Sunday, September 30, 2007

Our first TWIN Bday Party

Hannah got to go to her first twin birthday party. I know i know...she's not a twin. BUT my girlfriend stacy invited the whole family and since it was at the ruckus room i thought Hannah would have a blast. The girls both ended up with runny noses, so they stayed home with dad. Gosh, we had a blast! Hannah was totally bossing all the big boys around. She told one set of boys to get down b/c boys weren't allowed on one of the jumpies. It was fun watching her interact with other children. She was nice, sweet and so gentle witht the younger kidos. I totally forgot my camera but i'm going to email Stacy to see if i can get a couple of pics to add to my blog. It was amazing, soo many sets of twins in one room. It was CRAZY CUTE!

We didn't do much this weekend. We had a babysitter Sat night so we went to TGI Fridays and had some dinner and drinks. It was nice but dinner always flys by when it's just Paul and I out together. Friday night we also went to dinner...the whole family. We went to Roadhouse and i just love that place for a couple of reasons. The first being that even if your kidos make a HUGE mess and the floor has food all over it you can't tell b/c of the peanuts. If you have never been to roadhouse before...they give you peanuts to eat when you sit down and you eat the peanuts and throw the shells all over the groud. It's fun as long as you aren't allergic to peanuts. :) The second reason is because they have great food. We LOVE their salads and Paul Loves the steaks there. Lastly, everyone there is always soo friendly.

Think that's it for now...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


What a 9 months our life has been & how fast time flies by. I have been thinking about the last 9 months and i can't believe how much the girls have changed...even how much Hannah has changed.

Sarah and Sam were helpless when they first came home. At first they didn't need much attention. It was literally eat, sleep, pooh sleep, eat sleep. Probably another pooh somewhere between that too. :) Then the crying started...oh dear that is really a time i'd rather not remember as one of the good. I'm not sure if they actually had bad colic round the clock or if they were just fussy babies. As they got a bit older the crying didn't stop and time just passed and passed very slowly at that. Then Julia i see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In the past 9 months we've hit and surpassed so many milestones. They went from rolling to sitting to they are POWER fast as lightning! I say NO and walk towards one baby when she is getting into trouble and she bolts like you bolt when you see a skunk coming your way! LOL!!! They both went front only being able to take naps in their napping in their beds. They went from eating eating ALOT MORE! HA HA! They are my awesome eaters. They are happy now and thriving to be like Hannah. Sarah and Sam are also even pushing off furniture to stand alone...not for long but that's a good sign that sooner than later they'll be ready to walk.

Hannah has also grown so much in the past 9 months. She is a big girl now...a BIG SISTER! She helps so much. She puts up diapers, helps feed the girls finger foods, helps feed them bottles, can sing her abc's like a champ and i could go on and on about her. She is such a joy and sweetie...SOMETIMES! :) Other times she likes to roll on top of the babies, knock them over, and all in all do whatever you tell her NOT to do. LOL!

I await the day when all three girls are just playing together having a conversation about something. That will be soo exciting. All in all i have already forgot about all the crying the girls did and i get excited every day about a new day of playing and teaching them new things.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The finished bathroom

Well low and behold the bathroom is finally done...just awaiting the final inspection. Can you believe it??? We started on this project OVER a YEAR ago!! WOW!! If i had known all the things we would have to go through to get here...i don't know if i would have changed my mind and not added on or not. Anyway, the outcome is awesome and we finally have a 3.5 bathroom house...the house we will live in until private tuition gets so expensive we can't afford it anymore. I love this house...but it's even better with our new bathroom!!!
QUEEN HANNAH'S Bathtub...notice all the toys surrounding it.
Hannah's shower on left, Pauls on right! :) Where did moms go???
The vanities...with granite and ugly old rugs...who can afford new stuff when you have to pay for this first! LOL!!
The bathtub again...i LOVE the windows that look out into the big back yard!

A couple of Cute pics

The girls first trailer bicycle ride...
The don't look very happy but they did like the ride.
Beans, Bean, the Glorious Fruit...The more you eat the more you toot...The more you toot the better you eat more beans with every meal!

Sam loves beans...refried esp.
Hannah said "Mama Myers would be proud of you for putting beans in front of the girls and just letting the girls go crazy with those beans."

