Saturday, August 30, 2008

FIVE years Later...

And today is our Fifth Wedding Anniversary! We don't have any big plans just going to dinner and Samantha is coming over to babysit for the evening. We don't even know where we're going to eat. The last two times we've gone to eat, we've just driven around and picked a place and we've been real lucky. SO, today that is what we're going to do.

Anyway, Happy Anniversary to my wonderful sweet husband. Goodness time flies by. Five years ago today, we were married. Who would have known we would have celebrated our first anniversary with 1 child(Hannah was born 29 days before our first anniversary)! Then Four years after that we'd have THREE Children. Never had i imagined this in my wildest dreams. Last year we didn't do much celebrating because the babies were soo small and still so grumpy. This year is much better. Although they are still pooping some, things have settled down some.

I've got to make this short because we've got to feed the kids and earlier today i had to go to the laundry mat down the street to dry all the clothes we washed because our dryer is broken. YUCKY and not fun! So i don't have a ton of time to sit down and write a novel about the last five years...although i have to say they've been fun, entertaining and everyday is a new adventure!

Thank you to my husband for Five wonderful years! It's been a wonderful and crazy five years and i will cherish them forever. I know the next five will be so much easier, as our girls grow up and we look back and can't figure out how we did it! :) I love you with all my heart...and everyday i'm so thankful i'm going through this wild and crazy ride with you.

Love you always!


P.S. Thank you for my awesome present. O yeah, if you were wondering what i's a hint. I've had my crappy computer for over 5 years now...the cd drive went flying out a few months ago and whacked one of the babies square in the forehead and left a big bruise and broke the skin. Sometimes when i close it, it shuts down. Other times i close it and it won't shut off and runs on and off all night long. The poor thing has seen it's better days. SO, paul bought me a new MSI Wind Notebook, that is SMALLER than the one i have/had. But the best part...we'll you'll see. BUT, if you know how much i LOVE LOVE PINK, you'll see why this is one rockin' cool computer! I'm not sure Paul will ever be caught using it, but if he's secure with his feminine side, he won't have a problem using it. :)

I do feel sorry for the guys in Arizona that sold it to him. He actually pre-ordered it a while back and kept calling and calling and telling them he HAD to have it by yesterday. They had the black one, but only had two pink ones coming in Thursday and evidentally received it Thursday and shipped it overnight the same day so that i would get it today! What a sweet Husband! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

The sad part, i didn't get poor Paul anything. I just haven't had time since i've been couped up in this house for the past week with my poopers! I wish i had been able to go buy him something...but i'll have to get him something next week as soon as the girls are back in school and we're all back on track!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Two Steps forward...Two steps back!

Yesterday seemed to be a pretty good day. Despite the issues with Hannah's school teacher, the girls seemed to be doing much better.

Here is the story in a nutshell. I decided(out of the kindness of my heart, LOL) to go ahead and warn the school that if Hannah starts to whine about her belly hurting or poops a ton, to give me a call b/c the girls have a virus. SO, i pull up to school in the drop off lane because i did NOT want to get out with the girls(even though i felt bad about just dumping off my poor daughter at school.) Luckily, her teacher was one of the teachers assigned to the drop off lane yesterday morning. SO, i drive up, jump out and ask ms. Cantu if i could talk to her for a second. She comes over and i tell her the situation. The girls are sick, but Hannah seems and tells me she is FINE. She had a normal poop yesterday and is acting just fine. She looked upset right away. So i ask her what i should do and she pretty much told me to take Hannah home and come back on Tuesday. I asked her if that's school policy? She said, No, but if they are sick then she'll probably get it and pass it around. The Father was standing right there. I felt horrible, but told her that i had already told Hannah we were coming to school and i asked her again if she had felt ok and she said she was fine. I asked her(as in Hannah), if she wanted to go home or stay at school and she said she wanted to stay there. I told the teacher, that was it and i was dropping her off and just to call me right away if something happens...but i really thought she'd be fine. She said ok, but you could tell she was pissed off. Whatever, i'm paying lots of money for that school and if she's not sick, she's going to school. SO, in a nutshell, i dropped her off and then felt all guilty like i was a bad mom and i should have taken her home. BUT, thinking back, my mom NEVER let us stay home if the other child was sick...we had to go to school. SO, i called Paul, my mom and Melody for moral support b/c i felt like a bad mom. Now, thinking back, i should have just dropped her off and went about my merry way. BUT, i thought it was the right thing to do to forewarn them, just in case. It's definitely a lesson learned for me. If you other children are take the ones that aren't sick and drop them off and go about your merry way, perhaps clinging to the phone awaiting a telephone call from school. BUT, take them none the less, and DO NOT tell the school! :)

Anyway, Hannah was fine all day long. I picked her up at 315 and all was just fine.

