Sunday, March 16, 2008

ROUND 2 of being sick!

Yep, that's right. Now they are really sick. Actually the twins aren't too's Hannah! She sounds HORRIBLE this morning! I mean HORRIBLE! I already did her albuterol inhaler & her other inhaler that goes along with it. I'm waiting patiently for them to kick in because she sounds like a hollow dog coughing up her lungs. YUCK! I guess this is just part of our lives. ONE day it won't be so bad...ONE DAY! When? I have no idea. I think this sickness is all a part of making all of us stronger. The kids stronger, because it builds up their immune systems. Paul & I stronger, because we're(no really i'm) up half the night catering to her every need...sleeping on the couch with Hannah on a beach towel so she doesn't puke up her guts all over her bed and wake up the babies. It's just so weird, the girls cough a ton too...but they just don't have that gaging reflex that Hannah has along with it. I'm hoping they all get better by Friday so Allison can come over and have our big easter egg hunt.

On another note, please keep praying for Sabrina & Brihannah, she sent out another email last night and poor Sabrina is really hurting(emotionally). She said it's so hard to only have one of the twins at's something I take for granted. I have learned through this last year and a half that there are things i definitely shouldn't take for granted through meeting people who have children that are sick. Sometimes it really gets my mind going...could i ever be as strong as that person is...i sure hope so. But then i think..i can hardly deal with a child that has a could i deal with a really sick child? Emotionally, i'd be a wreck. After this past year and a half, i will never again take my children or health for granted. I truly thank God everyday, that we are all healthy. Which brings me to another point.

I had written a post back about a week's still in my saved file because i never really could finish it up between the sickness and everything else going on. BUT, right now, since the girls are busy playing together, i have a few minutes to replay the scare we had a few weeks ago.

Paul had an EKG come back irregular about 3 weeks ago now. He was told to get a second he went to another dr. who told him the same thing. This dr. set up a Nuclear stress test(for his heart) and an ECHO. I called immeditaely and set up the Nuclear stress test for that Thursday and the Echo i set up for the following Monday. The Nuclear stress test entailed a plastic iv of barium being shot into his veins and pics taken, while he was on a treadmill. Then he'd wait an hour and go eat as much fat as he could and come back and do the MRI of his heart. When i say eat as much fat as possible i'm serious. So anyway, to make a long story short...he did the stress test and we waited and waited(those we seriously the longest days of my life). Then we went and had the Echo done the Monday my parents came over to watch all three(which on a normal occasion wouldn't happen). What really drove me crazy was that the Cardiologist that read the results that morning was in the room while they were doing the ECHO. OHHH How furious i was that she had said "Oh, Myers, Yes, i just read your nuclear stress test results"! WHAT? But she couldn't remember the results because she had read 9 test results that day. ERRR!!! So another TWO LONG days of waiting...and waiting and waiting. Lucikly after all that stress and my life flash before my eyes, everything came back normal. What they found out was that...his heart is just normally abnormal. Kinda crazy, but a relief! I was soo face was so broken out due to stress...i couldn't concentrate on anything. I could hardly function enough to make sure the girls were fed and changed those days. It was horrible! Anyway, we have yet to get back the results of the ECHO, but the Cardio said the most important results are the nuclear stress test and THANK GOD those came back completely normal. So all in fine over here now.

That's all for now folks. Check back later for pics of the finished playset(LOL). Just kidding....but check back either way b/c i am taking pics once a day...just so we can see the progress!
Happy Sunday!


BoufMom9 said...

Thank God!

Carrie & Brook said...

Wow, that's quite a scare! I'm so glad that everything came back normal.

On a positive note, that is one fine swing set!