Sunday, June 29, 2008

Never wake a sleeping baby!

Debi over at is posting pics of sleeping babies. Here are pics of my babies sleeping. Most of you have never even seen my sweet Hannah as a baby! She was PRECIOUS...with lots of black hair! I love this pic because she loved to sleep with her hands behind her head..she still does it every once in a while.
This is my second favorite pic...she has scratches on her face...but look at how sweet she looks...perfect in everyway! I think we had just brought her home in this pic..or maybe she was a few days old. Look at that dark black hair...her head was full of hair when she was born!And the twins..don't ask me which is which,,i have no idea. My guess is Sarah on left Sam on right. The babies also had hair..goodness..weird to have a baby 4 weeks early with SOO much hair!

Sunday Fun!

We woke up, at shipleys donuts and got a little crazy on the blow up mattress up in the playroom! The big girls had a blast bouncing the little girls around!Then mommy took the babies for a ride on the bike trailer! The didn't like it too much...but they were ok!

Then the big girls had their turn...

They had a blast! Uh...1.5 miles pulling a little over 65lbs...i had a pretty good work out for me!
Then Allison had to go home...And the babies FELL Fast asleep! Hannah on the recliner!All three of them! Sarah on the hallway floor!Sam fell asleep on the couch!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Not much of a slumber party...

Because everyone fell asleep in 2 minutes down pat. :)

Must be because my sweet little girl and my sweet little niece are exhausted from a long day of play! Just some other cute pics i took was almost like having 2 sets of twins. Hannah & Allison are only 3 months apart...

Look at the love!And the my other two sweeties...eating some popcorn! Auntie J, this is for you! Ahh...some yummy ice cream! The things i don't get at home...and make me love going to auntie B's that much more! LOL!The kidos waiting for dinner!That's all for now...i'm exhausted myself...i haven't even done my howdoyoudoit blog for the week yet.

A fun day with Cousin Allison

Jennifer dropped Allison over this morning so the girls could hang out and spend some quality time together. Plus, she needs a little rest.

We played up stairs for a while, ate some pizza and THEN we went outside for some water play! GOODNESS....the twins were so tired they slept for over 2 hours this afternoon. They normally sleep for about 1.5-2 hours...but never over 2 hours!

Here's a pic of the girls on the slip n slide. The big girls got it down pretty quickly! Hannah & Allison sliding around!

Hannah in action!
Sarah pouring water in daddy's boat shoes!

Sugar wanted to join in the fun!
Sarah really wanted to play with the big girls.
NICE PINK HAT for Allison!

All the babies playing in the pool!
MOMS wearing the hat too!
Gracye enjoying hanging with us outside! She has to be on a leash for 4 more weeks!

Sarah decided to pour water in daddy's shoes!

Sarah all wet and having a blast!

Allison singing...or it looks like she's singing! And dancing too!

Chasing each other! Bubbles everywhere!
Chasing bubbles!

And more bubbles!
Such cuties!
Mom trying to get some rays! THAT face means...LEAVE ME ALONE AND NO PICS!
Sugar hanging with the family!

Group shot!

Another group shot!
Dousing mommy in water!
This pic is many times do you see an adult(thirty something year old) in a baby pool acting like a kido? YEP, i had a blast...but don't tell anyone!
Getting ready to jump out...i'd had enough of water by then!
The End!
Allison is staying the night for the first time since she was a ity bity baby(the night Jeff ended up in the ER from a ball hitting him in the head) and jennifer didn't know what to do with Allison while she was waiting for Jeff to get waited on. I'm sure she doesn't remember that night. SO, hopefully tonight will be lots of fun. I'm hanging out upstairs with them...should be lots of fun! I THINK!