That day, i worked really hard on pumping the girls full of bread and anything that would dry them up. It seemed to be working really well. Both girls only had one poop before leaving to school and we were set to have a good day. After dropping Hannah off i got home and the a/c guy showed up early(AMEN TO COOL AIR)! He found the problem, went to get the part and came back and fixed the a/c. Then the darn dryer guys showed up(knew they wouldn't have a part) and found that the front of the dryer/lcd screen blew and they'd have to order a part. DUH, they never have parts.

Today was a completly different day. The girls pooped about 10x's total before putting them all in the car to take Hannah to school. They are SICK of the BRAT diet and i'm at a loss for what to do. SO, i went to the grocery store(with sick babies in tow, i know i'm a really horrible mom for that....there's nothing like sharing the germs), and bought this yummy vanilla half cake. I fed the girls some sliced apples in the car on the way home and the cake ended up being a hit. UH, until Melody told me that it probably has TONS of sugar and more than likely wouldn't help stop them back up! UGH! Either way, they devoured the what's a little more poop when you've already cleaned up so many diapers in one day anyway! :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

To add to the pooping drama...

We decided it would be beneficial if we had someone come check out and fix our generator for the house. Just in case a hurricane comes through...OR the world comes to an end...then we'll have some kind of flickering power for a bit. WELL, the guy showed up after all sorts of bs and flakiness. SURPRISE SURPRISE! Now, here's the humor in the story. He wouldn't really get it going until someone was home...blah blah blah. So, i came home first and said "fine, let's get this thing running." We go out to the garage and do all sorts of things..turn one power switch on and one off, etc. By that time Paul pulls up and i tell him to tell Paul all about it...i have three kids in the house in the dark to tend to(since he had to cut the power off to the house to get it started). Well he goes into the garage and tells Paul this and that time i'm walking into the house and the lights are flickering and all sorts of weird things are happening...then i smell something weird and i hear some weird noise behind the washer/dryer. No big deal, they kinda checked it out...but most importantly, the generator WAS working. HALLELUIA! Yeah, until we get inside and see that the darn clothes dryer is NOT working. So Paul runs around trying to get that working, all to no avail. We call American home shield and renew our policy that we had decided NOT to renew because we really had everything replaced that we had "semi-planned" would break. So, again, we call and renew the policy that was expiring tomorrow! HALLELUIA! THEN, we go into the bathroom in our bedroom to give the girls a bath....goodness they needed a bath after all the stench on their poor little behinds. Anyway, we notice it's not very cool back there...HMMM...something just isn't right. LOW AND BEHOLD, not only did turning on the freakin generator blow up my clothes dryer, it blew up our BRAND NEW A/C we just had put in less than a year ago! HOLY SCHNICKES! WHAT IN THE WORLD HAVE WE DONE??? WHAT could go more wrong. So, needless to say we're w/0 a/c on that side of the house...letting Hannah sleep out on the couch with Paul and the poor girls are in their bedroom in their beds with just pj's on(no halos) and there is a fan in the hallway sucking in the air from the living room a/c into the bedrooms to cool off that side of the house. OMG, what a day! So, i've changed about 40 or 50 poopy diapers and now i'm w/o a clothes dryer and a/c! Yeah, it's been a crappy day!

Here's to a better day tomorrow. Less poopy diapers, maybe some cool air and i'm won't even hold my breath on the clothes dryer being fixed any time soon since we're using American home shield. Let's hope this doesn't cost us more than the damn generator is worth! And, let's hope we don't actually ever have to use the generator again, since we know it'll blow out the a/c and the clothes dryer! :)


OMG, today has been one disgusting day. The girls have a horrible pooping virus. It's non-stop! I have literally changed about 40 diapers today, for sure(probably MORE). I have had to refill the wipe bin at least once..i've had to refill the diaper holder once...and i'm getting ready to change out the diaper dekor after one's bad! I've never seen a virus this bad. I'm very thankful least it's not coming out both sides. So, for your viewing enjoyment...NO, i promise no pics of the pooping situation, but i did take pics of the girls eating BRAT food! LOL!!!

Pics of the girls eating bread..they've eaten tons of it...and still there's no stopping this nasty bug. "Look Mom, bread"

And More Bread
And yes, MORE bread! LOL!! I don't think you'd know by the smile on Sarah's face...that her poor butt is sore and she's probably got pooh in her diaper in THIS pic!
Ok, sorry for all the poop humor...but you gotta laugh a bit when you have two kidos pooping non stop. What else CAN you do? O yes, don't worry, it's all about hydration in the house...i'm giving them LOTS and LOTS of Gatorade...thank goodness they like it!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Quick Shout out and Happy Birthday!

To one of my nearest and dearest friends(also the twins God Mother) Auntie Katie!

