Monday, March 10, 2008

The best Morning of S & S's life for ME so far..

You wouldn't believe it, but this time change thing is doing amazing things for my children! They(and me too) did not wake up till 605a! HOLY SCHNIKES! I couldn't believe it! AMAZING! I am SOO excited...but i better knock on some wood. I hope this sleep thing continues...but you never know. SO they slept from 8p-6a! That's a whole 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep! I'm shocked! YAHOO!

My body will adjust if they can stay on this schedule...i'll be one Happy MOMMY!

I also forgot to add on the last post...that we had our date night Sat night. Ashton came over...and Hannah did just fine with her. We haven't had her come over in a while because we've been using Samantha a bit more since she lives 2 houses it's not as long of a drive(Ashton lives ONE block over...LOL). Both girls are soo sweet....i'm just ready for the day when we can leave earlier than 745p to go out to dinner. BUT, i can do this for one more year. By the time we can talk to them and tell them...they will just have to deal with us leaving earlier. This year has flown it won't be long. We had a nice LOUD night out. I keep forgetting how LOUD Ruth Chris Steakhouse is...BUT we had a gift card from Pauls partner from we thought we'd use that. Thanks to Bob & Theresa we had a nice meal and a bottle of wine...and all we had to pay for was a sitter. :) Either way, just getting out with my husband for a night out was nice. Just sitting there...eating...and not worried about keeping the girls occupied for an entire dinner was great!

We also went for our weekly dinner out as a family Friday always, the girls did great. We even tried colors, but i just don't think they are ready yet. There was a family that sat by us with a little 4 year old. He was HILARIOUS! He was doing the spitting kinda thing at Hannah...and she was yelling at him(both in a not so nice way). I kept telling Hannah to stop and just not talk to him...but he was doing different little annoying things to her the whole time. All in all it was actually kinda funny. Then when we left as we were walking out the door of red was packed and then ususal...everyone we walked past had to take a double take of the girls. I don't think there will ever be a time we can just go somewhere and no one stare. Of course i don't really mind...i'm sure i was JUST as interested as everyone else that doesn't have twins is about them.

On that note, Saturday when we went to pick up the play set...there was a girl there that was obviously pregnant. Her whole family was with her and we were just standing in one place staring at the big playset making sure that was what we they walked by her dad said "don't you want twins" to his prego daughter. She said "NO, NO WAY"! At first i walked up to Paul and said how rude...after i told her..."o, it's actually REALLY fun!" And Paul brought up a good point...everyone that has twins has a different perception of twins. Before i had them..i would totally say the same thing. "NO WAY!" So, i then decided it wasn't actually's just normal for some to say that..i was there, until i actually had mine. At the same time there are some that see the girls and say "O, i ALWAYS wanted to have twins" and there are times when i say "O, you THINK you do...till you have them" i really go both ways on the whole thing. Of course, when i say it i'm joking, because i wouldn't change having twins for the world...but the people that don't actually have them have NO idea. So what i'm getting at is, it's kinda a loose loose situation to anyone that has a comment for me. LOL! You say you want them...but you don't really know and haven't been there...You say O i'd NEVER want twins...and you have no idea how much love you get from having TWO babies at once. Best thing to do is...if you don't have multiples and aren't related to me in any way...nor my friend...just don't say anything! LOL! Nah, i'm kidding...nothing you can say will actually offend me anyway. This is my life and i love it just the way it is no matter what people say...funny or rude!


BoufMom9 said...

I so completely agree with you! Even though I have 2 sets of twin sisters, I was completely HORRIFIED that I was having twins. I never wanted to have 2 babies at the same time, but I have to admit, I LOVE every second of it. I just love watching them interact together.
BTW WOOHOO on them sleeping in! YIPPEE!! And, an even bigger WOOHOO to getting an adult night out! YEAH!