Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Couple of Pics of My Twins & my Precious Hannah

Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Twins are here!

The girls are finally here and doing great! I can hardly contain my happiness for my instant gigantic family. I just know the big guy upstairs was watching out for Paul, the girls and I. They are very healthy and probably eat more than Hannah eats which is really really exciting considering how hannah never wanted to eat and still doesn't really like to eat.

So far we were able to figure out who was who but now we're having a bit of problems because Sarah is starting to lighten up. We did find that Sarah has a little bump in her ear lobe and Sam doesn't have that will be our way of identifying them for a bit.

When they were born Sarah was really red/purple and we didn't really know why. My dr. came in yesterday morning and told me the reason she was so red and Samantha was so light was because they were getting the twin to twin transfusion. That is why my dr. always does the c-sections so early. He believes as he's stated that the problems are greater past 36 weeks.

Anyway thankfully we caught it before it was bad and the worst case seneraio would be that Sarah's billi would be elevated and have to be under the light for a bit. We should know the numbers sometime today.

I think that's it for now. I will write more after we get home from the hospital.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

Well It's Christmas eve and Paul and I decided to stay home and not go to my sisters for our annual Christmas Eve get together. We did send Hannah with My sister and i just called to check on her and she is having a BLAST. I feel bad not to be there with her...but i'm really trying to take it easy the next 1.5 days that i have left. I'm doing good so far and the good part is that my dr was out of town this weekend but said he'd be back monday so i'm pretty sure if something happened now he'd be able to deliver the girls. I just couldn't believe he had plans for the weekend with me being so pregnant! Just kidding!

I'm still in shock that it's so close. I talked to my friend Melody last night and both girls are finally home and doing fairly well. Katelyn has some major reflux problems but we are all hoping with time she'll grow out of it. She is on some medicine right now and a feeding tube through her nose as well. Melody really only uses the feeding tube at night because otherwise it takes her soo long to eat. Please pray for Katelyn and Melodys family that she gets better and out grows the reflux quickly.

Anyway I wanted to wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and update one last time before the big day.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Our Last Dr. Appt! YEAH!!

Well we went to the dr. today thinking in the back of our mind that we may be having a c-section today. Not the case. The dr. checked and everything looked really well...the fluid was fine and the girls are both very active. He said we should go ahead and wait until Tuesday for the c-section. I'm happy but so uncomfortable. The good thing is that Hannah and Paul will have more time to get better since they are both fairly sick. I took Hannah to the dr. today and they gave her a shot to get her well asap...i kinda asked for a shot because i really want her well. I also made Paul go to the dr. because he has a HORRIBLE cough...i keep telling him he sounds like a 100 year old man that's smoked his entire life :) The dr. gave him some medicine keep me quiet but told him not to take it unless he had he's refused and i'm pretty upset with him.

On another note:
The house is a mess...yesterday the contractor's workers left the gate open and sugar ran away. We came home and searched for 4 hours and made 80 leaflets to put in neighbors mail boxes...and finally right across the street we heard a yapping that sounded like sugar. I drove by and sure enough she got into our neighbors back yard while they have the garage and side door open. Then they didn't realize she was there and shut the door and she was stuck. Paul was so mad he fired the contractor and said don't come back until you find my dog. Fortunately we found her and they can get some work done sometime soon. The contractor told Paul i scared the living daylights out of them because i yelled at them and told them to get out. The didn't come back today and we've kinda given up all hope. The contractor has failed 4 inspections on the framing and who knows when they will actually pass. They have ruined our brand new carpet in our bedroom and that whole side of the house stinks like dirty icky carpet. Obviously the contractor just doesn't care one bit about us and we've just given up . He even went to the extent that he asked paul if we could just blow off the inspections...Paul said NO WAY! Anyway that's the news on our mess of a house...I'm guessing it may be done by the end of January if we're lucky. I'm really upset because i don't want a whole bunch of weird people coming in our house while i'm taking care of the girls...but what can you do when you hired the worst contractor there is in houston?

All in all things could be worse and we're going to have a wonderful december 26th if all goes well. Paul will post pics of the girls i'm guessing by noon on that day. The c-section is scheduled for 10am and then dr. said it'll take no longer than an hour total.

Please keep our family in your prayers that everything goes smoothly and that the girls are healthy and we don't have any problems taking them so soon!

Merry Christmas,

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dr. appt 12/13

We went for yet another dr. appt today. He checked the fluid in the sacks and the movement of the babies. He told me i have very active babies...i think that's a good thing? He said they both look great and everything was a ok so far. I also had to have a strep b test done today. I didn't think if you have a c-section you could pass it on to the babies...obviously you can since they gave me the test. Next he told me to pack my bag just in case we could go straight to the hospital. I can't believe the time is flying by so quickly.

Lastly i'm still sick so he did decide to give me a zpac to knock out the congestion etc.. He said he'd hate for me to be sick and try to have a baby. That makes two of us.

That's it for now...this weekend our plan is to pack up everything...put the car seats in the car...get down all the impt stuff we need for the girls etc.

O yeah the contractor said that the bathroom should be done by next friday...i'm not going to hold my breath on that one. He just got red tagged today(he has to pay a fine and go down to the city and resubmit his premit) because he still didn't do anything that was asked of the inspector from last thursday when the inspector came by. this nightmare ever going to end???

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Great Article on Twins

I don't go to the dr. until tomorrow but i wanted to put this on my blog before i forget. It's a really good article on twins in the Houston Chronicle.