We all love you and miss you...and the girls are waiting for you to come visit again because otherwise who's going to feed them donuts, Cheetos and paint 30 toes & 30 fingers???!!! LOL!

Love you and miss you a ton!

SOO glad you've finally caught up with me in AGE! 32 isn't really that bad BUT 33 will definitely make me sad!

Jimmy(a old high school friend on the left feeding a baby), Katie(feeding a baby and holding Hannah, talking about multitasking)!

Just the girls...Hannah, Katie, a baby, Jaymie & Yours truly!

Katie, Sam(can you believe i can tell the difference for some reason?), Hannah, Jaymie(who was prego with Carson) and Sarah

Friday, August 22, 2008

While Daddy is Away, Us girls will PLAY!

Today we ventured out to beyond bounce for a little play group fun! The girls had fun...until more of our friends showed up. Then they became soo clingy! UGH! They were both just stuck to my legs...i just wish they'd start being more interactive with other kidos!
Sam sliding down the slide.
The loved the bouncy things..until one of the girls got run over by a big kid! Then it was all over.
Nice bed right? NO, Look a little closer. I'm seriously not trying to sell this bed on ebay or craigslist or anything. And here's another closer look! Any ideas? Notice the little spot between the line looking sheets?

CAUGHT YOU! O, it's just my girls playing "hide from mommy"! LOL!
Playing with their new puzzles...they LOVE puzzles soo much.

At beyond bounce today! Here is my little Sam and her OCD issues. She was organizing babies just like Hannah does all the time. OMG, it's a mini ME! I do not organize babies...i constantly organize the house.

On thie new battery operated quads! I bought these from a fellow mom. I buy almost all her stuff...she sold these to me for half price! They love them! OK, so we got one dora quad..and one boy quad...think it's superman or spiderman! But, who'll work just fine! I bet we can even redecorate it with pink stickers???!!!

Have a great weekend! I'll post more pics of Ms Hannah that she's gone so much i feel guilty because i don't get to take as many pics of her as i did before! :(

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Not much to post...

Everything seems to finally be falling into place. I THINK Paul is feeling better. The girls are doing great in school. AND most importantly, my sweet Hannah is starting to get into the groove of getting up every morning and getting ready to go. It's been, what seems like two months of bad luck with sickness, er visits, salmonella, surgeries(Gracye the dog & Hannah). Sheesh, i'm ready to get back to normal.

The rain is driving me crazy though. It seems to be raining EVERY DARN day here. I can't say we didn't need the rain...but goodness, how much rain is enough?

The girls are also getting into the groove of things. I've changed their schedules around some and i think i like it. They now eat a snack/breakfast right when they wake up on school days. I don't even bother feeding them real breakfast because they are already full from snacks. Then they eat breakfast at school and Hannah eats a granola bar and that's her breakfast for now. I've tried feeding her real breakfast, but she NEVER eats it and it drives me crazy wasting SOO much food. SO, i'm slowly trying to wean everyone off of too many snacks. I honestly think my poor girls have been living on snacks for a while now. They eat and eat and eat and then don't want to eat real food. I know it's bad for them...but the crying is horrible and i wasn't at a stage in my life where i wanted to hear it constantly. Now that they are talking and we communicate some, i can tell them things. For instance, yesterday they were BEGGING for a snack right after they woke up from their nap and i told them NOT UNTIL we went to pick up Hannah. They finally gave up. Then, when we got in the car, they got their snack. I felt relief, like i had not been defeated this time. Then they only got that one snack until dinner, no exceptions. Then at dinner, they actually gobbled their food down. AMEN! They are learning. I just need to sit down and write up a really good schedule and go with it. I refuse to be defeated. I want them to be on a schedule. I want them to eat their meals at certain times, i want them to eat their snacks at certain times, etc. I don't like feeding them snacks all day. It's ridicuolous...but i also felt that it was the only way to stop the crying around here.

Now, another major issue we still have is BITING! OMG, poor Sarah has TWO gigantic BITE marks, or should i say Shark bites/bruises on her poor little arm. I don't know what to do(lisa, if you are reading this, your solution is about to be put into play, LOL). I just don't know why the attack each other soo much! It's horrible. And they KNOW what they are doing is wrong b/c i immediately grab the chomper and put her in time out on the step and take the other one and hold them and cuddle them and kiss their boo boos! They even know to sit there until i go back and tell them they are ok to get up. SO, why do they keep doing it???? I have no idea. I honestly think it's a power thing on top of not knowing how to express themselves with words. If they could just tell the other one, "NO, I HAD IT FIRST", i think we'd be ok. I await those days. I know it sounds bad but fighting with words may truly alleviate the biting because they can yell at each other instead. I don't look forward to the yelling...but i think it MAY be better than biting!

