Who fed their kidos SUGAR, right before the program!  HA HA!


Lily & Hannah..they are SOO cute!


Everyone thinks Mr. C is soo cool.  He's very funny and loves to joke with the kidos AND parents. 


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Morning 2008- the looks of shock and surprise were PRICELESS!

This is the BEST part about being a MOM.  You get to experience some really great things.  For instance, when the girls woke up Christmas morning their eyes were soo bright and shocked.  SANTA CAME to OUR HOUSE!  Hannah was amazed..and so were the girls.  I don't quite remember what Hannah said..but i know it brought tears of joy to my eyes. 


One funny part of the entire day.  Sugar got a hold of some of the'll see the pics below.  She had a little party in our backyard after Santa left on Christmas Eve night!  HA!

Sam walking up to the presents..has to be her, she's the only one that drags her blankie & pillow around everywhere!


Look at Hannah's expression.  It's HILARIOUS!  She's just in SHOCK!  Note the half eaten cookie & glass of 1% milk Santa ate/drank when he came to visit. 


Sarah checking out the presents.


YES, those are xmas presents out on the lawn.  We couldn't figure out WHY Sugar wouldn't come in to play with us xmas morning..DUH, she was scared after she tore into so many presents.  LOL!


Christmas Eve 2008

Here are some good pics from Xmas eve this year.

Paul & Baby Gavin..who is now 2 months old and SOO cute. 


One more close up...he sleeps way to peacefully!


BFF- Allison & Hannah.  I sure hope this sisterly love lasts FOREVER.  They are just soo cute together. 


The kiddy table


Gotta love those cute smiles..


GOTTA HAVE the funny face pics!


Sarah wants to hang with the big girls.


Sam hanging with the big girls


Baby Gavin perfectly happy watching daddy!


Mommy at the kiddy table.  I pretty much sat here all night holding the kidos so they didn't fall out of their chairs.  FUN FUN FUN!!!


Opening presents..


On the stairs..this was a really good pic. 


Uh..Sam & Sarah are looking in both pics..what happened to the big girls!  LOL!!!


More pics to come..I just didn't have time while we were in S Texas, to add pics.  Now we're all exhausted and need another vacation after our vacation!  HA!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Two Years has gone by..

And my girls are now Toddlers.  I'm not sure i ever imagined it, to go by so quickly.  Yesterday, you two were only tiny little babies...


As i was going through some clothes today, picking out things to donate to a local charity here in weslaco, i was looking at all the tiny clothes that were TOO big.  Now those clothes are sitting in a closet and i'm giving them to new baby girls that need them.  It's weird to be graduating out of so many things..clothes, toys, high chairs, etc. 

Tonight, two years ago, i sat on my couch(as usual, as i was soo big i couldn't get around very easily) wondering: what you two would look like, who you resemble more, what color of hair and eyes you'd have, if you'd be going to the NICU-since you were only 36w4d-but really full term for twins, and i most importantly prayed for two healthy babies.  Paul and i sat on the couch and talked and wondered how hard it'd be with two baby girls, how we'd adjust and if i'd ever get enough sleep again(thank goodness i didn't know the answer to that one, back then).  We skipped xmas w/ my family that year b/c we decided we'd stay home and make sure there was no way the babies would come a day early as my dr. was out of town until that day sometime..and i didn't want anyone else delivering my babies. 


Two years ago today i stuffed my face FULL of food and water before midnight since i had a c-section scheduled for 1030 that morning and i couldn't eat anything after midnight. 


Two years ago today i weighted in at a whopping 200lbs and xxl maternity clothes didn't even really do the trick anymore.  WHOA, i know.  Indulgence was an understatement when my dr. told me i could gain as much weight as i wanted since i was having twins. 

Two years ago today, the adrenaline in my body was rushing and rushing. 

Two years ago today, i slept on the couch, insomnia setting in pretty bad, my hands tingled from carpatunel(spelling), my feet were swollen, my body was a hormonal mess. 

Here is my last post..guess i didn't even get around to posting on xmas day: Christmas Eve-last post before the babies were born


My babies are no longer babies...or as Sarah says: "Mommy i a big girl!" 

Christmas Day-Morning


We started off the morning opening presents at 5:30am sharp.  The girls were ready to get going as soon as they saw the dining room full of presents. 

Here are a few of my favorite pics. 

The girls each grabbed a piece of couch, while Hannah made her way around and ripped open her presents and then helped the twins open theirs too! :)  Excuse mommy..she had just woke up and didn't have an ounce of caffeine in her body yet.


This pic didn't come out too good..but this is her when she was opening up her vanity set.  She LOVES it!



Hannah playing with her new vanity set.

