Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Today we went trick or treating. The girls dressed at duckies and Hannah was a princess. We went all around the neighborhood and had a blast. Then we had trick or treaters come to our house since we went trick or treating early.

The pics didn't come out too only have soo long to take a pic of a baby before they start to move around and loose their patience.
On another note: Sarah took THREE whole steps today. Also, Hannah has gone 4 whole days without going potty in her pants! YAHOO!
Third of all we had to do a bit of rearranging of bedroom furniture b/c S & S both learned to climb up on to Hannah's toddler bed. UGH! They both just pull themselves up and start bouncing all around. Since they are still spitting up a ton i had to wash her whole bed set because there was puke all over the bed(sure hope this isn't an everyday occurrence). Anyway i'll post some pics of that soon. It's really cute...until someone gets hurt! Sarah just dove head first off of the bed today...luckily i didn't freak and started laughing...she looked startled at first but got right back up after i started laughing(it's the whole reverse psychology thing you have to do so they don't freak out b/c you don't freak out). Anyway on top of all this craziness going on Sarah dove head first into one of the bouncy chairs the other day and got a HUGE was weird because it poped right up. I thought for a second she busted a blood vessel in her head it looked soo bad. It also went down fairly quickly. The next day i looked and it was almost gone.
One last thing and i'm off to bed. I'm trying to adjust the girls schedules a bit so that they only have 5 bottles a day. I did it today and they were fine. I fed them at 6,10, 130(they were screaming about then) and 345 and then not again till 740p. In between i've started feeding them food. So i feed them pancakes at 8 and then real food again at 12n. They nap around 1030 and then again around 200p. It's been working out great so far.
Think that's it for now.. My girlfriend Katie(Sarah & Sams Godmother) is coming in town this weekend. I'm so excited. She's coming in on business and just decided to drop on by...we're ditching the kidos with Paul friday night and going to dinner and then Sat he gets to hang with them again while we do girl stuff...i'm really excited and ready for a small break away from cleaning up puke & dirty diapers. Guess life could be worse...i could still be getting up every 2-3 hours at night with two screaming hungry babies! LOL

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Allison's 3rd Birthday party

We went to Allison's 3rd Birthday party today. Hannah had a blast. Of course we did too. Hannah probably had more fun though because she got to ride a pony, pet 3 goats, 2 tortises, a guinea pig, 2 bunnys, and a huge pig/hog. The pony ride was a blast for her and i think she had a ton of fun petting all the animals. I think we may try to do a pony ride/petting zoo ourself next year. We also took over the jumper thing we have and the kidos loved that.

The twins also had a blast. Sam really really wanted to pet the animals, but psycho clean freak mom wouldn't quite let her touch any although dad secretly let her touch that icky pig through the fence...while mom kept putting sanitizer on her hands! :)

There were tons of kids there and to be quite honest just too much going on a once for me. If i hadn't already had the girls...i would have thought twice about having another kido! LOL! Just kidding!

Here are some precious pics...first one of my favorites...all 3 girls in the bathtub for the VERY FIRST TIME! It was soo much fun for the girls!

These pictures are in no sort of order...Sorry! See note below each pic!
Hannah & Allison playing dr. & Nurse
Allison blowing out her candles
Paul, Myself and the girls...and my mom
Auntie Jennifer and Samantha

Hannah riding the pony
another pic of the hannah riding the pony
Allison riding the pony
Princess Allison! SOO CUTE!

The Myers family enjoying a nice day outside on a blanket
This is a favorite and the first bath all 3 had together!!! Don't you love the hair?
Hannah and allison on allison's 3rd birthday!
H & A in the jumper
The turtles they had for the petting the front yard at my aunt jennifers house!

Making a cake with Grandma myers...YUCKY hands!
THe cake hannah and grandma myers made! YUMMY!
Our Orange tree in the back yard! I'm sooo proud of our oranges...they should be orange in a couple more weeks!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Our weekend and last week

We have been busy these days. Last night we went to Hannah's Halloween carnival at st. rose. It was big fun and definitely geared towards her age children! What fun! Hannah also got to hang out with and play with her friends from MDO who will most likely be her classmates next year!