One Dr. appt tomorrow and then one more NEXT WEDNESDAY and we're done forever with prenatal appts! YAHOO!

Will update more after the appt tomorrow!


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dr. Appt today

We went to the dr. today despite the fact that i'm really sick. Obviously i have gotten whatever my poor baby has had for a few days now. She's got a really bad croupy cough and i took her to the dr. Monday and the dr. said it was croup. With her medicine issues i've had to give her "presents" every time i want her to take medicine. I never in my wildest dreams thought i'd have to coax her into taking yummy cherry medicine but she just won't take it willingly. Her presents usually consist of a different chap stick/lip smacker that i have a stash of in a drawer.

As for my dr. appt. It went really well. The girls weight the following:
Baby A weights 4.7lbs
Baby B weights 4.12lbs

That totals over 9lbs in my big ole belly. I can't believe it...2lbs more than when i had Hannah. Maybe that is why i can hardly walk these days and my pelvis hurts so bad i can hardly get up off the couch which is where i sit all day long.

He said Baby B is REALLY active and Baby A is a bit calmer. I wonder if there personalities will reflect that when they get here? Hmm...

The dr. also checked my fluid and everything seems to be going just fine. The next two appts and ultra sounds will only consist of vital/fluid checks because the babies are big enough now to where he won't worry anymore.

I think that's it for the way i'm already so big the only thing that fits me is pauls 2x t-shirts and those are even tight. If anyone has any suggestions about what the think i may be able to put together as an outfit let me know...otherwise i think i'm going to be wearing pjs' all day and perhaps some moo moo's when i go out... LOL


Monday, November 27, 2006

Dr. Appt for 11/27

One more Dr. Appt down and THREE MORE TO GO! YAHOO!

Dr. Putterman was so impressed today. He said i'm doing so well considering. The babies are doing great so far and all my worries are really behind me. Right now the girls are both right over 4lbs and so if they were born now there wouldn't be much to worry about other than their lungs developing. He said if he wasn't worried about that he'd do a c-section at 34 weeks. I got really excited at first when he mentioned 34 weeks...but he said no after all.

I'm really ready to be done with my pregnancy. I'm so big, my hands are numb and hurt really really bad all night, i get really bad charlie horses and i can hardly put socks/pants etc on anymore. I will be so happy to be able to see my toes again.

Anyway he gave us a bit of information on the c-section. We will go into Methodist around 8am on Dec 26th and we'll be admitted and then they'll do the c-section about 10am. He said a c-section is really better for me because if the girls do have the twin to twin transfusion the c-section can be done and then girls be born 30 seconds apart and you don't have to worry about anything after that...rather than have a regular birth where one baby could be in there 30 minutes or more later. I chose the c-section. I guess this time my belly will hurt v/s my backside :) I'll let ya'll know which is better after i've had the c-section.

That's all for now. The dr. gave up on pictures because he's done soo many ultra sounds. I guess i won't have any more pics of the girls till the big day!

Will update again NEXT Wednesday, as that is my next appt!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Dr. Appointment

The dr. Appointement on Monday went REALLY well! I forgot to update until now...sorry!

Dr. Putterman stated that everything is going well and we've officially set a C-Section date. The girls will be here no later than December 26th! Right now they weight 3.10lbs and 3.14lbs and are doing well. Dr. P just told me to keep on doing whatever i was doing because everything seems to be going fine.

I have some mixed emotions about having the girls 1 day after Christmas. First and foremost i'm concerned that Hannah is going to have to celebrate Christmas with my family and me not be able to come since it'll be so close to the end for me. I'm also concerned that the girls will be sad when they get older and think they didn't get a real birthday because Christmas is so close and they'll think there presents are all combined together. I guess if that's the worst thing that could happen...i'm really blessed in and in good shape.

Next i also feel guilty for even thinking any of this because there are so many people out there that either can't have babies or have very premature babies that are really sick. We are very very blessed and i know that because as of right now the girls are really big enough to be fairly well if they were born now.

Anyway the good news is that if i don't go into labor before December 26th i will have a c-section that day. YAHOO! I'm really ready to have them and get started with the all night feedings :)

O yes, more good news before i forget. Melody was able to take Sydney home Wednesday(the day before Thanksgiving). She was so excited but also sad that Kaitlyn couldn't come along. She said it was a bitter sweet day... The best news is that Kaitlyn will be home very soon and is doing great...just taking a bit of time to get her to suck and take her bottles.

I got to the dr. once a week now so i'll have more updates this upcoming monday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Dr. Appt and stuff

Sorry, once again this has taken me forever to update again.

Paul and I went to the dr. 2 Monday's ago and everything is well with the girls. Pauls a bit nervous because everything is going so good so far. The girls were 3.3lbs each last appt and by now should be somewhere around 3.7lbs. Once i hit 32 weeks were really ok because they should be 3.14lbs by then. I go to the dr. tomorrow and from now on every week after this for an ultra sound.

I have had some contractions lately. Very weird to me since i never had them with Hannah. My dr. said when i do to time them and lay on my left side and drink a ton of water. SO far they go away pretty quickly....Thank Goodness.

Julia is working out great. Hannah just loves playing with her. We are still workng on the obedience part since Hannah thinks Julia is her gopher/made but i think with time things will all work out. It's definitely a large adjustment since i don't like people staying at my house for long and Julia will be here for a year...but i think i'll get used to it.