Gotta get that lipstick just right on my lips..even if it's the purple one auntie J bought me~LOL!!!


Sam loved her head bands...and elmo guitar!


The twins playing with their new presents.


Punky Brewster on our living room floor?


This is what happens when you leave your child un-supervised for one minute...they start eating lipstick! :)


On the road again & merry Christmas from our family to yours....

My new iphone wouldn't let me type anything on the road. SO, Merry Christmas to all!

We are now in S. Texas/Weslaco and we've had a GREAT day! Grandma & Grandpa Myers are always soo welcoming and the girls just love them so much! We got into Weslaco around 4pm and stayed at their house, made our way around the trailer park and now we're back at the hotel. The girls are definitely getting used to traveling. On the way, we stopped once to get lunch and played at a park about midway(corpus Christi) and it was very nice and fun.

Tomorrow is a big day! I can't believe the girls are going to be 2. We have decided to just have a little family birthday and spend the day visiting with family. We gave the girls their big birthday presents today..they received some really cool radio flyer scooters. They LOVE them.

I'll post more later when i have time...

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Mommy, I a good girl at school today!"

We are 3 days away from having two toddlers.  I CAN NOT believe it's been almost 2 years.  Time has flown by...and i'm really enjoying life much more than i was 2 years ago.  Now don't get me wrong..having babies is WONDERFUL!  BUT, having babies that walk & talk and tell you what they more my style.  The girls are really growing by leaps and bounds.    Sarah came home today and in the car on the way home she said "mommy, i a good girl at school today".  Right before that she said "mommy, i a big girl..walk to car".  YES, it's amazing that they can talk so well for being 3 days away from 2.  The crying has yet to stop..but everyone has their differences in personalities.  Sarah is definitely a BIG TALKER..kinda like her mommy!  SAM is sweet and calm and isn't ever trouble, if Sarah's not around.  BUT, Sam is NOT my sleeper...Sarah IS for sure!  There are soo many differences in their little personalities and i could go on for days about who is doing what right now.  They are both so cute and sweet...i can't believe they are ALMOST two.  I'll write more tomorrow..i'm exhausted from wrapping present upon present upon birthday presents x's 2! 

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bob & Theresa's Annual Christmas Party...


We had such a great weekend.  Despite my mom & dad getting a virus and not being able to watch the girls so Paul & i could have a romantic quiet night..we still had a GREAT WEEKEND!  Dallas was great..and Bobs Party was definitely a big hit for everyone.  I can't say enough about Bob & Theresa.  They are always so welcoming..and do anything they can to make you feel like at home. 


Here are a few pics of the party.  Let me just start with the was ALL SOO GOOD..BUT most importantly, Theresa had a plethora of DELICIOUS treats for the kidos.  Can you tell all the kids were hanging right around the table of sweets?!!??  LOL!  Who can resist CHOCOLATE CAKE & CHOCOLATE PEPERMINT BARK!?





Jennifer, who works for Bob - with her hubby. 


Everyone Hanging out downstairs in the bar/gameroom/living room.


Heather & David..who Paul has known for years..they are so sweet.  Just can't believe their sweet baby girls are now 16 & soon to be 21!  TIME DOES FLY BY!!


Ok..LOOK CLOSELY AT THIS PIC..This is bobs son Matthew and Joshua(Bobs nephew) on the left in the red shirt.  BUT, most importantly, check out the stroller..LOL!  Yes, this is boys being boys..Matthew put their cute little new brittany spaniel in the baby stroller for a ride.  IT WAS HILARIOUS.  That puppy has NO IDEA how much fun he is going to have with five boys in the house.  He's one very lucky little puppy! :)


Maggie & Chris..Joshua's mommy & daddy! 


Bob in the white..Bobs son just on the left...and i'm not sure who else . 


All the Myers' girl's hanging out in the living room by the sweet table. 


Kristy(tommy's wife) & Maggie


Logan-Bobs son.  He's almost one year older than Hannah.  He's soo sweet and such a good boy.  And so sweet to the girls..he let them play with all his toys..he's just growing up soo fast.


Joshua, Chris & Maggies little boy.


A lady walked up to me @ the party and asked if i was Hannah's mommy.  I said yes, and she reminded me that she had baby sat for Hannah when she was TINY.  We had gone to one of Bobs parties and they had their baby sitter come over and watch the babies, while the adults went out for a quiet evening.  It was probably the very first time we left her with ANYONE!  She was soo sweet.  Four years later and she has a little girl that is 2 weeks older than the twins.  She said she remembers holding Hannah and just being soo excited to finally hold a little girl.  She was such a sweet lady.  I can't believe she remembered me..and i didn't scare her off with the 20+ phone calls i made to her THAT night i left Hannah with her!  :)