Hannah LOVES posing...
Sam just crawling around..
Ms. Hollywood
Wow...those pants look like those parachute pants from the 1970's

Grandma is the best at putting babies to sleep...this would never happen if i was holding Sarah!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Just a quick note

Sam is on her fifth tooth! It just appeared this morning. I don't know where it came from. I mean i do...but this one is already WAY through the skin and i just checked a few days ago. EXCITING...but WEIRD! I just can't believe how fast it came through. WOW! Anyway not much to post today other than that. The girls are great. Sarah is really starting to push off and stand up for about 10-15 seconds. Doesn't seem like much...but it is to me. I can't wait for them to start walking! I think it's not to far off. After Hannah started standing it only took about a month or so for her to really get it down. That would be soo cool if they were walking by 10 months although i'm not pushing it...but i sure hope they are walking by 1 since they start MDO in January. That has always been the soon as they walk they start MDO.

Also, i've been trying to push the girls to eat every 4 hours. They are just so hungry all the time. So right now i feed them at 6a, 10a, 130p, and we'll see where we go from there. I'm just kinda playing it by ear b/c i can't figure out a good schedule yet. I'm also feeding them in between the 6a & 10a bottle a bowl of cereal and fruit. & then another one between 10a & 130p. I've never been really good with adjusting schedules and figuring out the feeding thing...UGH! I'm taking alot of info from Melody and her feeding the girls. Her nutritionist really helps with things to feed her girls...and then she gives me good advice from there.

That's it for now...Have a great week!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A quiet nice weekend - except for my sinuses

It's been a nice quiet weekend except for me feeling crappy. I get this every year. Nothing really hurts i'm just REALLY i've been drinking all day and i'm so drunk i can't walk. UGH! I'm not really drunk...although i'd like to be since i feel so bad...i've just been sitting on the couch all day with my head either in a pillow or pressed against the couch. Once i move it's all over with and i pretty much can't see straight. Finally this morning Paul went to get me some claritin d and i feel WAY better. Last year i'm not sure i got this dizzy...the year before Hannah was a baby and i remember my dad coming over to get me to take me to the medi clinic because i HAD to go to a dr. immediately. This year i know what's going on and i just tried to wait it out. Luckily it has passed for right now. Anyway i sure hope the dizzy feeling is gone tomorrow...i just can't function when i can't see straight. The good part is that Paul took over like a champ yesterday...he even tried to do things my way.

On another note the girls are all doing great. Everyone is well and Happy again. The girls are such troopers when they are sick...maybe it's because i can't baby them when i have 3...v/s when i had one i totally babied my sweet Hannah.

Also, the girls are starting to push off when they are standing on something...i see walking and standing up in the near future. I have this feeling the girls will be walking before they are 1...if they are anything like their big sister they will be walking way too soon! :) I already feel like i can't keep up with them and they are all over the place i can't imagine what it's going to be like when they are walking everywhere.

Also, i can't remember how to reprimand a baby. Sarah is pulling on Sams hair ALL the time. She just grabs it and Sam doesn't know how to fight back. Are you supposed to just let them fight it out...are you supposed to stop them from beating each other up...HELP! I feel like the hair grabbing is already out of control...every time i see Sarah doing it i take her hands off Sam's hair and tell her no...she goes right back to it and doesn't care. They HAVE TO KNOW WHAT NO MEANS ALREADY...i SAY IT 1000xs a day! :)

Friday, September 21, 2007

S & S's Weights

I just weighted the girls..i kinda thought they were getting a bit lean. Not really the case...they are still growing like weeds. Considering they started out at 5.7 & 5.11!

Sarah is: 16.15
Sam is: 17.9

They are getting BIG & i have a feeling Sam is going to be the first to walk. If i had to put money on it i'd guess so b/c she is moving all over the furniture and will push off and stand for a sec or two. Sarah is NOT interested at all...she is completely content with crawling. They both know when i say no...but just smile and do it anyway. Great right!? TWO babies that don't listen to add on to the one i already have! UGH!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pictures of the wooden name decorations for the room

I forgot to add this earlier. Anyway i'm so proud of myself. I decided to make the girls wooden name decorations for their room. I hung each one above the girls beds. I think they came out pretty good and i saved a BUNCH of money. Here are pics...i know they aren't completely straight...i had to give up b/c i was putting too many holes in the wall! UGH!

Some great pics...

Hannah wanted me to fix her hair...this is what mommy did! I thought it was cute...Daddy didn't!
Taking a nap in daddys arms!
Hannah the butterfly! This was so cute!
Taking a nice nap right after we went swimming! She was soo tired!

This was soo put your body in the place of a butterfly body!
Hannah Loved the elephants
A little rest for the babies...sleeping on the couch while Hannah & Mommy were swimming!
The butterflies eating oranges!
Hannah goofing around!

