Friday, February 29, 2008

Some pics from today!

Dancing queens...with their hair up!

Dear Gibson Twins,

I bought the WRONG kind of hair thingies the first time! They were just too big. I found some TINY ones at Walmart yesterday..they work WAY better. We are on 45 mintes with 2 in each girls hair...still can't take them out and looks like the gave up! WOW! I'm impressed! check out the'll see! Thanks again!

FYI...this video is PG rated...Hannah decided to pick up her dress and start dancing and show off her panties...NOT SURE WHY...I think she needs a course on acting like a lady! LOL! Check out Sams fancy foot moves...Sarah got shy and ran off...Sam is going to be a dancer when she grows up...i can already tell!


So to celebrate, Hannah & I are going to school for a little go texan rodeo day! YE-HAW! Mama & Papa are once again watching the kidos(thank you...thank you)! We are so excited to have some girly time just H & I!

I searched High & Low for some real kicker boots for her but refused to go to cavenders and spend 50bucks on a pair of next best thing was KOHLS! Thanks to my MOMS..who gave me the idea..i found 3 different pairs(size 8,9 & 10) so we're set for a few years AND they were only 10.00 each! This year we have the girls pink carters ones! They kinda look like indian boots because they have some lacing on them..but they are SOO CUTE! To go with that a homemade hat with a sheriff badge on it! I LOVE the home made much more than things bought...not only because it saves me money...but it's more fun and they get to make it which makes it more special! Then i found a cute little girly dress(size 4 and WAY too big) but none the less...very cute at TARGET!

Cross your fingers we get to see some trailriders today! Last year we were going somewhere and we saw them coming...stopped the car and jumped out to wave as the parade of trailriders went by...It was soo much fun and Hannah loved seeing all the horses and wagons!

BTW...Tuesday we're going to the Live Stock Show with the girls...we're going to meet my friend Mel & her hubby Ben up there with their twin girls Katelyn & Sydney...Hannah is so excited to see the seems like ages since we've seen them! This will be Hannah's first year at the live stock show...and of course the girls first year too! I hope they have fun seeing all the animals...probably not touching them since i'm psycho about animal germs though! LOL!

This was just a radom pic of the girls watching their FAVORITE CARTOON of ALL TIME...teletubbies! It's the one cartoon i line up chairs, give snacks and let them watch for the 30 minutes i get moving in the morning!

Thursday, February 28, 2008


I knew the talking would start soon....well today was the day. The girls both already say "OUT" and "BAD" to gracye and sugar...but today was different. Today, Sam walked up to me with her bowl that i had already given to her with a few vanilla wafers and held the bowl up to me and say "MAW" in MORE! It was the cutest thing ever. She KNOWS what it means and it's soo cute! I just called Paul to tell him and he said "You knew it'd be something like that...and it'd have to do with eating"! LOL! ESP since my girls LOVE to eat...
I'm one PROUD MOMMY TODAY! Even if the first word has to do with eating!
P.S. today we also put on the girls first pair of 18 month jeans(they've been wearing 18 month shirts for a while since they have such big bellies)! WOW...they are getting soo big! Hannah wore size 12 month jeans till she was 2 because they wouldn't fit her in the waist. The jeans are long and i have to cuff them up one time...but they FIT! AMAZING!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I can't seem to keep ANYTHING in my girls hair!

First of all, to my blogging buddy "the gibson twins", thanks for the plastic hair band idea! It worked for about...well, long enough for me to beg the girls to leave them in so i could snap a pic really quickly! I wrapped those suckers around their hair so tight...i thought they would NEVER come out. BUT, their hair is sooo straight it just slid right on out. So, as promised, here are the pics: Cute pic..the first is ALWAYS the best picGetting restless & Sarah trying to escape!And THEN ALL BABIES HAVE ESCAPED! They worked well on Hannah...YEP, she wanted 3, so i gave her 3! She said "mommy, put my bangs up, like the girls". So that is what i did! :)BTW, one of the girls actually still has them in her hair...2 1/2 hours later. But i had to put them back in a couple of times...after she'd pull them out...i'd it back in, over and over again! ALL i WANT IS FOR MY SWEET CUTE BABY GIRLS...TO LOOK LIKE GIRLS! Is that TOO much to ask?! LOL!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This morning i was busy cleaning...washing clothes and doing the normal MOM stuff. Samantha had rudely(LOL) woke me up at 455a. So what i'm getting at is that she was kinda tired this morning after waking up so early. Anyway, about 730ish...i heard two kids scurrying being my 3 year old and the one twin. I didn't know where the other one had of course i assumed she was up to no good. I look around and low and behold i find this:She scared poor Gracye out of her doggie SHE could take a power nap! I would have felt sorry for her except for being woken up at 455am! :) Either can't get any cuter than PEACEFUL!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Cute Pic

I had some things to do this morning, so my mom & dad came to babysit. This was the VERY FIRST time they did it all on their own, with ALL THREE KIDOS!! They did great. I was so excited that the girls weren't scared..and had a great time playing with mama & papa B! When i came home i walked this:
NOW that is one SPOILED BABY...taking advantage of papa! She was OUT LIKE A LIGHT! Mom said they both held them for most of the time...they just wanted to be held and cuddled and loved...while Hannah got to color & grandma helped her play with some playdough!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Some cute pics from the weekend!

Well, it's been one CRAZY week...i'll explain it all later. Anyhow that is the reason i'm lacking in posting anything. Hopefully by the end of this coming week, things will calm down and i can get back to the usual! :) This weekend we didn't do much...cleaned out some shrubbery for heavy trash and went to baby Solomons Baptism today.

