Monday, March 17, 2008

My girls Blooming Personalities!

I started this two days ago...but since Hannah skipped school yesterday due to her cough(lucky girl got to go to mcdonalds and eat unhealthy food and play at the big play area while her sisters were at school eating nutritious food..HA HA)...i haven't had time to finish up till now...a special thanks to the TELETUBBIES for entertaining my children for 30 minutes in order for me to finish this up this morning! :)

The girls are almost 15 months and i still look at them everyday and can't believe i have TWO! I tell Paul all the time...can you believe we have TWO(three total of course...but two the same age, two that look almost exactly alike, two girls...that will both have a built in best friend for the rest of their lives...OH how i wish i had had an identical about some major pranks i could have played on people)? I couldn't even imagine my life with just one...things would be soo different...WAY TOO QUIET...I wouldn't be as entertained myself! LOL! My girls are truly the best part of my life...of course along with my hubby...and until i'm old and grey and have grandkids(LOL). But they are just so cute, sweet, precious and loving. I just love all 3 soo much and all for different reasons...well not different reasons but because they are all so different and have their own personality traits.

Hannah is so beautiful(of course because she looks just like her mommy)! LOL. She says the funniest things sometimes. I really need to start writing them down because one day i'm going to forget all of the funny things and i definitely don't want to do that. She's very smart...very motivated and not scared of anything. She will try anything new...a new ride, a new slide, a new swing, to ride a bike...really anything physical. She's also learning to write numbers and letters..which is so exciting! Lately, she's been dressing really funny. I keep telling Paul, we have a MAJOR punky brewster on our hands. I don't know if she does it on purpose, or if she's really that fashion challenged. She'll seriously put on purple socks, a pink shirt and green pants...and not only that, she'll put them all on backwards, inside out, or even shoes on the wrong feet. It's funny when we're not going out in public. When we do go out in public i do have to redress her! I think she will always be small and petit because she doesn't eat much...doesn't like much although her favorites are beef and pasta with cheese & garlic salt on top. She loves to talk about going to San Antonio and Mexico and has plans to go on vacation to both places all the time. There is a small funny story about Mexico...first of all we went there when she turned one on a cruise with my parents...second of all when the girls were born and all colicy the running joke was that one day i was going to pack my bags and leave the girls and go to mexico and come back in a couple of years! LOL...Anyway, She's great with the girls, although sometimes she gets a bit rough with them. She teaches them things they probably shouldn't know how to do...but that's all part of being a BIG SISTER! I'm sure they learn a lot of good things from her too...HA HA! The other day Hannah told me that her and her cousin Allison were going to ride Tractors for a living...when they get older. Oh dear...i don't know where in the world that came's not like we live on a farm! She also told me one day she was going to drive her barbie jeep to school and ride beside my car so we could be in seperate cars and she'd drive herself home from school...just some of the funny things a 3 year old says! Before i forget...she is also the BEST dancer in the wonder the twins love to dance so much!

Sarah is a sweetie but finally starting to defend herself sometimes. She loves to watch teletubbies & sesame street. Her favorite foods are: pancakes & mac n cheese and she loves snacks. She also loves to feed the dogs food. She's the earlier riser of the two...she normally just can't sleep as long. She will wake up first from naps & wake up first in the morning. Her vocabulary is: Out, Bad, More, mama, dada, & bye bye. She loves swinging on her swing, chasing her sisters around and loves playing outside. She LOVES to read books...she will sit in her room on the floor by the book basket and pull out one at a time and look through all the pics..she'll bring books to Paul and i and want up so we can read them to her. I think she's going to be our book worm...taking after my sister/her auntie Jennifer! Maybe she'll want to be a lawyer too...or even better a Dr! She definitely is a very strong willed baby. If you give her something she doesn't want she will take it and give it back to you or just drop it on the floor. For instance, you give her a piece of food she doesn't want, she'll just take it and throw it right on the floor. It's kinda funny...but i wonder what it's going to be like in 2 years when i have TWO Hannah's! LOL! O, that's going to be one fun adventure! Sarah weights right at 20lbs and has a total of 11 teeth! They don't seem to be gaining weight...but they aren't unhealthy looking so i'm not going to worry about it now!