Eating dinner at the Rainforest Cafe!

Daddy swimming with Sam & Hannah!
Eating on the Riverwalk!
Hannah in her cute little life jacket! She did so well...loved jumping into the water to me!

Oh What a GREAT TIME WE HAD! I'm SOO SAD IT'S OVER! The hotel was fabulous and the girls were sooo sweet! The only really bad thing about SA is that it's really not that easy to get around with a double stroller. BUT once you get the short cuts down and figure out where to go it's nice. We just really followed all the handicap signs and we were just fine. We did have to go up to the street a couple of times...but it was a nice walk and the girls were soo sweet.

Hannah found a new Beau. We met up with Maggie and Chris at the Rainforest Cafe as i stated last night. Their little boy Joshua is such a cutie. I kept asking him if i could have his food...he's 15 months...he'd just shake his head no. When Hannah started sharing her food he was totally giving her food too! SOO SWEET!

The SA ZOO was awesome...and loads of fun for all. Hannah's fav was the butterfly exhibit. My favorite was also the butterfly exhibit. It was awesome. We had taken Hannah to one last year at the museum but for some reason i don't remember enjoying it as much.

The girls are all doing much better too. No one is sick at the moment and that is ALWAYS NICE!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

THE funniest thing i've heard about twins so far...

We just got back from The Rainforest Cafe...had a great time but ran out zwieback toast so it turned into a rushed dinner at the end. Anyway we decided to go down to the bar and get some drinks to bring to the room. They are having some convention or work party here. Lots of people in the hotel. Anyway Paul decided on some beer and some Sambuca for a after dinner drink. Anyway we got onto the elevator and a guy saw us...with our brady bunch looking huge family. He said "man you must have ALOT of estrogen in your house...Paul laughed. He then said..."i'd put some money in your glass if you didn't already have some Sambuca in it!" That is HILARIOUS! I mean i'm seriously still laughing. How funny. I told Paul to take the girls back downstairs with a clean glass and look pitiful and get some money. LOL...JUST KIDDING! But it was worth a try. I did get some good pics...i will post them mana when i get home!

Have a great week! We SURE ARE!

Our Vacation so far...

Has been GREAT! We went to the zoo today...yesterday we had a few issues finding a place to eat that had TWO high chairs in the downtown district. We went swimming with all 3 at the hotel pool yesterday...and Hannah and i are on the way up to the top floor to swim today! It's been nice, relaxing and i'm soo happy we came. I will post some pics tomorrow or Friday! Gosh i don't want this vacation to end.

We are also going to dinner tonight with our friend that runs the Wheels America SA today...we're going to the rainforest cafe! Going to be tons of fun!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Taking 3 kids on vacation entails way to much STUFF!!!

Well i took the kidos to the dr. this morning...they just have colds. Dr. E gave them Z-pacs and told me Hannah may have allergies and that is why the z-pac x's 2 hasn't worked very well. SO we're going to finish up all the meds..then give her some allergy meds and see if that works. UGH! Last night was definitely better than Sat night so we are on the upside of the hill this time. The girls have runny noses and aren't sick we're headed off to good Ole SA tomorrow!

I'm looking forward to going except for the minor packing we have to do...LOL...just kidding about minor. I feel like i'm going to vacation for a MONTH with all this stuff i have to take. To just mention a few things...pjs, diapers, bottles, formula, water, meds in case someone gets sick, diaper wipes, our clothes, the girls clothes, socks, a few toys, a pack n play...and i could go on and on. Right now i'm taking a break...i'm just sick of packing! I'm also waiting on Paul to get home from work so he can get the luggage down for me. Hannah has definitely become very simple to pack for though...LUCKILY! She has one little overnight bag and she's packed. One pair of shoes. a few changes of clothes, sock, pull ups and we're done. YAHOO!

Anyway I will have some pics when we return. Hannah is SOO excited about going. She's been talking about going all day and keeps asking when were leaving and if we'll have lunch there? HA HA! This is the first vacation she's really been on since last May when we went to Pauls bros wedding...not something i want to remember due to the rotovirus. UGh...long story and i'm sure everyone knows about visiting the ER in Arkansas because Hannah just wouldn't quit puking. It was horrible...horrible! Fun wedding and great to hang out with all Pauls family because they are all so nice and welcoming...but horrible memory of Hannah being sick.