That's it for now...will update again tomorrow after the dr. appt.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dr. Appt & Family Update

Hi All,

Sorry for the delay updating. We have really had too much going on lately. To top that off we have not had phones & internet for weeks now. As you can tell we have finally gotten the internet up and running(THANK GOODNESS)!!!
Plus, last week our schedule went something close to this: Saturday we moved, Tuesday Pauls parents arrived, Thursday they left and we also left to Dallas for Pauls Managers Meeting for work, Sat on the way home Julia called and asked to see if we could pick her up, Sunday was Allisons 2nd bday party... OH WHAT A WEEK!!!!!!!

Anyway, first update is dr. appt 1 week ago. The girls are doing great and both weight 2.3 lbs and are growing big fast. Everything looks we are hoping the will hang in there and the dr. will induce right after christmas.

Second update is the house: which is finally great! Israel went through too many painters to count and finally found a great guy that is really working hard to make the house perfect...and even better...he actually knows what he's doing. He's fixed everything that i had given up hope on ever looking good. The walls look great...the doggie door is fixed(for the second time since Gracy busted throught it a couple of nights ago while we were at dinner), the counters look if we could just get the floors sealed we'd be great.

Thirdly, Allison is now two! She had a great bday party and Hannah had too much fun helping open up Allison's bday presents :) It's just great how much the love each other and how good they play together.

Forthly, we now have a new member of our family! Julia Rodrigues is here to live with us from San Palo, Brazil and we are so excited. We actually took her from another family that she was having some conflicts with and it had all turned out really well. She is adjusting well and really enjoys helping with Hannah. It's going to be a bit of adjusting for us just having a new addition to our family...but i think it'll be lots of fun and she's really looking forward to meeting the girls and spending extra time with Hannah so she doesn't feel left out. She has already helped a's just going to take a bit of adjusting for Hannah since she always wants to go wherever i go :)

Lastly, we have another dr. appt Monday. I will update more after that. Hope all is well for everyone.

P.S. we took some family pics for the holidays. If you'd like to see them please go to
go to portraits and the password is myers


Monday, October 09, 2006

Baby Shower & Dr. Appt

First of all i want to thank everyone that came to my baby shower. I had a great time and i'm so thankful that my sister jennifer insisted that i have a shower. It was a ton of fun. I also wanted to thank my other sister Kathleen for helping Jennifer put on such a great shower. There was plenty of food, fun and games that were pretty entertaining! I will attach the pics as soon as i get them from Jaymie. She had sent me her's but on the kodak share webiste and i can't download them to my blog from there. SO, hopefully she can resend them as an attachment.

Secondly, my Dr. appt went very well. I had to go myself because Paul had to stay home and watch Hannah. I had my gestational diabetes testing today as well as an ultra sound. I will not know till around Thursday if my getstaional diabetes test comes up normal or not but i will update if i hear something. The ultra sound went very well. The girls are both 1lb 11 oz and i'm measuring at 30 weeks already. The dr. said it's normal to measure big since they are normal size for their age and i have two in my belly. They are both still breech and the chances of them fliping grow smaller as they get i'm just guessing i'll have a c-section but not for sure. I'm starting into the home stretch of having the babies now and i have to go have an ultra sound every two weeks now. He said one they are viable(as they are at 24 weeks) they keep even a better watch since if something was wrong they could go ahead and get them early and chances would be great of survival. After i hit 32 weeks i start in on every week ultra sound. Gosh that seems like a lot of ultra sounds...but they really do keep a close eye on high risk multiple baby it's a good thing for the health of my babies.

Anyway i think that's it for now...i will update if i get any more news.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Been a while since i updated

Sorry for the delay updating...we've been really busy lately with the house remodel, i've been sick and I'm really starting to get tired.

First and most importantly, Melody's babies are doing pretty good. We have all been praying and i think the big guy upstairs has been listening! The girls have had their ups and downs but most importantly is they are getting better and gaining weight. Melody is finally able to hold them's so sad because it's something i've just taken for granted. BUT the upside is that they are major fighters. I think as of a few days ago one baby girl(i forget who's who already) anyway one is 2.10 and one is 2.01lbs...which is really good. I told Melody the other day she should go back to school to be a nurse or dr. since she is learning SOO much from being up at the NICU all day with the girls. I have seen one pic of one of the girls and she looked so precious. I think once they are off all oxygen and you can see their faces Melody will be more willing to show pics because you will be able to see their precious little faces. I sure can't wait to see some more pics myself.

The house remodel is coming along slowly. It was funny but i finally told the contractor today that he needs to get moving...i think he was shocked that i said that. Anyway, he's doing a great's just taking a lot longer than expected. So far we have the following done: bought all new appliances except for a dishwasher(we are still looking for a good deal for a new stainless steel one), had the counters finished in the kitchen(the granite is georgous), new slate floors in the living room, kitchen, powder room, wash room, breakfast room, and dining room, finished the windows in the living room, added a door in the master bedroom and now they are getting ready to work on painting the ceilings and walls downstairs, o yes and they put a wall between pauls new office and the dining room and they have the wood up in the back by the master bathroom we're adding. The fence is also about half way done. We're awaiting the guys to fabricate the iron part of the fence, which is all the way across the front of both sides of the house. All in all i'm just ready to be done so we can move in and put this house on the market asap.

