Sunday, February 28, 2010

Seaweed & Octopus

We had some “fancy kiddie food” over at the Myers house! 

Paul was soo excited and couldn’t wait to try out this recipe!

That’s a hot dog cut to look like a octopus and some Ramen noodles that have green food coloring in them!  LOL!



Happy Hannah…who by the way used to “LIVE” on hot dogs.  To the extent that we were worried that’d be ALL she’d ever eat..or perhaps, she’d turn INTO a hot dog!  HA!


Sarah with a VERY LONG noodle! 

And check out those cool red “waters” they are drinking.  I’m loving those cool new fizzy tabs from kool aide!  The girls are loving them TOO!



Glad the food coloring didn’t get all over them!


Sarah was very happy with the green noodles!  Sam calls noodles “nerdles”…it’s SOO FUNNY! 


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

GUM in my hair!


Just wondering how many issues with hair we will have in this house?  HA HA!



YES, that is GUM in her hair.  I heard her say something about gum earlier in the day while we were driving through the car line to get Hannah…but we all forgot by the time we got home.  UNTIL i saw something BLUE in her hair!




Happy AFTER i cut it out!  Look at that beautiful hair i cut out!


SOO sad…BYE BYE PRETTY HAIR…now there is a big ole’ spot in the middle of her head! 


Maybe we’ll find something new to reward our children for pooping in the toilet!  :<(  But they sure do love that gum!


Congratulations to my big girl!  She received “Star Student of the week”!  Which means…she’s been a great student..and she gets to tell all her friends about her life..her family and show them any pics she feels are important!

This is the cardboard we had to work on..fill it with pics of her life! 


The letter her teacher sent to me!  Along with her ribbon!  :>)


The Ribbon!



The finished product.  L-R(our Family, pics of her, our house, things she does well-swimming & dancing, Her favorite things-riding bikes, board games and family game night & painting, she wants to be an ARTIST when she gets older AND her pets…Our big lab Gracye and Our Sheltie Sugar. 


Here’s my big girl in front  of our house the first day of her “star student of the week”. 



Her class pic…she’s on the very bottom left!


Close up of her with her poster and ribbon!


Happy 100th Day of school!

For the 100th Day of school for Hannah…we decorated a cardboard 100…with whatever we chose to use.  We chose red/blue butterflies and some cool heart bling..since V-day was coming up!  I think it turned out really well!



Hannah was soo proud of it!


She requested to wear her 100th day shirt from St. Rose…so we pulled it out of her closet and she wore it one more time.  AND on top of that…her teachers bday was on the 100th day of all of the children took her flowers.  SOO CUTE!DSC04814

The works of art…the kidos all did soo well!  TOTALLY CUTE!



Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!!

I went to Hannah’s School Party the Thursday before V-day…it was SOO much fun.  Some of the parents didn’t see the point…i love going…i love seeing Hannah with her friends…interacting…telling me all about her class.  She LOVES school, loves her teacher, her friends, it’s all soo great.  Some day’s i’m soo sad that we haven’t sold our other house…but then i see the smile on her face…she LOVES her school…her friends…and everything about her new home.  It might not be the perfect situation right now…but i don’t regret it…i’m soo happy that my girls are happy..the love their new schools..and that is the MOST important thing for me. 

Here’s me and my beautiful big girl at her party. 


The cutest little V-day bags ever! 


My valentine with her friends.  Hannah, Conner, Nali & Christopher


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fun times between S & S!

I am just dumping pics from my camera…i think Hannah actually did this to them.  They were SOO excited about all this PINK…Gotta love a house full of girls and pink!  HA!  P.S. Sam wears that nasty dirty VERY OLD AND VERY SMALL shirt EVERYDAY!  I’m going to have to save it for her to see when she gets’s been washed too many times and that skirt is a 12-18 month.  LOL!  It’s very funny…she even knows the rules..she puts it on as soon as we are done with our chores and running around for the day..



Ahh…my Sarah.  Look at those eyes and precious smile…i love her NO MATTER how many hours of the day she’s in trouble!  HA HA!


I tell you…having twins has benefits.  These sweeties play together ALL DAY LONG.  I want a built in best friend.  It’s soo unfair.   

These girls party it up like rock stars…Sam convinced Sarah to sit in the baby doll stroller so she could push her around like a baby doll. 



Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The monogram obsession..

My girlfriend and pledge sister bought a monogramming machine..i’m LOVING all her cool ideas and t-shirts she’s made for the girls and ME!

Since the girls are finally feeling better and i took them BACK to school after being gone for 3 weeks..i thought i’d go up to have lunch with my big girl!  She was SOO excited…she wanted to dress alike!  SO, she pulled out her new t-shirt monogrammed by tiffany!  She also had me wear mine..and of course the girls wore their shirt to school!  Pretty darn cute!




Sam had to have a pic taken of her…before they got dressed in their matching shirts!


Sam just loves her big sister!


Hannah wanted to make a funny or should i say GOOFY face.  Can you say DEER in HEAD LIGHT LOOK?!


All my cuties together!

Their teacher has requested over and over to make sure there is something different about one or the they know who’s who.  So i put a different color of pants on Sarah…i changed them before we left b/c Sams black pants were high water…guess that means she’s growing!  YAY!


SUCH a cute pic…i’m soo lucky my girls love each other soo much!  I’m thankful everyday that they are so close in age..even if it was rough for a while..


Sam’s pouty face…LOL!


Sweet face…Sam is a child of many facial expressions..FUNNY!


Then Sarah had to be funny…She put on her hat that i bought in MEXICO YEARS ago-when Hannah was ONE! 


Ready to go to school..with their lunch boxes and all! 


Gotta love that sisterly love!


Giddy Up, Cowgirl!

When we were in Mexico i found these cute little pink cowgirl  hats…the girls HAD to have them!  They didn’t seem to like them at first…now they love them!

Since Go Texan day is coming up..i thought we’d try our cow girl attire on and see how they fit.  CUTE!


I’m not sure if i’ll ever get one good pic of all three..but i sure can try!



Sarah liked tightening up her hat


Sam loves to smile…but didn’t like her hat.


Sarah tightened up her hat over and over again!


Sam has one of the sweetest smiles!


Hannah was acting a little goofy!