Think that's it for now..until we get back Thursday night! Have a great week!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Haven't posted in a few days

I haven't posted in a few days because...well i guess because i've been busy. Doing something i'm sure...but i can't quite put my finger on it. :) No, actually the girls are sick so i've been busy with them. Hannah is just SICK. We slept on the couch last night and she coughed all night. I know...sleeping on the couch with your kid seems weird but i do it for a very good reason. Since all the girls sleep in one room i feel like if she has a coughing jag in the middle of the night i do NOT want her to wake up the rest of my brood. SO, if we sleep on the couch away from them we don't have to worry about it so much. Luckily we did last night because she coughed and coughed ALL night. So bad that i almost wanted to pick her up and take her outside and let her sleep out on the chair outside...HA HA, JUST KIDDING! Anyway this morning i got up thinking...maybe we should just cancel our trip to SA b/c we leave Tuesday and if i cancel with Orbitz by today we get all our money back less like 25.00 or something. BUT life is always better during the day so now it's calmed down...could be b/c she's outside with Paul and the girls are on their first nap for the day...who knows. BUT i think we're going to stick it out and go. I REALLY need a vacation...just something other than this house.

O yeah before i forget here's a story: to make a long story short...our neighbors friend(who we actually interviewed to be our contractor before we talked to john) lives by Israel(the OLD thief contractor) anyway he called our neighbor and said that israel's house caught on fire and they are investigating him for arson. They said they think he set his own house on fire with the tanning bed we probably bought him with the money he stole from us. What an idiot! Seriously i hope he takes a long walk off a short cliff...or just gets thrown in the pokey for arson would be fine. Speaking of the bathroom...still no glass yet. Ithought they'd be here on friday to try for the 6th time...NOPE! Hope they don't plan on coming this week since we're going to be out of town. The sad part for John on contractor is that he doesn't get paid till this is everyone is holding up his last paycheck! HA HA! Maybe he should get on the move and get on these people a little more. I don't feel like i'm that i have no idea why this has taken an extra....well we signed the first contract with Israel on Sept 18th of last year...then the one with john the beginning of March..I just can't figure it out.

A little on the girls emerging personalities:

Sarah: SO CUTE...SWEET...BUT there's a little bit of mischieve in her. She likes to pull Sams hair, steal her toys and beat her up. She is the one you see on the video below that is hitting Sam. She will be a heart breaker when she gets older...i can already tell. She has those sweet little eyes that will make your heart MELT. I think Sarah has a small girl complex. Kinda like a puppy that attacks big dogs or trys to because they think they are just as powerful. Hope this makes sense.

Samantha: SOO Sweet and cute. Not very confrontational and can't really hold her own yet. She will be the "runt" of the twins... ALTHOUGH there are actually times when she will take things from Sarah..most of the time it's Sarah stealing toys. She will be the sweet quiet one. The one that will stay home and hang with mom and dad while Sarah is out hanging with Hannah getting in trouble. She is such a delight and soo sweet. She may also be the pudge of the two.

Seems like the cough is getting better's always at night when she really starts to cough. I'm going to take the whole kitten n caboodle to the dr. tomorrow just to make sure they don't have something like strep. I'm sure they don't...the girls just have runny noses...but you never know.

Will write more before i leave to SA.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Humberto and more...

First of all i don't think these weather forecasters have ANY IDEA what is going on with Humberto!?! It was just on the news yesterday that all of a sudden there was a tropical depression coming towards Galveston...WHO KNEW??? I sure didn't hear anything about it and i watch the weather everyday! Very Weird! What's funny is that all sorts of schools closed in anticipation of a storm that we didn't get a drop of rain from...funny right?!

Anyway on to my life...

First of all the girls are ALL sick! Now i'm getting sick too. On top of that the girls are reverting backwards and getting up earlier and earlier..I feel like i'm in boot camp to say the least. Who wants to get up at 5a? Sometimes the crying or should i say "crying wolf" starts at 4a. O how i can't wait till they are Hannah's age and i can yell at them to go back to bed! LOL!!!

Second of all now that Hannah is getting sick with round #2...she wants to start sleeping on the couch again. I almost think it may be a good idea as the coughing may be one of the reasons the girls are waking up soo early. But what this means is that Yours Truly has to move to the couch too! I've been in my bed for a total of 3 days since the last excursion out to the couch that lasted 2 whole weeks. Yes. i'm definitely a sucker for Hannah..i know. I think it has to do something with her gagging/puking reflex. You see i hate when she pukes more than anything b/c she is already sooo small that she looses weight very quickly when she gets sick and she's already so thin that i would hate to see her loose any weight. Now, the twins on the other hand...they puke and spit up all day long and i don't worry much b/c they are such good eaters and their puke isn't it's not sooo nasty.

