Saturday, March 08, 2008

What have we been doing this Beautiful Saturday!

I GIVE UP! I've been trying to load some pics ALL day! Let me try a new post!

Below is pics of the 2000 screws we'll be using to install our new play system for the girls! It's really for ages 2-10, so for right now we're going to have to watch the twins and teach them how to climb up the ladder...but once they get'll be tons of fun. Of course it may take a few months to by then they'll be a few months older! LOL!

Below are all the sets of different hardware needed for this gigantic set. We've decided to put the thing together on our own. I called on company that actually installs play systems. They said because of all the pieces it would be 700 to install! WHAT? Yeah right...that's what my hubby is for, right? So, Paul & i are going to do it ourselves...we worked on it all weekend. I have more pics...let me try a new post and see if that works!