Baby Solomon Wener's Cake

Baby Solomon...he's just soo cute!One more cute pic of baby Solomon! You can't tell but he's got some BIG BLUE eyes just like the girls! Hannah before we went to church...She did soo good at church...she kept telling me she loved me over and over! She's such a sweetie!Hannah & Ethan...he's soo cute!
Hannah & Tabatha...she was totally picking up Hannah in this one! The aftermath...she was zonked out in 1 minute! Some shots from this morning...the twins share an kiss! SOO CUTE! This is the sweet and best part of having two!The LOVE books now...they will both sit in the room for an hour at a time..just reading and looking at the pics in intense! They are going to be book worms! LOl! Sam accidentally fell into the dirty laundy basket...she wasn't very happy here!Sharing books...A percious smile from my middle child! HA HA...not really middle but she was BABY technically she is the middle child and first born of the twins! :)Reading a book! This is Sarah....Taking a book "break"...Sam loves to lay on the floor...she does it all the time...Look at that sweet smile!Another BIG Kiss! SOO SWEET!Sharing the push buggie...After this Hannah jumped on and they weren't too happy!The famous NEW TIME OUT chair. She was NOT happy with dad for taking this pic! We make her sit their for 3-4 minutes...IF she gets up...we start the clock over! Out in the backyard yesterday...playing in the wheel barrell...they all piled in for the ride!
Another pic of all 3 in the cart!Another pic of the girls reading books...They are just such sweet cute babies!

Friday, February 22, 2008

A cool website

Another MOM sent this out to our group! This is one of the best blog sites i've read. It's all soo true...and all about Moms of Multiples. If you have'll enjoy this


P.S. the one blog about the lady that found out she was having TWO..totally reminds me of the way i felt after i found out, I TOO, was having twins! :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some Random Pics...

This is ANOTHER bite mark. What in the world do i do with my sometimes not so sweet Samantha???! That is a horrible bite mark...and she just bit Sarah...well just beacuase she felt like it! These are our new awesome high chairs! I gave up on nice expensive chairs and went to the nice easy to clean cheap actually makes life SOOO much easier for me(thanks to a restaurant supply place down the street). Thanks to Jon & Kate plus 8...i saw they had them and thought...they would work perfectly in our house since our breakfast area is sooo small! They work really good. BTW, the girls are learning to use forks! I've been working on them for a few days and they are slowly getting it.
This is one funny pic...Hannah has seen Paul go to bed with no shirt on and thinks she shouldn't wear a shirt when she naps either. It's HILARIOUS! I caught her today. She was SOO mad when i took this day she will not want me to show these to her boy friend! HA HA...i can't wait!
Another one...once i pulled the cover off...then she was REALLY mad!
SO, to make her just a bit MORE mad...i chased her around and this is what i got! HA HA! She was REALLY REALLY MAD HERE! I'm such a bad mom! She looks like a superstar trying to beat up the papparazi! LOL!!

That's all for now..
BTW... Happy Anniversary to Grandma & Grandpa Myers...sorry no cards this year. day i'll get back into the swing of things and actually send out some cards...even if they are home made cards! Hope ya'll had a great Anniversary! Love from all of us!

3:45am and wide awake scared as hell

Well it's 3:45am and we're all wide awake(less the babies). The house alarm went off out of the blue...talking about going from 0-1000 in one second. I heard it go off and yelled...the alarm is going off...Paul jumped up and went we running through the house...i guess we were planning on confronting a burglar? What the hell were we thinking..i don't know. Luckily we found nothing. Who knows what happened? I just know i'm still shaking i was so scared. We have glass breaks...but found no glass broken. This was the first night we locked in the dogs because we are annoyed with their barking in the middle of the niht. Maybe sugar yelped because she had to go to the bathroom and set off the glass break? I don't know. Either way...i'm wide awake adreline is flowing like never before and i need a big cup of coffee. Tomorrow night i'm going to revert to my old ways. We're not locking the dogs in & not shutting the door between our rooms and the living room. Now this has got me wondering...what would we do if someone actually did break in...confront them bare handed? Should we have a gun...not loaded without any bulletts in the house...just for show? I may have to rethink our plans...i'm totally anti-gun...esp with 3 kids. BUT what do you do if someone breaks in while your defend yourself? I just don't know.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

We might not be the best dressed...but who cares?!!

Yesterday we went to the Home & Garden show. The girls had a blast...but the first guy we walked up to gave the girls Lolli pops and it was a MESS! I mean terrible disgusting mess...stickiness EVERYWHERE! SO, when we got home we HAD to give them a bath even before they ate dinner. Afterwards we decided since it was so close to bed time just to put them in Hannah's t-shirts. The had a blast...
The girls loving on each other in the cabinet which is by far their favorite place to play.
Here is a pic of me giving Hannah a hair cut. Why spend 12.00 on a hair cut at supercuts when i can do it for free. Paul kept telling me to just take her to get it cut...i think i did a fabulous job myself. I just cut her bangs anyway.

Sarah in hannah's t-shirt...she looks soo cute...wet hair and all!

Sam in another one of Hannah's t-shirts...I think my girls can look cute in anything!
Hannah playing hide and seek with the girls!
Sarah & Hannah playing in the cabinet! Hannah making a silly face!
Group pic in the cabinet! Look at those cute smiles..

And lastly, a video of the girls dancing around and playing in their bedroom. They love playing together on Hannah's bed. Sam is getting really good at dancing too! Sarah's not to interested in dancing with Hannah & Sam though.