Samantha is the rough and tough one. She loves to give Sarah "Love Bites"...well maybe not love bites..but she LOVES to BITE! LOL. At least once a day Sarah gets bit. Sam loves animals and esp loves laying and playing with Gracye and Sugar and is actually very gentle with both of them(maybe she'll be a VET). Sarah, by the way, is NOT very gentle with the dogs....she loves to pull hair and tails. Sam is so gentle with them...and some days will even nap on top of Gracye. Sam loves to Dance. It's hilarous how she has a better rythm than her dad! LOL! She can really move with the music. She LOVES to watch american idol...well maybe not watch it...but she loves to dance to the music when they start to sing. Samantha is very smart..and i can talk to her and tell her something and she knows what i'm saying. Both girls really know what i'm saying and understand me. When i say let's go put your jackets and socks on they run to get it done so we can go outside. They are both major climbers...or should i say..they are related to monkeys. They can climb on top of a matter of fact as soon as we move away from the dinner table we have to shove our chairs in or they'll be right behind you climbing up the chair to the table. They also climb into cabinets and shut the doors, climb into shelves a few feet off the ground & climb on to the top of the couch to look out the window. They have a couple of favorite hiding is the kitchen cabinet that i emptied out because they'd pull everything out and it'd be all over the house. Another fun place they like to hide is under the crib. It's hilarious because they'll both climb under together and it's like they are having their own little secret meeting...maybe about how to over take their parents? HA HA! Sam is a bit heavier than Sarah...around 20.8 or so...and 11 teeth for her too!

It's so funny how two babies that were born the same day, are sisters, lived in the same place for 36 weeks 4 day & came from the same egg...are sooo different. The all do have one thing in common though...they are all SOOO LOVING in their own little ways. Sarah loves to give kisses and wants up all the time. Sam is ok by herself unless she's feeling bad or hurt...and my baby Hannah loves hugs and kisses most of the time. Hannah is so much like me it's scary! Everyday i look at her and i see a mini me!

On a side note: Sarah's molars are really grossing me out! We've been checking the bottom one that's been coming in for a's been one big HUGE GIGANTIC bump for a few days now. So, yesterday i decided to look in her mouth and check it out. YUCKY! Out of all 3 girls, i've never seen anything so painful looking and gross. It seems like the big bump is being pushed up...and the skin and a bloody looking little thing is hanging off by a skin...but today i can finally see the tooth coming through. It looked SOOO painful. I felt horrible and thought at first that she may even have an infection in her it looks better though. I just couldn't believe how yucky it looked!

On the health report, the girls are doing better today. Not so much snot...i haven't heard one of them cough all morning so far.. Now if we could just get rid of Hannah's horrible night time cough. OMG...last night she fell asleep at 7p, we slept on the couch again..she woke me up at 11p coughing uncontrollably...i gave her, her inhalers and she said she wanted water and gum. Gave her those and she calmed down some...i turned on the t.v for a bit, just for light in the room...she finally went back to bed. THEN again at like 2am..same thing. So then Ms. Sarah decided she was ready to get up at 430a! WHAT????? Come on girls! Mommy REALLY REALLY needs some sleep! My coffee intake the past few weeks has become out of control...i've turned into a hypocrite for preaching to paul about caffeine when all i do is consume coffee...and my 31 year old body feels like a 50 year old body! I think it's just a whole bunch of things rolled into one...teething, still a bit sick, and the really weird thing is the girls Poop in their diapers at night. We NEVER had this problem with do i make it stop?! I think that may be a big part of waking up in the middle of the night...but they poop ALL the time so i don't know how to stop if at night! UGH!

That's all for now...Happy Wednesday! I have the girls home with me for a whole week now. School is out Thursday for a pre Good Friday celebration(i'm assuming..LOL) and then next Monday GMA & GPA Myers are coming we're keeping them home Tuesday! The girsl are soo excited about gma & gpa Myers coming in...Hannah can't wait for sure. They are going to have soo much fun. GMA & GPA are going to really freak out when they've seen how much the girls have grown since Xmas! It's going to be on crazy week...starting this Sat...cousin Allison is coming over...then Monday The Myers' get here and Allison is coming to play for the day...FUN FUN WEEK AHEAD! Sure hope the kidos get well and STAY well for all the fun!