Thirdly, my sweet babies are sick. They have some massive snotty noses. They are fussy...but not anything over the norm. Besides, after their few months of fussiness...i can deal with almost any amount of fussiness! LOL

Fourthly, i'm getting sick. UGH! My throat is still really scratchy and i'm pretty congested and stuffy. How can anyone take care of three children and be sick at the same time??? I guess i'm going to learn really quickly!

Think that's it for now...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


We are on a roller coaster ride...oh dear! Sarah and Sam are both SOO SNOTTY! It just seems to be a constant roller coaster ride around here. One baby is sick...the other well. The other baby sick one NOW, my throat is starting to feel scratchy too... and i've had in frog in my throat for a while. I sure hope we are able to make it to San Antonio...i will be soo sad if we don't.

On another exciting note...SARAH HAS SIX...YES SIX Teeth! I can't believe it! I was checking her four teeth this morning...and low and behold there are two more and both have broken the skin. One on each side of the top two front teeth. I'm so i know where all the poopy diapers have been coming from...i know why she woke up at 5a this morning...and lastly i know why she's so fussy!

I took some more pics this morning...i just don't think there will be any more good pics until i can threaten them with no cartoons! LOL!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Just some Cute pics

Here are a few pics i thought were pretty cute! Playing in the clothes basket...let's see how long they'll stay there?
Not very long...Sarah is wondering why Sam is getting ready to flip the basket! Note to self..don't put two children in clothes basket b/c it really can tip over if the one standing is heavier than the one sitting...
We love Paul Mitchell! It does a babys hair good!
Another note to self...babies that are crawling don't stay put for long...They will try to jump right off the couch...i have a feeling this is how our portraits are going to look like for a while. :)
Samantha wondering why mommy won't stop taking pics???!!!

Hmm...Sarah must smell something stinky!
What a precious smile...and one of the new bows i bought...too Cute!
Now no one will ask if they are boys or girls...i love these bows!
Sarah is helping daddy cook! She is crawling ALL OVER the place!
Hannah had a rough day of play...she fell asleep like this...looks soo uncomfortable!

IF i had one FULL nights sleep- 10p-7a

IF i had one nights sleep these days between sick babies...i'd be able to run a marathon or do a whole triathalon. UGH! Sarah is sick and so she was up crying and shuffling around about 12a...then again at 4a. I finally just got her up at 5a and took her into Paul who put her in the bouncy for about 30 minutes till Sam got up. THEN we were all up at 530a we all got up with Hannah following shortly after at 6a. YUCK! I'm soo ready for everyone to be well! On top of all this Sam has had a horrible horrible diaper rash that won't go away b/c she is teething and every diaper or every other diaper is a pooh! YUCK! I try really hard to catch them right away and change them...but that doesn't always work. When Hannah was small we never used much diaper rash cream...we always went through a couple of tubes in 8.5 months.

Well hopefully everyone will be well by next Monday b/c we leave one week from today to go to San Antonio.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The girls are sick now

Well the girls are both sick now. Just a stuffy/runny nose. I'm not surprised since Hannah was coughing all over them for the past two weeks. What are you going to do? I could have told her over and over and she still wouldn't have understood what i meant when i told her to cover her mouth and turn the other way when she coughed. I guess the good part is that they are both so big and healthy(i know i know...we are truly blessed) i'm not that worried about them. On another note, Hannah is much better. She is completly well and no more coughing. I'm still giving her her Z-pac and the inhalers and it all seems to be working. Hannah is actually doing very well on the inhaling now when i give her albuterol i can give it to her through the inhaler and it goes straight to the lungs...and it may actually work unlike the syrup.

On another note, Sam is doing much better crawling. She is starting to move fast too. I'm glad they are doing so well and hitting all their milestones right on time even though they are really 4 weeks behind. Lately, i don't even think of them as 4 weeks early b/c they are really right on target with a regular 40 week baby. Once again...what a blessing!

We went to Melodys girls bday party the other day...Sydney and Katlyn are officially ONE! I can't believe how time has just flown by. They are so big and soo cute! She is so blessed too! I took the twins and Paul and Hannah stayed home and did some father/daughter bonding. There were a ton of babies there...poor Sydney was sick and didn't come out to play for long. Poor baby! Sabrina who is also a MOM brought her babies so there were 3 sets of twins. Pretty cute! Sabrinas babies were also very micro preemies. They were born at 25 weeks and aren't doing well. I felt so guilty(and i know i shouldn't) that my girls are so big, healthy and mobile at 8.5 months. Sabrinas are going to be one in October and arent' doing well. One is really really sick and not doing anything...aka sitting, crawling, rolling etc. The other sweet baby is just sitting and rolling...It's so sad and i feel so bad for her and those sweet babies. It's great that she's getting out though and not sitting in home feeling bad about the whole situation.