Lastly, i'm really excited because my first and only any kind of shower/baby shower is this weekend. I have never had any this will be really fun for me, not for the presents but just to hang out and visit with friends and family. My dad's sisters are all that's really exciting since we don't get to visit often. Plus all my close girl friends are also coming ....all to celebrate the life of the babies. My old boss is coming...and some friends from my old and new neighborhood are all in all it's going to be lots of fun. I'm taking Hannah with me so she can hang out with her buddy and bff(best friend forever :) Cousin Allison. Hannah can't wait and has been talking about Allison all week. Hannah is going to make out like a bandit because not only does she get to hang out with Allison Sunday, we are also going with JenniferJeff(that's what she calls Jennifer and Jeff) and Allison Saturday at Knots Berry Farm. We are going to do the whole pumpkin patch/petting zoo thing. It should be lots of fun if i'm not to exhausted after Melody and I go to the MOMs of multiples Buy/sell @ 6am that morning. We'll see...i'm sure not since shopping and bargains always give me an adrenaline rush! :) LOL!!!

Ok enough for today...i will update with pics after the shower sunday...and then i'll update again Monday night after I go to the dr. for my gestational diabetes test and ultra sound. Cross your fingers everything goes well!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My dr.s appt today

Paul and I went to the dr. today while Ms. Hannah got to play with her grandma and grandpa. Everything went very well today. I did tell the dr. i was worried a bit now with what happened to Melody. He said not to worry and just be as aware of different pains as you can be. He said if i feel like something is wrong call and come in asap. He said he'd rather me come in and there be nothing wrong than to wait it out and find there is something wrong. He did give me a booklet on perterm labor to read since i really didn't go through a real labor last time since i was induced 4 days late.

Dr. P also did an ultra sound today. The girls are doing great...and Dr. P laughed a bit because they are both breech and he wasn't able to figure out who was who as he normally could. He showed me one shot of four feet going crazy moving around. He said he really couldn't tell which one was lower and which one was higher. It was really funny. He said there's a 50/50 chance they will both turn back around but you never really know. Once they get a bit bigger the chances are slimmer that they will flip back correctly. I'm not really worried about them being breech and have a c-section...i'd probably prefer that over a regular birth anyway.

That's all on the babies for to the house.
The house is coming along GREAT! We are really happy with our decision to use Israel so far. He has come through and really wants to make us happy. He comes to us with every decision that needs to be made and i'm just really happy with him overall. So far they've done the following:
1. torn out the back wall and fireplace and now they are framing the new windows
2. replaced the floor with the slate
3. added a door from the bedroom outside
4. we've had the shrubbery and trees torn out to clean up for the new fence
5. torn out the cabinet doors for the Big T.V. to fit in the cabinet
6. torn out the book cases from the dining room wall to be replaced in pauls office.

I think that's it for now...but the house is already looking really really nice. Talking about adding some light to the house. It's SOO much brighter now. We are really going to enjoy all the light.

We have a MOM meeting tomorrow. I'm really excited because Melody is coming with me. It's always nice to hang out with a whole bunch of women who have been through what your about to go through. I will update more later after the meeting.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Friend Melody

I'm without a twin pregnancy partner now. My friend and pregnancy buddy Melody had her babies on Friday Morning. She was 6 weeks ahead of me and wasn't due till Dec 6th or around there. She went into preterm labor and didn't know. She said she thought that the babies were just moving a bunch. They had a c-section on Friday morning because it was too late to stop the preterm labor and both babies were breech. The girls weighted 1.10lbs and 1.12 lbs. There names are Kaitlyn and Sidney(i totally wanted to name one of ours Sidney but paul didn't want to). Anyway Melody is taking it very very well considering. I have talked to her a couple of times and she is much calmer than me! The babies also had surgery two nights ago because they had heart murmurs and they didn't close and so the dr. decided to go in and close them. I have not talked to melody since this happened because i'm very nervous and don't want to bother her when she has so much going on. I want her to call me when she's ready to talk. She did tell me we'll have to start doing our weekly lunches at the hospital...which will be fine for me. I just have to make sure it's on a day when Hannah is in mothers day out. I really want to support her but i don't want to upset or overwhelm the same time i don't want her to think i don't care about her.

Anyway that's all for now...i knows it's really sad news but on the bright side...The babies are going to be ok and all we can do is sit, wait and pray for Melodys family.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Big Ultra Sound

Well we had the big ultra sound today. I'm happy to say everything went very well. Evidentally the nurse had booked the ultra sound a bit to early b/c he usually likes to do them around 19 wks...i'm only 18w4d. He was able to see all of baby A(Samantha) but Baby B(Sarah) was hiding out a bit, SO he'll re-check anything he couldn't see really great on Sept 20th. He did say Samantha was Breech, but we may be ok b/c they still have some time to flip before they get to big. Right now one baby is 7 ounces and one baby is 8 ounces, which is totally normal. Lastly Dr. P said he was 100% they were girls. We were actually able to see one of the babies privates...and it was definitely a girl. All in all we had a great appt and i'm starting to get excited about having two more babies added to our family.

One other very important note: the dr. said that he was pretty sure the girls would arrive somewhere between Christmas and New Years...i hope there's enough time to have a glass of champagne at midnight on new years eve!! HA HA...Just kidding! He did tell me he'd try to hold off till after Christmas if all possible. So hopefully we'll be home Xmas day and try to have a semi normal christmas for Hannah...although i'll probably be sooo big i won't want to get out of bed. The good part is that if they are here before the new year...we'll get TWO extra tax write offs! YAHOO!

