Friday, May 30, 2008

Panama City Florida!

I have lots to say and lots to type...but i can hardly keep my eyes open. So with that being said, here some pics from our trip. I'll go back and label them tomorrow but i've been working on posting them for a few hours i wanted to get some put up.

All in all we had a wonderful time. We couldn't have asked for any better was beautiful and sunny the whole time..totally worth the 12 hour + drive, less the horrible customer service from holiday inn, which i'll write about in another post.
Enjoy the pics...check back tomorrow when i'm not exhausted from being up since 3am(literally) and i'll put captions with each pic!

Hope ya'll had a great week! I sure did miss checking and writing blogs!

Just glad we made it home safe and sound!

Packing to go!

In the car on the way there!Sarah in the car!

Our picnic on the way to FL, at a state park...i think this was in Mississippi!
Here is Hannah giving the honk sign for the 18 wheelers driving by as we sat and had a snack! Another cute pic of the girls!The long bridge in LA! I love this freaks me out, but it's soo neat to see all the swamps!This was in Pensacola...the first beach we saw on the way towards Panama City Beach! HOLY was sooo beautiful!This was the view from our balcony! GEORGOUS...and they even baby proofed it for us with this netting so the kids could go out on the balcony and not slip through the bars! Hannah at the splash pad!The first walk down to the beach!Back to the splash pad to play...More splash pad...the girls LOVED this little squirty thing!Sam playing in the water!Sam sitting out on the balcony at night...getting ready for bed with her baby dolls in hand!Me & Sarah at the splash pad...OK, so NOW i know why Paul kept telling me to wear the "OTHER" swim suit...this one DOESN'T REALLY MATCH! I thought it did...but looking at it doesn't!One night after we went swimming...the room was i stripped everyone naked and we ALL jumped into the bathtub! I know...goofy...but we were all warm! :)Hannah riding the bike at the splash pad! This little thing shot water like a water gun...lots of fun!Paul and this girls! Hanging out on the chairs having a snack! Hannah getting a sun tan in the pool!
Yucky dirty water...don't DRINK THAT! Some little girl trying to touch the twins as we walked by to go back to our room...i was TRYING to take a pic of the twins in their cover ups...
Hannah eating chocolate! She takes after her dad and has become a chocolachic! One of the girls taking a the REAL cribs! The hotel was really cool in that aspect...they have semi-real cribs! Better than pack n plays!

A day at the zoo with the black bears... And a peacock just hanging out walking around in the open!The nasty dirty looking animal...i don't remember the name of this one!
A otter saying HI!Hannah hanging out by the can hardly see it in the background!You could feed the giraffe by hand! Look how close he comes to you!
Feeding the animals...
All 3 girls trying to sucker tha lamb to come eat!
After the zoo we went to McDonalds! Hannah HAD to hang out with good ole' Ronald!
She insisted on sitting on his lap for a pic...isn't she CUTE?
My 3 girls acting like big girls eating on the benches outside!Mommy & the twins!
Our walmart trip! The girls had a blast sitting in the big part of the shopping cart!

Hannah with the fireworks we brought back! Can you BELIEVE WALMART sells fireworks in FL???
Walmart also does airbursh t-shirt painting..the man in the pic was making S & S's the very left in the guy making H & A's t-shirts! I'll add a pic of them later...they are REALLY neat t-shirts!
Back to the splash pad for some more water play!

Sharkys for dinner! This place was ok..Sarah had a break down while we were i just wanted to eat as fast as i could and RUN!
AHHH...babies sleeping are always WELCOME!
Daddy and Sam & Hannah!
Hannah riding the golf cart to our car..the parking lot for the cars was far away and so they had a little golf cart that took you back and forth! The nice man let Hannah drive...

Sarah double Hatted! LOL! AND yes, the hat was inside out!
Just playing in the water...
Hannah & Sarah!
Hannah playing up on top getting ready to go down the big slide!
At the beach! Hannah was buried here! She had soo much fun!

In the middle is Paul with one of the twins! LOOK at that WATER! SOO BLUE & Clear!
The girls hanging out eating snacks!

Hannah getting wet!
Eating MORE snacks! Seems like that is all the girls did was eat snacks!
On the beach eating some MORE!
Sarah playing in the WHITE SAND!

Sarah buried in the sand..
She had soo much fun in the sand...she didn't care that half her body was buried! :)
Then we decided to bury all THREE KIDOS!

Uh...more snack eating! :)
Daddy playing in the sand with Hannah!
Hannah is just soo cute!
Buried in the sand again!

Hanging out on the balcony after dinner one night!
Another pic from our balcony!
More balcony can see the netting in the pic!

More splash pad pics...we practically lived down at the splash pad!
Mommy & the twins at the splash pad!
Hannah and one of her friends sliding down together!
Look at that water!
Hannah with a beer in her hand...NO, she didnt' drink it! :)

Mommy with a beer in her hand...YES, she did drink it & had a couple of hang overs...and took KIDDIE tylenol b/c that is all we had to take for my headache! LOL! It worked! NOW, that is when you REALLY KNOW YOUR A MOM! You take their meds to feel better b/c that is all you have packed!
At the splash pad!
The tunnel that goes under some really big river in Mobile, AL! Kinda cool but kinda scary! Thinking that water is all the way over you is kinda scary!

On the way home!
Sound asleep!
Good night!