I really need a nap...the girls got up at 5a! UGH! We let them cry and whine till about 530ish and then went and got them up. I really honestly think they are having a growing spurt. They are eating soo much. I'm giving them 6 bottles a day still and they are eating a yobaby yobaby yogurt when we eat breakfast and then after their morning bottle at 9a they get cereal and fruit...then with dinner they eat cherrios and biter biscuits...they eat SOO MUCH!

Thats it for now...i have some pics to post...just haven't found time yet. I will get them up soon!

Saturday, September 08, 2007


My girls made me SOO PROUD today! We went to dinner tonight and 2 seperate families said what good girls we had and how well behaved they were. Paul and I were soo proud. We couldn't have imagined 4 months ago that we'd be taking all three girls to lunch and dinner soo much. Really all we have to do is feed them and they are happy! Hannah was soo good too. She ate some shrimp and did some coloring. What a great time for all.

Secondly, we've decided to take our first family vacation. Of course to some it probably wouldn't be much of a vacation. BUT we are going to San Antonio for 3 days this month. I just booked the hotel and it's going to be nice. At the same time i feel discriminated against. We tried to get two pack n plays/cribs at the hotel and they would only give us ONE! WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT? We have three children! I'm furious and i feel sorry for the manager of the hotel the day we check in. LOL!!! I'm definitely going to let them know how i feel about that! Anyhow, we have a wonderful suite and Hannah will sleep on the couch and the girls will sleep in seperate cribs. I'm soo excited! We may just hang out on the riverwalk...we may take a drive over to the botanical gardens b/c they have a dora exhibit! Hannah will love that!

Lastly, Hannah is doing much better now. Her cough is still bad...but the dr. put her on some steroids for asthma and a z-pac. She should be back together in no time.

O yeah before i forget...Sarah is just a trucking along. She now has all 4 teeth through the skin and is such a delight. Sam is doing well and i think both top are poking though...i know one for sure. She is also such a wonderful baby..unfortunately-maybe fortunately she is not moving as much. She crawls some...but it really hurts her toes/and her toe nails rip ALL the time. I don't know why. I found another nail half ripped off her big toe today and it was all bloody. I think that may really be why she's so hesitant to hurts her. I'm going to try to start putting some socks on her...i just feel like it is harder for her to get a grip like that but it's either slip or toe nails rip...still trying to figure out which one is better/worse.

Friday, September 07, 2007


Just real quick...I'm rolling on the floor over here LAUGHING! The FIFTH PANEL DIDN'T FIT! I'm not kidding! What in the world is wrong with these people! The panel actually fits great...the holes for the towel holder are not even with the rest. WHAT A MESS!!! I would LOVE to know how much money they have lost...serves them right for taking 2 months to get it right...maybe even more. UGH!


So i decided to take Hannah into the dr.'s office today because she is STILL COUGHING at night uncontrollably. SO, we took her, everything went fine. Dr. E gave her meds as usual...and then we left. Paul stayed home to watch the girls. When i walk in the door and right before my eyes is my baby on the floor...SLATE mind the middle of the kitchen, smiling! WHAT???!!! What in the world has been going on while i've been gone. I almost had a heart attack! She obviously escaped out of the one little cranny that is not closed up with boxes! Oh dear what are we going to do???? Anyway i knew she was moving b/c i went to the little girls room this morning and she followed right behind. I think we are in BIG trouble! Our sweet little babies that don't move are now MOVERS! Anyway, Sam is still staying put most of the time...she likes to sit back and watch her sister get in trouble! So thankfully, i'm only really chasing one right now. Once they are both moving quickly, we're in BIG trouble! Where do they sell those baby leashes again? LOL...JUST KIDDING! Although i will put them on them(they make these really neat Backpack ones) when they start walking well. Anyway that's my day so far. Now let's hope and pray we can get Hannah's cough under control...i need some sleep ASAP!