On another note: we are scheduled to close on the house Monday afternoon! Paul and I are so excited about our new home. It's a great house to raise a family.

Here are some pics of the babies: (L-R) The babies mouth, the babies head and a pair of feet, 2nd row: the babies spine, babies mouth, 3rd row: face, babies head with a pair of feet(this is because they are breech

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hannah 2 year pics, News on the Homefront, NWMOM Update

Hello All,

First of all we finally were able to go get Hannah's 2 yr pics done. What a relief. She did NOT like taking them at all, so when i attach them you will see as she did NOT smile once. I think from now one we'll have to take her alot more often to get her used to having her pics taken. I'm sad she didn't smile and we didn't get any really good ones...but maybe the Christmas pics will be better.

Second of all, we have officially bought the house. We had inspections done last week and everything went very well. As of tomorrow, we are out of option pending and the only way we wouldn't get it is if the owner of the house back out for any reason(i think). We have been making big plans for our new house. We are having a "master bathroom" added behind the bedroom with hopefully 2 showers, having floor to ceiling windows put in the living room, a trellis put on the back patio with a fan and a couple of other small things done. Hopefully we'll get all this done prior to moving in althought it's always sooo hard to sit and wait when you know your new house is right around the corner and there's so much to do. I just can't wait till we actually close and get the keys to the house. I can't wait to show off the new's really a georous house and soo big.

Thirdly, Melody and i went to the NW Mom's of Multiples meeting this past week. We had an ice cream social. YUMMY! It was a fun time and we met a ton of new people. I met this one lady who has twin fraternal boy/girl babies that are 5 weeks old. Gosh, i felt so bad for her. She was not getting much sleep and said that each baby kinda had their own schedule and she'd maybe get 2 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period! YIKES! I did get some great info and one lady said that she'd take a 5-6 hour nap when her hubby got home from work...Paul thought that was a great idea...and then i'd do the over night. We'll see how that works...i think i'll be ok as long as i get a real period of sleep somewhere in a 24 hour period. Another lady said that identical babies may sleep on the same schedules if we are lucky...boy would that be nice.

Lastly, we go to our 19 week ultra sound this coming Wednesday! I can't believe i'm almost half way there! WOW...i'm so excited. I'm really just ready to get over the first 9 weeks or so where the girls will be waking up at night. After that i think i'll really enjoy it alot more! I will update everyone after i get out of the dr.s office Wed. Please say a prayer that both babies are fine and everything comes out normal. I read the other day that 90% of twin pregnancies are normal and the babies are fine. I hope that we are in the 90%!

Here are some pics of Hannah:
The first one is of Hannah & Cousin Allison at Lunch last weekend...they had way too much fun. They were talking...but screaming at the same time. We scared everyone out of the room we were sitting in b/c of the girls :)
The second one was of Hannah putting on "bipstick" after she somehow found some hidden in the bathroom drawer! :) She was so proud of herself! Thank goodness she didn't get it all over the house!
The last three were the photos we took at Picture people. She just refused to smile...although i think they still came out pretty good! :)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Well the GREAT news is we bought the house. We are sooo excited we can hardly wait to move in. We are going to do a couple of things before we move in but not much. The house is just lovely and perfect for our growing family. We will keep Ms. Hannah in the room downstairs by us till the au pair and babies come. Then we'll move Hannah upstairs with the au pair. I'm a little nervous about this just because my poor baby will be upstairs rather far away from me...but i think i'll get used to it. Anyway, we meet with the inspector today. We also have a fence guy coming thursday and a remodeling guy coming today to see if we can add on a bathroom and sun room and how much it would cost. I'll update the blog as soon as we have more information. O yes, we are planning on closing on aug 28th or 29th as the seller is moving to ireland August 30th. It's all just depening on the mortgage company and the title company.

We did meet the owner of the house on Saturday. We drove by on the way to lunch and they were all there cleaning and moving things out. Paul didn't want to stop and bother them, but on the way home i insisted he stop so he did. The owner of the house is such a nice lady. She is so calm and sweet. Paul just couldn't believe how calm she was considering she was moving out of the house she had lived in with her family for 17 yrs. I think i would have been a mess. She was so nice and inviting...welcoming us in her house and showing us all sorts of neat perks to the house. I really can't wait to move in. It's going to be so nice!

Also, Melody and i are going to the Mom's of Multiples group this thursday. We are both so excited. I hope she will be able to attend the next one but she is getting so big and starting to slow down a lot so we just don't know what's going to happen. I will update on the meeting after we get home Thursday night. I do know this meeting is a round table where you get the ask a mom that has already gone through pregnancy and birth all sorts of questions. I think this one will be very very informative. We'll find out soon!

Lastly, one of my relatives(not sure how we're really related) who i saw at the Bench Reunion had twins back in February. Well word was out that we were going to have twins and she called me a couple of weeks ago. I just got back to her yesterday and i was so happy i did. She was so informative and gave me lots of ideas once our kido's are here. She did say the first 2.5 months are going to be horrible...but after that it'll all be worth it. I still remember when we had Hannah and that's right about on target when we finally were able to get out of the fog and get a bit of sleep. She did say she seperated the babies and put them in seperate rooms after a month. I did NOT expect to seperate them until they were old enough to beg for their own rooms! YIKES! She said everyone is different and you just really need to do what feels right.
Also, she gave me this AWESOME website to check out: talking about a ton of neat stuff and info. I love it and was on the computer almost all day looking at the site.

Will update ya'll more after we get more info on our new house!

