Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Can a mom have one day of "NO COMMENTS" PLEASE!!

Well, we went to the Live stock show today! I can't say it was the best outing we've had. It wasn't the worst...but i was definitely upset about how i planned it so strategically(spelling), thinking we'd be the only one...or close to the only people there during the day in the middle of the week! BOY, WAS I WRONG! It was like walking into a barnum & bailey circus...FULL OF SCHOOL CHILDREN! Now obviously, i don't have any problems with children, i have my own, BUT i planned it so we'd have a good time and the it would be nice and quiet! NOT SO! My MOM friend Melody went last week(we had planned on going with them but the girls got sick) and she said the place was EMPTY! OH My goodness, what a bad day to go! The girls did get to see some cows, some goats and a few other animals. BUT i feel guilty, like Hannah didn't get to experience it like i planned! We were so upset about all the kids EVERYWHERE...we almost left right after we got there. BUT, i decided to let Paul take the girls for a walk and Hannah & I would stand in the longest line ever just to get into the petting zoo! She did have a blast. One goat was even so hungry he tried to eat her dress! LOL! She was yelling "mommy, he's eating my dress" we tugged the dress out of the poor hungry over stimulated goats mouth! The birthing center was really cool...we did get to see a BRAND NEW baby calf that was born last night at 11:50p and weighted in at a whopping 65lbs at less than a day old. We also did get to see a ton of baby piglets. Other than that, we didn't get to see much. I'm sad, but i know there is always next year. See pics below:

On another note in regards to the title of my post. I wonder...really wonder...will there seriously ever be a day when no one will make a comment to us. It's so funny how no one looks twice at you if you have a baby...or they didn't when i had just Hannah....i mean people would look and say how cute she was..but weren't intrigued about my life..and/or wouldn't walk by and just blurb out a comment. BUT BOY, with the's just so different. I think everyone we passed, from the drive of the tram, to this one guy that was talking to us about how it's so expensive to buy things for babies and then not be able to sell them after you done...(WHAT????). Then one guy said "UH OH, TRIPLE TROUBLE...did he NOT see that i have twins and a bigger's not triplets's TWINS! Hannah doesn't even LOOK like them..she's not the same size...she doesnt' even have the same hair color! Anyway, I know i always rant and rave about how we never really do have time to just enjoy without people being nosey and asking quesitons..making comments...staring and pointing. I guess everyonce in a while i'd just love to go somewhere and no one stare at us. Today was bad...i mean really bad. So, maybe next time we go out just for a little fun i'll dress them differently and see if people still stare. Actually, now that i'm thinking about it...that sounds like a really good idea...just a day out without stares and comments. I wonder if people will even notice if i dress them differently. I'll let ya'll know after our next outing!
And here are some pics from the week so far..

Here are a few pics from the precious picnic table i bought in hopes of using for the girls for snack time. This was actaully a bad idea that is now flipped upside down in the wouldn't believe it but the very first hour after the girls got home from MDO Tuesday Sarah crawled right up on top of it to get up on to the counter. I caught her...but it could have been bad. Where in the world did she get that bright idea from...i don't know! Needless to say it's going outside now. That way there's no reason to climb up on top of the table! Oh, how my girls are MONKEYS! The climb on SOO much! Another cute pic of the table. Good idea...but so much for keeping it inside for snacks! UGH!