Not much else going on over here. Paul and i are really trying to rid ourselves of the clutter in our house. SO, Pauls selling some stuff on ebay and so am I! I also just sold my treadmill and i'm still trying to sell the stationary bike. I know i should keep it and use it, but the honest truth is that it hasn't been used since Hannah was a baby. I have no motivation to sit up in the playroom and ride my bike nor jog on the treadmill! NONE WHAT SO EVER!

Anyway, i hope everyone has a great weekend. Goodness, i really feel like a bad blogger. I'm not writing product reviews anymore, haven't commented on too many buddy bloggers blogs, haven't done any of the tags nor awards, etc. I've just been very consumed with this new school thing. I do feel i have lots more time now, but that time has been used with decluttering the house. Taking pics of stuff to sell to my mom friends, etc. I just have SOO many baby clothes and so much clutter in the house i feel like i'm forever organizing things. It's crazy.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Today Paul is leaving to the big D for a business metting/manager meeting,he'll be back Sat sometime. I'm sad, but it'll be fun too. I'll have time to really bond with my girls! :) Now lets hope they don't drive me crazy! Hannah is so excited and begging to sleep with me...just us big girls. AND, the twins don't really understand, so no biggie. I think we're just going to kick back, hang out and play with all the neat new puzzles i've bought them lately. They are all really into puzzles...and they are all really good at putting them together. SO, we'll do that and have some boring dinners for a few nights and watch a bit of t.v. and hope i don't oversleep tomorrow morning! :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

8 days away from the big 2-0!

I mean 20 months! HOLY SMOKES...the time has flown by in some ways, and in other ways time has gone by very slowly for me. My girls are growing like weeds right before my eyes. In the past few months they have progressed so much. They are really talking a TON now. Ms. Anna, their teacher said they aren't talking that much to her. BUT, she did tell me, last Thursday Sarah told her NO, when she asked her to do something. She said she almost fell over laughing as this tiny little non-talking child spurted out NO to her when she asked her to put her ball away! I almost fell over laughing. That is definitely my daughter for you! They change on a daily basis and i'm really starting to enjoy them more. The best part though, is sitting back watching them have these little conversations between themselves now. I could sit on the couch for hours and watch them interact. It's amazing how much they talk to each other. It's a conversation i can almost understand, but yet, not completely!

They are still very shy little girls. As a matter of fact, today, a teacher at Hannah's school came running up to me to check them out and tell me she has 27 year old identical boys. She then asked the age difference between Hannah and the twins(29 months) and she told me she had a singleton and then had the twins SIXTEEN MONTHS later! WHOA! Talking about the first year being a blur. Mine was too, but goodness, i couldn't imagine 16 months apart. And i thought i had it bad! :) HA HA!

Anyway, the girls are really becoming such big girls. They use their spoons and forks really well. They use two to three word sentences. They understand almost everything i say. They are also so caring toward each other and Hannah. NOW, DO NOT get me wrong, they have tons of moments(fighting, biting and slapping). However, when one falls and starts crying the other will run up to the hurt one & help her up and give her a kiss. It's soo cute.

One very weird part of watching the twins is how the switch roles, sometimes on a daily basis. One day, one of the girls will hang with Hannah, then next day the other will be Hannah's BFF. Of course, when Hannah is gone they are also very different. They play together, make little hiding places together, and chase after each other. It's so cute.

I think watching Hannah has really made them progress much faster. They love to play dress up with her and sometimes they even play by themselves. They love taking Hannah's clothes and putting them on. They love wearing dress up shoes and they love it when Hannah puts her play make up on them and fixes their hair. Can you tell our house is full of girls or what?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

This weekend

We didn't really do much this weekend. Paul felt bad friday night, so we stayed home and had pizza. Saturday was a birthday party for one of Hannah's good friends at the mad potter, which was fun but very chaotic. The kidos all painted their ice cream bowls in 5-10 minutes down pat and then they were all running around like crazy kids. The room was small and i felt like a MDO teacher in a room full of kids that had just drank a few red bulls each! LOL! Hannah had fun and is always so good at jumping right in and playing with everyone.

Saturday night we had date night. We went to cafe le deux, which made me really really want to go back to VEGAS! It's a sister company of the cheese cake factory and talking about delicious food. We got there around 8p and had a drink at the bar b/c the wait was 15-30 minutes. When we finally got paged the hostess took us right back to a little table in the BAR we had just been sitting in a prior. I pitched a fit because i didn't feel like we'd get the entire feel of the awesome restaurant, sitting in the BAR! We had to get another pager and hung out for a while longer while the found us a new seat in the actual restaurant. My pet peeve is a restaurant that tries to squish as many people into the restaurant as possible and then reverts to the BAR for fine dining! I'm not a fool. I pay for a nice meal, i don't want to sit in the bar! Anyway, the restaurant was FABULOUS! We had lettuce wraps(which are not as good as the lettuce wraps at cheese cake factory), then we shared some sort of chicken meal that was looked like it could literally feed 5 or 6 people. I didn't even know chickens grew as big as this chicken breast on our plate looked. :) Then we had some bignets(spelling)! They were DELICIOUS! OMG, they were sooo good! I think i gained about 10 lbs this weekend! But i'll be back to my diet regimine tomorrow! We were soo bad, we even brought the left over bignets for breakfast this morning...popped those babies in the toaster oven and they were JUST as good as they were last night! YUMMY!!!