Before i forget, the FIFTH shower panel should be in TODAY! Sure hope this one is cut right! I'm not going to hold my breath though!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My old job & Daycare for the girls

Well after 3 years in home i'm really starting to want to go back to work. I emailed my old boss last week and told her i'd love to go to lunch with her sometime soon. I told her that if she didn't come by and see the girls soon i'd also be forced to bring them! :) Not that that's a bad thing or punishment... Anyway i also wrote and told her i kinda missed working and needed some real adult interaction and conversation. Anyway to make a long story short, the lady they hired to take my place 3 years ago...gosh i can't believe i haven't worked in 3 years, anyway she quit last week. She asked me if i wanted to come back to work I really wanted to and i told her so. We called St. Rose to see if we could get the girls in to everyday daycare...they are booked full in the baby room. Needless to say i guess it was a sign that i shouldn't put the girls in school ft yet. Anyway, my old boss said she was going to hire temp to hire and if i decide in Jan that i want to come back she would love it. She also said she'd pay me good and even if i worked 20 hrs a week i'd qualify for benefits...which would be REALLY good considering how bad Pauls are since he's such a small company. Having benefits alone would be great! Anyway we'll see what happens.

Second of all, my 3 year old has definitely hit her terrible 2's! I just don't know what her little problem is lately. She will do anything possible to make me mad or get in trouble! ANYTHING! For instance, she bite Sarah the other day...She knocks the girls down all the time, she tried to catch mr. beta the other day with her hand(the only reason i found this out was because there was water all over the carpet in her room and i asked where it came from..she told me she tried but couldn't catch him)...WHAT IN THE WORLD? She has also stood on things to get up on the counters to get things down and i could go on and on... Anyway, i don't know what to do? I try to punish her but she never really takes me seriously! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! She really pushed me over the edge when we got home from dinner sunday night and we put the girls in their little play area. 1 minute later i hear a baby screaming...i go over and i asked Hannah what happened..she said "i bite Sarah"...WHAT? So i looked and sure was a horrible horrible tooth mark on Sarah's finger. I was sooo mad! Paul was too! How are we going to do this when we have 3 like her??? I can't even imagine! I'm going to pack my bags and move to Mexico...and leave the girls with Paul! LOL! Just kidding! I can dream it though!

Anyway that's it for now. Please keep the prayers coming for the quad MOM in our group! Her baby has had 2 surgeries and is 6 days old. They had to put a cologospy on him and cut off a ton of his small intestine b/c it wasn't working. POOR POOR BABY! We are just sooo blessed to have such Healthy babies! I know it and i thank God everyday!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sarah beating up her sister...

You might wonder...why would two babies fight over a baby comb? Well Sarah seems to think it's more fun to play with than one of her many toys she has on the floor. She also thinks it good to put in her mouth...although i personally think it may taste a bit like baby dandruff, since that is the comb i use to scrape the cradle cap(baby dandruff) off their heads! DELICIOUS!

If you think this video is funny...stay tuned for more exciting twin videos! I wish i had had my video/camera with me earlier today. They were fighting over the SAME COMB...and Sarah got so mad at Sam that she threw herself on top of Sam...they were literally rolling on top of each other on the ground...almost like mud wrestling...but baby wrestling....LOL! It was seriously Americas funniest home video material! I could have been 10,000 richer! I now have my camera on a belt on my side at all times ready to shoot! Just kidding! Is this seriously a taste of things to come for me? I have this motherly intuition that things may get a bit worse...i guess we'll see!

Check this out...i couldn't resist. This just goes to show you baby A is not always the dominant one! My baby B is definitely the dominant one! Who would have thought a 8 month old would try to beat up her sister! SOO FUNNY! Maybe she was just putting on a show for the camera!

Showers for Hannah

My MOM group sent out this yahoo post talking about when a child should start to take showers. It made me think...wouldn't it be nice and so much easier if Hannah would take a shower. Since i truly don't like giving baths and Hannah has had a urinary tract infection in the past, which could well have been from taking baths, i've decided to try them with her myself. The first time i got in with her...she showered and i showered. The one time back when she was 1 i tried it while we were on the cruise to Mexico and she cried the whole time. NOW, she loves them! Paul and I are both so don't have to worry about UTI's, don't have to worry about drowning, don't have to watch her SOO close, etc.

Secondly, the girls are adjusting to their crib naps pretty well. I think they cry about the same amount as they did when i'd put them in their no biggie. I think it's time to put the swings away and close another chapter of our life! O how i like the fact that we are done forever with all the following:
1. night feedings
2. baby carriers
3. crying all day
4. being scared to get out with 2 babies
5. sleep deprivation
6. swings
7. size 1-3 diapers
8. 0-6 month baby clothes
9. exersaucers
10. baby bathtub
11. dreft(the girls have no reaction to regular detergent and our front loader washer can't take the suds we tried to switch to reg detergent before we blew up another motor).
12. size 1-2 nipples
13. small bottles
14. pack n plays
15. cradle

think that's it for now...o yeah..16 weeks and counting till we can start regular milk...gosh i can't wait for that!