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Well we have big news on the home front. We had planned on building a new house as many of you know. BUT in the midst of talking to builders and meeting with an architect, a really beautiful house a block over went on the market and we have an appt tomorrow with the realator. . Here is a link to the house . It's older but big and looks really nice from what we've seen from the outside and the website.

I will update ya'll on what happens tomorrow after we meet the realator.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Well all signs point to GIRLS!!! I totally guessed right!!!! I just knew it. Paul is a bit sad because our plan had always been to have two and then if we had two girls to adopt a boy. NOW, there's no way we're adopting a child...we won't have room and we'll have to win the lottery to pay for private school tuition and then college and weddings, etc. When i reminded Paul about THREE weddings...he was a bit freaked out. I also just remembered that there is no one so far to carry on the Myers name. It's like a dejavu of my family, which had all girls too! The good part is that the girls can all share clothes and they will probably all love to sleep in the same room and maybe even share a big bed for a while. They will also hopefully be very close since they are so close in age. I regret that i did not have my oldest sister closer in age to me because we were never going to same direction...never hung out together and by the time she was in high school i was just starting elementary school.

Secondly the dr.s checked out the girls and they are doing fine. I had to sign my life away and tell them i didn't want to do any genetic testing b/c if they test for things like spina bifada there are chances of a false positive and it's higher with twins and then you could have to do an amnio to see for sure. The whole thing is weird and i do not agree with testing for these things because they only reason one might test for them is to do selective reduction if there is something wrong with one or both. So i said no to the testing and i'm happy with my choice.

Hannah came with us today to the dr. becuase i was still a bit nervous about her going to school today. She did really good in the dr.s office despite the fact that we had a REALLY long wait today.

I'm also attaching some pics of Hannah in her new bouncy play toy. This was the day after the party because we did not get any pics of her in the boucny on her bday.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hannah's Birthday & the Mothers of Multiples Meeting

Sorry it's been a while since i wrote last. Hannah's been sick for the past two she's been home with me on Mothers Day out Days. She is finally well from her stomach virus so she'll go back to Mothers Day out Thursday.

The mothers of multiples meeting was great. We met a ton of people and every lady had their own story. Most good and all ended good either way. Every lady had a name tag with little feet and birth date. They were printed in the either pink or blue and with the amount of babies they had. I couldn't believe it, but even a lady that looked like she was in her mid 60ish was there to socialize. Melody and i both agreed it was kinda like a sorrority meeting. They read the minutes and then they have a group called the sunshine group that keeps up with all the pregnant moms and updates on progress. What we also found out is that if we become a member, which we definitely will, they have a group that will cook food for you one night after you come home from the hospital OR 2 ladies will come babysit you babies and let you have a night out. I think we'll take them up on watching the babies for a couple of hours for a night out on the town...but we'll see what happens. The group also has breast pumps to borrow and a TON of books you can borrow from their library. All in all the group is great and we've both decided this may be our one night a month out after the babies get here.

Next exciting piece of news...Hannah's 2nd birthday party. Luckily she was not sick that day and had a GREAT time with everyone. She got a ton of toys and lots of money for college. We had about 30 people come to the party and i got take out papasitos for the occasion and it turned out great. We had lots of food, cake, non alcoholic beer and candy! Plus, Paul bought Hannah one of those big jumper things and her present was a climbing/slide so she had a ton of toys outside to play with until the rain came down.

Lastly, we find out the sex of the babies in TWO DAYS!!! I'm soo excited. I'm sure they are girls...but you just never know. I have to say, i will probably have a heart attack on the table if he sees a pee pee or two on the ultra sound machine. Not that i don't want boys, because i'd love boys. But just because i'm sooo sure that they are girls just because i feel the same way i felt when i had Hannah.

Here are a couple of pics from Hannah's 2nd birthday party!

Don't you love how Jaymie(far right) is entertaining all the kidos with playdough! Thanks Jaymes....I'm looking forward to the day when i get to buy finger paints and playdough for your kidos! :)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mom's of Multiples Meeting 7/20

My Friend Melody and I are going to our first Mom of Multiples meeting tonight! I'm really excited. We are hoping we'll be able to gather as much info as possible from other moms.

I'm starting to get back to normal for the time being. I've had enough energy to wash clothes, do dishes and all the other fun house wife chores. I still get sick in the morning but by mid day i'm usually ok. I have been having some bad headaches the past week that i sure hope subside sometime soon. I had to call the dr. on duty last friday afternoon to see what i could and could not take. He said i'm ok taking tylenol and sudafed. I think i knew that from last time...but just to be on the safe side i called anyway.

I've also be anxiously planning my sweet baby Hannah's 2nd birthday part. I can't belive that time has gone by soo quickly. She has become so independent. She helps with chores, helps feed her new fish "Betta" and has learned to put her shoes on all by herself. O yes, and she has the strength to open up the fridge which could pose a problem sometime soon! She knows a couple of colors, be predominately pink. Paul was shocked beacuase he gave her a bath yesterday and she specifically asked for the pink crayon to color in the bath. That's definitely MY girl! She loves pink, carrying purses and "bipstick/lipstick". She decided on Barney for her birthday party this we went and bought all Barney plates, hats and everything else that went with the Barney ensemble. For her birthday we bought her a little plastic climbing/sliding toy. I think she will really enjoy this because she roams in the backyard everyday now...and doesn't really have anything to play with. NOW she has something in the back to keep her out of the dog water. I also bought her a tea set with 35 pieces to spread throughout the house. Paul was not happy about this, so i promised i'd buy a bag to keep all the pieces together in one spot. We also bought Hannah one of those gigantic blow up jumping things for her party. I think it's going to be a big hit for the kids...and maybe for me too! We'll see what the max weight is for the jumper.
Lastly, we're taking Hannah to the circus this weekend. We're meeting my sister and Hannah's cousing Allison. I think Hannah will have a blast...and to be quite honest, if she doesn't i know i will! :) That's all for now! I will attach some pics sunday after we go to the show.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ultra Sounds, Ultra Sounds and MORE ULTRA SOUNDS!!! How many ultra sounds can one person have?