Today we took back a bday present Hannah received for her bday and let her pick out a new present. She picked out this box FULL of make up! She is SOOO funny, she snuck off and painted the girls nails with the clear glittery nail polish before i confinscated it from her Then we came home and Paul started to feel bad again. We're not really sure what is wrong with he's going to the dr. tomorrow to have them do some testing. He said he feels like someone punched him in the belly! So, hopefully, they'll be able to figure out what is wrong with him and get him all fixed up and our bad luck of sick people will be on the mend.

Hannah starts a new week of school tomorrow. I was exhausted from these past few hopefully Tue or Thur i can maybe catch up on a bit of sleep while the kidos are all at school. Goodness i feel sleep deprived.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I've decided not to write product reviews for HDYDI anymore. My brain is fried and i have so many other things on my mind, i'm just not very motivated. I'm still going to write here and there, but mostly about twin life in general. No more product reviews. I hope i keep up and do write every once in a while. I really did enjoy writing little reviews but i just needed to not feel so pressured to get a posting done and i had become so last minute with writing them. UGH!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Our First day w/o Hannah!

Well, second day for me. BUT, today was STILL really hard. Hannah was a bit solemn yesterday when i picked her up from school. I kept asking her if she was ok? She kept telling me yes, but i just knew she wasn't ok. It's a mothers intuition. It's hard to explain. So, she finally just started yelling and said she was fine and to stop asking her. Maybe i was just annoying her, i don't know. Then, this morning as we were getting ready to leave, it got bad. She started crying and said she didn't want to go to school today, she wanted to stay with us. OMG, it was hard to keep my composure...but i knew i HAD to be strong today because it would only make things easier if i didn't cry. SO, i held my ground and said she could call daddy and talk to him. She called and told him...he said she just had to go. I told her that she should want to go to school, if she stays home she's going to be soo bored because we aren't doing anything today after we drop her off. I told her, her cousin Allison goes to school everyday and LOVES it. She wanted to call and talk to her but it was really early in the morning and so i told her we'd call her when she got home from school! Anyway, we got everyone loaded up and she was ok. When we pulled in to school, she was FINE. No big deal, and she was SOO excited to show off her sisters. It was PRECIOUS! She was holding their hands...and wanted them to sit with her when they went up front to pray! Talking about melting my heart. They prayed and we left. The girls blew kisses to her as she walked off in the distance. It was hard to remain composed...goodness i've been emotional a ton this week. After she left i loaded the girls up in the car and headed towards home. Now, here is the funny part. I was driving down one of the streets i've been driving down for over 2 or 3 years now and for the first time i see a TURTLE come walking across the street! :) It was HILARIOUS & I just HAD to have it. So i pulled over in someones front yard, popped on my hazards b/c it was just a two lane rd. and grabbed Hannahs purse/Easter basket to go retrieve the turtle! As my friend Melody said, I SAVED the turtle! LOL! It was pretty big but i was holding the purse as tight as i could b/c he was MAD at me! Finally i had to pull over and put that purse inside a plastic bag i found in the back...he chomped right through that. SO, i had to grab one of my handy dandy beach towels i always keep in the back just in case some pukes or poops and i need a towel. I wrapped everything up in the towel and tried to hold it shut. Now looking back i was probably suffocating the poor guy, but i didn't want him to bite me. I forgot to mention as i chased it across the street stopping all the traffic two guys that lived right there were coming up, one backing out of his driveway and one walking his dogs. I DID ask if they minded if i took it and/or if it was their turtle. They said the turtles are wild in their neighborhood. HOW WEIRD! So, to make a long story short, i wrapped the bad mean chomping turtle up and hurried along to pauls shop to get a box to put him in since he was busting out of his home. I called my sister on the way there and she told me all about SALMONELLA and turtles. I had no idea! SO, we didn't know what to do with it. I was going to release it in the back of pauls shop where he has a water drainage area that the city makes you put in b/c of all the cement he has and for the water to drain. He's plugged it with balls a couple of times to try to actually make a pond(don't tell anyone i told you that, LOL). Of course i didn't work anyway, so no biggie. Anyway, i really wanted Hannah to see him first. SO, i brought him home in a box and then i pulled out the kiddie pool for him to play in and not escape. He's outside right now under the porter cache right now veggin on carrots and celery! :) My mind started racing a few hours ago and i decided we just can't keep him, due to the salmonella, and then i remembered our FAVORITE babysitter of all time, TARA, has a turtle and she is always telling us if we have an animal to get rid of, she wants it. SO, i called her, since she's home from college AND babysitting for us tomorrow night, and sure enough, she wants him. She came to check him out and she is so excited. I told her she can't take him home until after my Hannah sees him though. SO, she said she'll come by later and pick him up...and she wants HANNAH to name the little guy! HOW SWEET!!! SO, when i got to pick her up i can't wait to tell her all about it! She's going to be soo excited and want to sit out there all day and watch him, i'm sure! :)