Today i finally had time to sit down and look at this darn Red Light Camera Ticket i received in the mail. I just couldn't figure it could i run a red light and not even be able to remember doing it. SO, i looked again. Finally things are coming to me. It was NOT me that ran the light. Paul did. We were on our way to the pumpkin patch and sure enough he blew right through the light. It was more of a yellow/red than anything...but what are you going to do? Paul and i can't figure out why these darn vandals that are normally around town haven't gotten some black spray paint and covered the lens up. LOL...just kidding! Nice people like us never ever have bad thoughts! :)

Today we have Naomi's 2nd bday party down the street at Amy's house. I'm sure it'll be lots of fun. They borrowed our jumpy thing for the party so i'm sure the kidos will have a blast. We have definitely gotten our money out of it.

Tomorrow is Allison's 3rd birthday party and that should also be a blast! They are going out all with pony rides and a petting zoo! WAY FUN! Too bad big people don't get to ride! :)

Next week my girl friend from HS is coming in to visit. She has a business meeting in Texas City so she's going to make a weekend of it and come visit her God Daughters and hang out with yours truly! I'm really looking forward to it. This may be the last time i see her for a while. Hopefully next year sometime i can go back to Louisville and hang with her.

Anyway i'm getting ready to load more pics. Stay tuned in another day or two and i should have them up!

O yeah my friend Amy(Naomi's mom) needs some prayers sent her way. She is 30 weeks pregnant and has been having contractions...she is now on every week appts to make sure nothing happens in the next few weeks! Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Some great pics as i promised!

We had a GREAT TIME TODAY! The oil ranch was a blast...and even more fun than dewberry farm! Thanks so much to grandma & grandpa myers for watching the girls for a day of fun for Ms. Hannah & Paul and I! We all really needed a "break" from the hustle & bustle of everyday life!
One last bye bye to the jumperoo i sold in the garage sale!
The girls new snow hats...too bad we don't get snow here!
Hannah's new wind jacket! She's such a poser!
One of the girls didn't like their new hair do!

Sam thought it was ok even though it didn't stay up very long!

A great pic of me & Sarah
Hannah roaming in the back yard!
Hannah & grandma cooking some cookies and a cake for the garage sale and picnic last weekend
Hannah making sure the cookies were edible! LOL!
Sarah and her cousin at the shower.

Hannah with Chuck E Cheese!

All the Myers' in the backyard!

Melody showed up at the oil ranch. Hannah loves to see Melody and Katelyn & Sydney!
Hannah at the oil ranch!
Hannah in the pumpkins
Hannah with the teletubbies! She loves these the teletubbies!
Hannah's favorite cartoon character...BARNEY!!!!

Hannah feeding the animals at the petting zoo at the oil ranch!
Hannah with the Donkeys!
Hananh swinging!
Sydney on left and Katelyn on right! They were looking so cute in their halloween outfits!
Hannah visiting with the girls!

Here are a couple of pics from the walk yesterday! The had a blast and the weather was AWESOME!!!

Sam fell asleep on the ride on the way was hilarious. I kept trying to wake her up...she just wanted to sleep!
Riding the ponies at the oil ranch! She's getting ready for Ms. Allisons 3rd bday party on Sunday!
Milking a cow...
Feeding the cow she milked...she did a great job feeding the cow!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

This is HILARIOUS!!! Flu Shot drive thru!

Reliant Center Drive-thru flu shots – a convenient way to stay healthy!
Where: The Methodist Training Center (Teal parking lot) at Murworth and Kirby, near Reliant StadiumWhen: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 23
How Does This Work? It's quick. It's easy!
Drive up
Complete a consent form
Provide payment
Stick your arm out your car window
Receive a flu shot

I mean...could it get ANY EASIER for the greater Houston Area????