On another note: on of our MOMS just had quads(i think the first set of all 4 surviving since i've been in the group) and one of the babies is really sick. Please say a prayer for her and her babies even though you don't know them.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Naps, schedules and crawling

There have been a couple of changes in the Myers house the past weekend!

First and foremost, we've transitioned the girls to naps in their beds during the day. This was something we've been talking about doing for a while...but just never really gotten around to it, plus i knew they weren't going to like it very much so i wasn't looking forward to the crying. Well i'm happy to say as of today we put them in their cribs and they cry for a bit but nothing dramatic just a bit of whining. SO, we've made it over yet another milestone! WHOO HOO! Next, we dropped their 9p feed. Our schedule is all up in the air and i'm trying to get it down but for the most part we've just dropped their 9p feeding and pushed the 7p feeding back to 730p. It's really really nice! I can't believe we are done for the night at 730p now! How exciting!

We went to my sisters house today! Hannah & Allison had such a great time. We all played for a bit and then went to lunch at Ninfas! What a treat! They did so well and played really nice till we were getting ready to's always right around nap time and they start to really get sick of each other and they have worn out each others welcome! It's really funny. They are just so sweet together! They feed each other...share their toys and even share their food when they eat! I think they really feed off of each other and learn from each other. Jennifer has said Allison has become more independent because of hanging out with Hannah...and well Hannah learns how to be sweet and courteous from Allison.

I can't wait till they get a bit older and really have some fun slumber parties. It's just so great that they are going to be SOO close!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Our nice Evening peaceful and quiet

We went out to dinner last night and left the girls with a new babysitter...her name is Ashton. She is a sweetie...she's 12 and lives right down the street from us. She actually used to live 3 houses over but her parents bought the big house down the street so now they are a block over.
Anyway, Ashton did great. Of course Hannah wasn't having it so Ashton told me Hannah cried for about 15 minutes and then went in her bedroom and went to sleep. I'm sure it'll just take some getting used to since all she's ever really known was Tara. Anyway we went to Fratellis and had a great time. Drank a little wine, ate some good food and enjoyed some peaceful conversation. What a nice evening. I sure hope Hannah didn't scare Ahston off. We paid her good so i'm sure she'll come back. We had the girls sleeping by the time we left so she didn't have to deal with them. Paul seems to believe that after the girls start walking etc...we'll still only need one babysitter. I'll get back with you in a couple of months and let you know...i don't believe that one will be able to keep up with three! LOL!

Yesterday and this morning Hannah rode her big girl bike for the first two times. She really likes it and did a really good job riding it. She can really go fast! I'll attach a pic later...she looks like such a big girl on her training wheel bike! :)

On another note, the girls are pulling up on everything. We are trying to transition the girls to their cribs for naps, which i'm proud to say we've done for the past 2 days now. Anyway i put the girls down earlier for a nap...i peeked in to check on them....they were both standing up hanging out giggling in their cribs. O dear, what are we going to do? I thought my life had changed once we had twins...and we were finally life is changing again..they are mobile and loving it. I guess it's better than having two crying babies like we had for so long. :)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Our upgraded car seats, Re-organized play area and more

We LOVE SAMS! What other store do you know of that is TWIN Friendly??? The girls had a blast in the shopping cart.. Pauls Aunt Helen & Uncle Bob sent this to us! I love it!
Here is the inside of the car. If you can't read says " it was nearly impossible to tell the girls apart, fortunately, one picked the left and the other picked the right". TOO FUNNY!

Here is a pic of our new setup. I pulled the rug up and put down more of those spungie squares. It seems like it's easier for them to crawl now.
Another pic of the new set up. We have plastic boxes surrounding both sides that aren't wall. Let's see how long it takes for them to figure out how to crawl over like we do!

Do you remember this pic??? My sweet babies are soo big now. It seems like it was only yesterday that they were this small! SOO CUTE!

This is Sarah! I can tell by the hair. She loves her biter biscuits! What a mess it was to clean her up!

This is Sam...once again, i can tell by the hair.
Both girls with their biter biscuits!
The girls in the car...This is the funniest thing ever! They are packed in the back seat. Hannah crawls in through the front and gets in...snaps the top up and waits for us to snap in the hard part. She will not let you go anywhere till she's all snapped in...which is good in case we get preoccupied and forget to snap her in.