Other than that, we had a good day. I really do miss Hannah! It's so weird to not have her here with us. I'm not sure if the girls noticed the difference or not. They had to have noticed. They played good for a while...then fought a bit. But, all in all, the week hasn't been too bad. I think i just miss Hannah! :( Thank Goodness Matties Grandma told me about early dismissal today, i would have been in BIG trouble. I totally forgot...but now it's marked on every calendar around here. I will NOT forget now. The kidos get out at 215p. So, today's schedule has been a bit different. We came home after the turtle drama and played some. Then the girls had a early lunch(about 1115-1130a). Then i put them down for a nap. I'll wake them up by 145p, if they aren't up yet, and load them up to go pick up Hannah! We'll be home about 245p and then we'll play till daddy gets home and then head out to dinner!

Here are a few pics from today!
Hanging out with big sis, before prayers.

Mr. Turtle!This is what My sweet Hannah teaches them. How to take chairs and block themselves in to play quietly! It was soo cute. Hannah does this all the time! It's their secret hide away!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Happy Sadness!

Yeah, that's kinda of oxymoron but i'm sad and happy today. Today Hannah is gone. My girls are gone too. BUT, i will have them at home with me tomorrow. It is going to be SOOO weird.

Everything went really well this morning though. Goodness i was SOOO ORGANIZED...i couldn't believe it. Last night i got everything ready...lunch packed in her lunch box in the fridge, note on top of her school bag(which is packed full of pillow, blanket, nap pad & change of clothes) to remind me to put ice in her lunch box, her clothes and the girls clothes on the counter in the living room along with shoes, milks for breakfast poured in cups ready to drink, and i even unloaded the dishes last night so i wouldn't feel so bad leaving my dirty dishes in the sink(part of my OCD, i'm sure). I got up about 520ish and took a shower, Paul took a shower too(THAT Is why i LOVE having two shower stalls in our master bathroom), as we were getting out Sam woke up and woke everyone up(around 545ish). We got the girls up and gave them water and snacks, Hannah got her chocolate milk out of the fridge and i got moving. Got everyone dressed in the living room one at a time, did every ones hair, blow dried my hair, put on some make up, fed them breakfast about 645a and we were out the door and at Pauls office around 705! YAHOO! It totally worked out just fine. Tomorrow we can even get moving later b/c i don't have to drop the girls off.

So, we picked Paul up and made out way to school. Dropped the twins off at their new classroom and they were fed breakfast right away(yeah, they ate THREE times this morning)! LOL!!! Then, Paul and i walked Hannah on over to the west Hall of her school, where they all meet before school for prayers! It was seriously the cutest thing ever. All these cute little kids in uniforms...SOO cute. Hannah met up with all her little girl friends from ECC and they were playing away before prayers. I felt at home, myself, since i went to school there years ago. It's also the hall Paul & I had our wedding reception at, so it brings back all good memories. :) They prayed, said the Pledge and then celebrated birthdays of the day. Then we headed off for our only walk down the hall to walk her to class(they said we can only do it for a few days, b/c the kids need to get used to doing it alone). BOO HOO! We walked them into class and everyone has name tags over their little hooks to hang their bags(Hannah knew exactly where her name was placed) and hung up their bags. Then went on over to sit on the floor to start their new adventures in school! I totally held back a few tears at that time(didn't want to look like a freak), but i did shed a few this morning while i was getting her dressed to go OMG, it was hard. I didn't want to cry b/c i didn't want her to think i was sad...i told her it's a happy sad, because i'm soo happy that she is going to be a big girl and learn SOO much at school this year. I really am happy. I'm also soo happy that we are lucky enough financially to be able to put her in a private school(the schools in our neighborhood are just not what i want for her, educationally speaking). Anyway, we said our goodbyes, and Paul and i headed on over to the office to pay for some school lunches(for the days she wants to eat at school). Paul is determined to let her eat at school, i really don't have a problem with it, but in some ways i feel like my making her lunch is a part of being a mommy! Don't ask me why i feel that way, i just do. So, we'll do some lunches at home and some from school. I'll tell her what they have on the menu and she'll pick her days.
Well i know ya'll are all excited to see pics, so here they are:
My big 4 year old, PRE-Kindergarten 2008Daddy was SOO sweet...he even bought her a boquet of flowers the night before the big day! Ready to rock and roll! Bad full of Stuff and lunch too!THIS is how early i had to get up in the morning...we never get out this early to see a sunrise. It was BEAUTIFUL! I looked like a big dork at a red light with my car window rolled down taking pics! LOL! Had to go pick daddy up for the big occasion! Mommy is soo proud of her big girl!Daddy and Hannah in front of his office. Look, they match!Car ride...totally figured out how to take pics of the girls with the camera backwards...just shine the lcd in the rear view mirror! I'm a genius! LOL!!!Her new teachers...Ms. Cantu & Ms. Snyder!Mommy & Hannah waiting for morning prayers!In front of the school. Did i tell ya'll this is my old stomping ground already? Went to school here from 3rd-5th grade and then got married here! LOVE the church and school! They had just put this garden together the year i started...a LONG time ago. TWO teachers are STILL HERE! Can you believe it???Another shot of mommy & Hannah!Hannah's best friend Auburn. Aren't they just precious??The whole school sitting down for announcements before morning prayer!Line formation on the way to class!
One more shot of my sweet baby on the floor waiting for prayers to begin.
In front of the school!
In her classroom! They all have name tags at the table and in the cubbies for their bags!