I was just many ultra sounds can one person have during a pregnancy? I think with Twins EVERYTHING REALLY DOES DOUBLE! I've had THREE ultra sounds in 6 weeks. Crazy right? Considering when i was pregnant with Hannah i had a total of THREE(one at 8 weeks, one at 20 weeks and one at 38 weeks). As of now i'm already scheduled for two more ultra sounds. One on the 3rd of August...and we should find out the sex of the babies then. The best part is since they are identical there should be no second guessing the second if we know the sex of the first. :) Also, with my Bench genes working i'm sure they are girls...although i don't really care as long as they are healthy babies. The other Ultra sound is scheduled for August 30th...our THIRD WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! That ultra sound will be the big one, where Dr. P will check the spine, heart, etc... That one will take an hour and they only do those on Wednesdays so thank goodness Grandpa has agreed to come watch Ms. Hannah for the morning.

I'm happy to say everything went very well today. What i learned today at my appt was the following:
when they name a baby (A) or (B) they stay the same the entire pregnancy. And you may ask how a dr. knows which is which. My Dr. said because they stay in the same position the entire pregnancy. For instance Baby A is higher and Baby B is lower and they stay that way the entire pregnancy. Intersting right?

Anyway Dr. P said everything is going great and i proceeded to ask him what would happen if the babies ended up with twin to twin syndrome which was what he said we should start to watch out for now. He said i should stop reading all the bad things on the internt because the chance of this happening are very small and if something happens they are doing so many ultra sounds to watch close and make sure it doesn't happen. Mainly, if it does, we'll deal with it when we get to that. He said usually they just monitor it very closely and will induce early and as soon as the babies are viable if it gets really bad.

Crash course on twin to twin syndrome. It normally happens to monozygote twins, which are identical twins. It happens when the babies share a blood supply and one gets more blood and takes over and the other baby stays small. It's a very scary thing to think about but i really like to plan and research ahead. Anyway let's all hope and pray i don't need to research any further on this topic.

By the way i've gained 5lbs in 2 weeks! YIKES! Really i'm sure it's only like 3 because i wore some heavy jeans to the appt today and normally i wear skirts which are alot lighter in weight. I guess the weight is packing on now that i finally feel better...i eat better and i only puke in the morning for the most part.

Melody(my friend that is also pregnant with twins) and I are going to the Mothers of Multiples meeting next Thursday(7/20)! We are both really excited and hoping we can gather a ton of important information about anything and everything that has to do with twins! Here's a link to the group we are going to attend: Also, we went shopping for twin stuff yesterday at babies r us! There is a large selection of strollers(by the way i'm still trying to figure out whether to get a double or triple stroller or BOTH!!?) but they don't have much of a selection of any other twin if anyone reading knows of some special store in Houston, Texas that has a large selection of twin items please let me know.

Lastly, my friend Melody and i went to lunch yesterday. The lady waiting on us asked Melody how much longer she had left, because she is very big for 19 weeks. Anyway Melody told her she was having twins and that i was too. The lady looked at me and said your not pregnant with twins. She then came back a few minutes later and told me no one in the back believed that i was having twins... I can't figure out if that's good or bad? I guess it's good as i won't blow up like a beached whale like i did last time. But at the same time i'm sad because i was to look like i'm having twins...i guess i'm sure with time i'll regret saying this...but i really want to look pregnant now! :)

Here are some more pics of the twins(girls)...i don't really know the sex but my intuition says girls: This is baby A but you can also see on the left baby B's head..they are in a T Position right now...soo cute!

This is baby B: Isn't she just precious?? I'm already in love with both of them as so is Hannah...she kisses my belly and says "babies" all the time!

Here is a portrait of both together. I think they are butt to funny is that?

O yeah one last note. We had our first "belly" ultra sound. I graduated as of 12 weeks! WOW how nice that was for me. Anyway i forgot to add that the babies were moving a TON when he pressed down with the ultra sound wond. Paul said they looked like Mexican Jumping beans...they both totally jumped up and floated back down every time Dr. P would press down on my belly...i wish i had a tape of was sooo cool! They are just soo active already it's great!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hannah & Allison celebrate the 4th of July


Well we had a great 4th of July this year. Despite the bad weather my sister had a 4th of july party at her house and the best part was that Allison and Hannah had a GREAT TIME! The played and chased each other around and even got to swim in Hannah's baby pool.

I'm going to attach a few pics

Aren't these some great pics...Hannah and Cousin Allison had soo much fun in the pool. The third pic of Hannah has her ma ma(grandma) and her playing with her favorite doll.

