Monday, August 02, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday to Hannah!

Finally got to take Hannah for her 6 year check up.

38lbs-9th percentile

height-10th percentile…i forgot the actual height

and they don’t do head circumference..instead they do some weird exam to check for ADHD…thankfully she passed with flying colors! 


We had thought about a slumber party but time slipped away and we just had a family party after all.  It was lots of fun spending time with her precious little cousins.

Here are some pics from the day:

She loves board games…operation is one of her favorite!


We took her to papadeaux for dinner…she REALLY wanted Red Lobster..but only b/c she LOVES saying it…but papadeaux was just as good..maybe even better!


Pic op with daddy!


And mommy!


And her baby sisters!


In front of the wishing pond


With her butterfly’s that didn’t make it…but we’re waiting till fall to send off for more..they should have never tried to send us live chrysalis in 100 degree weather!  :<(


Did i mention we also bought her some african frogs for her bday?!


P.S. Yes…my daughter is pretty spoiled..but she does deserve it!  She is so sweet, nice and a all around precious little blessing to have and we are so thankful for her!