A shot of the room!
Sitting down getting ready to start class as all mommies and daddies said their last goodbyes and went off to leave them for the very first time! I can't believe she's in school! Yes, i'm still all teary eyed. BUT, tomorrow it's really really going to set in because i'll be here with the twins and she'll be at school! That's really when it'll hit me hard! OMG, i have to find something to do tomorrow! We can sit in home and be sad all day. :( I know i'll get better with's just so sad that she's beginning a new adventure on her own! I DO still feel like i did the right thing, although sometimes i wonder if i should have kept her back. BUT, she's going to be soo much smarter and learn soo much more from a real curriculum than from a Early Childhood program!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dr. Appt for my Big Girl!

I took Hannah to the dr. yesterday. She is such a big talker. We had been talking about shots for a month or so...she kept saying it was no biggie. She was tough and could handle it. She was even talking smack while we were in the office...acting like a big girl. THAT IS, until the nurse came in to administer the actual shots. HOLY was not a pretty sight. I think that is why my dr. said they are trying to get all the shots in for all kidos much earlier now(which kinda scares me, but that's another story for another time). Anyway, the minute the nurse walked in with the shots it was bad. She was screaming and screaming at the TOP of her lungs. I mean REALLY screaming. OMG, i didn't know what to do. I held her and snuggled her but she was just scared and MAD! SO, the nurse started with one shot in the arm and she was mad and crying loudly. I don't even think i can explain how loud she was...i guess to the point where i had to cover up her mouth because i didn't want the entire office to evacuate. Then came the legs(two more shots). HOLY SMOKES, it was BAD! She started with one leg and Hannah was flapping around all over the place and i could hardly hold her down. I wanted to STRANGLE the nurse because right after she poked her leg she decided to stop and tell me that the butt would be better WHAT??? ARE YOU SERIOUS LADY? You just poked my poor baby in the leg and NOW you tell me her legs are too thin??? OMG, so i just told her to do whatever. She had to go get ANOTHER needle since she had already poked her in the leg with the needle. As all this was going on Hannah was uncontrollable. I couldn't hold her, she was YELLING at the lady to stop it, and i was trying(ok please don't take this the wrong way), BUT i was trying so hard to hold her down AND no laugh. Not that i like to see my daughter in pain, but because she's 4 and now she was YELLING at the nurse..telling her to get away and all sorts of things. THAT was hilarious!

Anyway, her shots are done for now. We did choose to opt out of the second chicken pox vaccine until next year b/c 3 shots was more than enough for her this year.

BTW, over 24 hours later and her but is really red around the shot area. I'm assuming she was clenched so tight it hurt her muscle. I'm not sure.

So here are my big girls stats:
weight-w/clothes and shoes on 31lbs - 20th percentile
height - 38 inches - 25th percentile
her vision is 20/50 - so not great...but who knows if that's just because she was nervous or what.
her blood pressure was high..but not out of normal range

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

School starts Wednesday!

My little girl is no longer so little! She starts real school this Wednesday! TODAY was my last day with her. TODAY! I can't believe it! I've been with my precious sweety for FOUR years of my life and now it's like cutting the umbilical cord all over again! HOW CAN time have gone by so quickly? OMG, i'm sad just thinking about Wednesday. Everytime i think about it, i silently cry or get all teary eyed. It just seems soo soon! She's my baby. She's also such a big help to me. Really, i couldn't have made it through the last year without her. She really helps me so much with the girls. She's SOOO good to them. SOO GOOD! She has that motherly peaceful soothing voice(sometimes) when they are fighting or someone has gotten hurt. It's soo cute. She talks to them like they are big girls, not babies.