On another note, we just got back from a walk. I took some REALLY cute pics of the girls in one of their new/used jackets! I'm going to post later! My in laws are on their way in so you won't be getting many posts the next few days! Although, we are going to the oil ranch i'm sure i'll have some really cute pics of Ms. Hannah since she's getting some Mommy & daddy time tomorrow!

Check back later for the pics!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our Weekend

We had a really nice but busy weekend! I had the big garage sale yesterday and did really good. I THINK i may have made enough money to pay for HALF the bedroom set for Hannah...The rest i'll put on credit and pay for after the NEXT garage sale! LOL! No really, i did really good and had a great time. Some of the other MOMS received a couple of counterfeit bills and stolen clothes...all i can say is that karma will come back to bite those bad people that did that right in the Keister! I checked all my 20's and they don't seem counterfeit. I think i'm going to send them with Paul to take to work and check with his little magic pen. We'll see what happens. A few other MOMS said people stole their clothing. How can someone do something so crazy at a GARAGE SALE??? How Sad is THAT? Makes me want to pack my bags and head off to Kansas or any other small town where everyone knows everyone and the only place for teenagers to hang out is the walmart! LOL!

Friday night we took my parents to dinner and they stayed over here to watch the girls Sat morning while we went on our way to get ready and unload for the garage sale. Hannah came with us and the girls stayed with them. This was the FIRST TIME we had left mom and dad with the twins. They did GREAT. They were so excited. They fed them, changed a couple of dirty diapers and the girls seemed to have had a good time too. I was so excited!! I hope to do it again in March when we have our next garage's just so much easier if we just leave them and go unload and get going without extra babies to deal with for a few hours.

We went to one of my cousins baby showers today. It was a family thing so my mom & dad went and we took the whole brood. My cousin actually just adopted a little girl and she's only 3 months and not so little anymore. The baby is 13 lbs ALREADY! She was a little over 9 when she was she's just a big baby girl. She is soo precious and sweet. Everyone was passing her around and i didn't hear her peep once. The girls were able to meet all sorts of relatives and i got to see a few of my first cousins. It was soo much fun... The best part was they had BEER! Now where else can you go besides a "Bench" shower and have beer???

All in all we had a great weekend. It was crazy but fun. Next weekend is going to be just as crazy...Pauls parent's come in town Tuesday evening...and stay till friday. Then we have St. Rose Halloween festival Friday night, Sat is Naomi's 2nd birthday party and sunday is Allisons's 3rd Birthday party. I should have a ton more pics after this sunday. Check back for sure by then.

P.S. before i forget we had one big milestone just today. Samantha officially took TWO whole steps in a row...then she fell down! I couldn't believe it! I bet she'll be walking REALLY REALLY SOON! Congrats to my sweet baby! Who would have known the "youngest of the bunch" would take a real step before her OLDER sis! How Exciting!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Here are some great pics!

Here is a cute pic of the girls on Hannah's chair! The love crawling up on it and diving down! The problem is that they are now going over the arms of the chair and they chair can flip over that way. Isn't that a precious smile!!!
Sam goes in circles and circles around her stand up toy...
SOO CUTE...both fell asleep in their bouncy's after i fed them! This is the first time they have slept in their bouncy seats! AMAZING!
Hannah posing with the girls sleeping! Notice: her shirt is on backwards...i'm sure her shorts are too. She's going through this backwards phase right now...she wears her shoes on the wrong feet...even put her jeans on backwards the other day!
Gosh...Sam has a smile that goes from ear to ear...can they get any cute??? I don't think so!

Sugar was a bit paranoid about being surrounded by babies!
Hannah with her bucket hat on...posing for the camera!

What a precious smile!

The girls are getting so big. I can't believe they are almost 10 months!

Well, the garage sale is this weekend. I can't wait to get rid of all my stuff and i'm looking forward to having a bit of spending money so we can go shopping for Hannah's new bedroom set! She said the other day she wanted to paint her room upstairs ORANGE...i mean bright halloween orange. I just don't think that's going to happen. I'm sure she'll change her mind or forget soon!