P.S. Allisons mommy promised to buy Allison a new swimsuit. She could barely get in on her yesterday AND when she finally did it looked like one of those wrestling outfits where the guys chest hangs out the top! :) I sure hope she buys her one soon or Allison is going to never forgive her when she sees these pics 10 yrs from now. Also, i'll probably be buying Hannah 2T again next summer since she's so tiny the 2T she has on this summer swallows her(My BABY WILL BE TWO AUGUST how time flies)! I can't believe the significant difference in size fo the girls...i wish Hannah would just eat some food so she'd put on a bit of weight.

For more pics please go to the following website:
We still have but the program we used to post those pics has not been upgraded and we can't add any more pics so we had to revert to a new program/website so we could keep updating pictures and keep current. Not all the pics are on this new website yet...we have a total of 7500 pics and you can only add so many pics every 2 months. Needless to say it's going to be a long process esp once the new babies come and we take tons of more pics...i don't know how long it will take to get them all back up on the website. Also, we have all the video clips we've taken of Hannah and puppies on line too. You shouldn't try to open this up unless you have at least a DSL or better. If you try with a dial up you'll be sitting around all day waiting for one clip to load!
On another note: I'm still sick but only in the morning. I feel puky all day but only really get sick in the morning. I've been trying to eat protein at night(peanut butter and crackers) before i go to bed because i've read that helps you feel better when you wake up in the didn't work. Anyway i'm 11.5 weeks now and hoping the puky feeling will go away soon and i get some energy back soon. I go to the dr. in one week from today...hopefully i'll have some more portraits of the babies to show you everyone then.

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, June 30, 2006

Thursday, June 29, 2006

6/29 Update After a GREAT Dr. Appt.

The babies are doing GREAT! I went to the dr. today for another ultra sound. This is our second of many we'll have done. The dr. said with Twins you have a lot more ultra sounds and a lot more dr.'s appts. The good part about going to the dr. is that i always feel so nice and excited leaving the dr.s office. I know that everything is alright up to that point.

As i arrived at the dr.s office i felt a lot more nervous than the past times. I think i've read to many bad things about the disappearing twin syndrome. I've been a little nervous all week to say the least. I don't think i slept at all last night...worrying and thinking.

Anyway, the dr. appt went something like this. We arrived and they took me into the ultra sound room. My weight was exactly the same as before. They checked my blood pressure...which i was really surprised was normal considering my husband drove and probably almost hit 2 or 3 cars on the way to the dr.'s office. :) Then the ultra sound. At first all i could ask was are there still two there? He said yes...there is one and there is the other. I honestly don't know how he figured that out because they both look exactly alike to me. I did finally see two at once and felt relieved. Second of all i asked if both hearts were beating...he said yes they are...and did something so i could hear one at a time. They sounded so loud and strong!

Dr. P said they are definitely identical twins and that you could tell they are identical because the lining between the two is very thin and if you have fraternal twins the lining between them is very thick. Second of all he told me everything looked great and that now we have to really watch out to see if these babies share a blood supply. He said that is really bad if they do and that you can normally tell if they are because one gets bigger while one stays small. So our next hurdle is to hope that they don't share blood supplies....and i'm not really sure when he'll find that out.

here is the first image of one of the babies. The is the one where you can see the little half circle membrane above the baby...that is how the dr. said he knows they are identical.

This one is the second one of baby A: isn't it weird how they call them baby a and baby b?

Second to last and most importantly we are so lucky to have such a wonderful dr. He does not take my insurance anymore so we have to pay for everything and then get reimbursed for 60% by the insurance company and he knows what a mess the whole insurance thing has turned into for us and did not charge us to do this ultra sound. They can run up to 300 a piece and we need a lot more than normal. So thank goodness for such a wonderful caring dr.

Lastly, we have our next dr. appt 7/12 and since we can't find a sitter for this one and it's on a wednesday, which is not hannah's mothers day out day, we have to take her with us. I think it'll be kinda neat because she'll get to hear the heart's beating...just hope she doesn't throw a fit in the dr.'s office :)

O yeah and one more thing...he's a pic of(L-R) Cousin Allison, Uncle Jeff, Grandpa Bench, Daddy Myers & Hannah on fathers day at Taste of Texas. Boy what a fun time Hannah and Allison had that day. They are finally starting to have fun and interact together alot more than they did when they were small babies. I just love it how close they are in age...and how me and my sister compare notes on a constant basis about the girls.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Here is a first look at the twins!

The first weeks of my pregnancy

Well it's June 23rd and lots of things have happened since i found out i was pregnant.

First and most importantly we found out we're not only having one baby...but two! I was very surprised and shocked to say the least.
The dr. thinks they are identical but i think we'll know more for sure this coming thursday 6/29. We have another ultra sound this upcoming thursday and i can't wait.

Here's the info the dr. told us about last time to get us prepared.

He said we'd have more dr.'s appt's than last time with baby Hannah.
After 20 weeks to take everything slow.
They will definitely induce by 38 weeks and normally they decide they are ready around 36 weeks. My actual due date is 1/20-pauls' bday is 1/19! So subtrat 2 weeks and they will be here by 1/6 but maybe even xmas babies. I feel kinda bad because Hannah's xmas this year may be with her cousin, aunts, uncles and grandparents. We may be in the hospital. :(

My weight gain right now at 9w5d is 0 lbs. I think because i've been so sick and have not lost all the weight from my first pregnancy i just haven't gained any weight. Which i feel is good for me!

I've been having tons of sleepless nights...and lots of weird dreams. I'm also sick every morning...and tired all day!

That's it for let me see if i can figure out how to post my first ultra sound!