It's so funny, because it seems like now that she knows she's going to the big school, i feel like she's acting like a bit girl. OH, until she decided to play in the sink upstairs this afternoon and didn't have time to make it to the bathroom(which is very rare).

Anyway, please be thinking about me Wednesday, as we begin this new journey! A 12 year journey through school and then another 4 years through college! That seems like a long time..but i know it's not as long as i think.

I hope i'm not rushing her. I could have held her back b/c of her bday. BUT to me, it just wasn't the right thing. There are pros and cons of both. Holding back would mean she'd be really old, pushing forward means she's going to be very young. We're just going to go with it and hope we've done the right thing.

That's all for now, Wednesday, Paul is staying home to watch the girls while i take Hannah for her first day. I'll stay with her 1/2 day Wednesday and then Thursday is the REAL thing. Uniform, waking up really early, feeding everyone as early as i can, etc. I'm stressed, but i'm sure everything will be just fine.

Sorry to keep rambling..just want to get all this down for later!

Monday, August 11, 2008

It's going to be one of those days...

The one's that just won't end. It's 8am and i was planning on going to target to fill a list of items that i need for tomorrow. Mainly THANK YOU PRESENTS for Hannah's teachers, since tomorrow is her last day of MDO, forever! Wednesday is her first day of real Pre-K(been trying to do a post on that but things have been crazy this morning. Mainly, i have been breaking up biting fights all morning long. Sarah has bitten THREE times this morning. She bit Hannah on the back, then Sam got bit on the arm and now back of leg. Now Hannahs crying that Sarah pinched her. I need some major do i stop this. I've put her in time out three times. I'm as consistent as i can be. She gets PLENTY of attention. I don't know what else to do.

Update: we went to target and i can't believe i even took them. It was a mess. Sarah was STILL slapping, pinching(sam in the face) and i could go on and on. I just don't know what her problem is today. What am i doing wrong? Why won't the biting stop? Enough is enough and she KNOWS it's wrong. I wonder if you can be diagnosed with ADHD at 20 months??? Ok, maybe that is pushing it. But i don't know what to think. I'm so tense, waiting for her to bite again. The only thing we really changed this morning was our schedule b/c i have to get it all changed before school starts Wed. So this morning i got everyone up and fed them at 615am b/c we really have to start moving in the mornings. School starts for Hannah at 745a and i have about a 30 minute drive to get there(it's not really far but going the back streets is the only way to get there, otherwise getting on the freeway could take forever!)

Any great suggestions of how to stop the biting???

Saturday, August 09, 2008

The BackYardigans LIVE!!!

We went to see the Backardigans LIVE today! We went with my MOMS group...but i wasn't much of a group this time. I was a bit sad that all the seats were in one section...but no where near each other. I was very very happy, My sister and Allison came with us! Otherwise, it would have just been me and Hannah! She had a BLAST. The girls both had so much fun.

Secondly, i was very surprised that we were not allowed to take pics inside the theater. Uh, ask if that made a difference for me? NOPE! AND, if you were wondering...YES, i did get busted! I was at least courteous enough to turn off my flash(unlike a few hundred people who were totally taking pics the entire time!!). This old grumpy lady was behind me though..and just waiting to pounce on me! Jennifer kept telling me i was going to get busted...Guess she was right. I do think the whole "no picture" thing is RIDICULOUS! I mean, why should we pay all this money to go see a show...just want pics to share with our little ones later(and maybe add a few to our blogs) and they say NO! For what reason, i'm not sure. Maybe just to annoy the heck out of me. And it sure did work! Either way, we had a blast...and the girls had SOO Much fun hanging out, as did me and my sister. So here are the pics i "stole" of our first LIVE show! :) Enjoy and copy and share with everyone...LOL! Ok, just kidding, but i feel like i got ripped off b/c i couldn't get more just b/c the grumpy old lady watching me like a hawk! Kinda blury..but what are you going to do with a grumpy old lady watching behind you! :)

Cover up the LCD and shoot...that's what i did! It was pretty darn funny!
Oh, the show was soo great! It was not as bad as i thought.

Cousins forever...and best friends until it's nap time! LOL!
They are just soo cute together and all 4 girls were able to get cool t-shirts!
Auntie J and the girls with their wands! They loved those wands.

Another pic of Auntie J and the girls!
Auntie B or as Hannah calls me, BRENDA & the girls!
Another pic. Aren't they sweet???
It was weird not to have my other two...but it was a day filled with fun!

The end!
P.S. i would have had MORE pics if the old lady behind me hand just left me alone! Ok, have i said that enough or what???!!! LOL!