Tuesday, March 25, 2008

FUN day with Allison

Today Allison was able to come over and play...what a fun day!

Grandma & Grandpa Myers came in around 3p...and brought along some confetti egss...talking about a fun day!
Here is Hannah busting an egg over one of the girls.. Look at all that confetti in their hair...i think everyone will need a bath tonight! LOL!
Hannah trying to prevent anyone from attacking her with a confetti egg!
Allisons hair was full of confetti! Thank goodness we did this OUTSIDE! :)

Allison & Sarah up in the fort! FUN FUN!
Sam walking home from Charlie(our neighbors house) with a kumquat...he has a tree full of them and said we could come over whenever we wanted to pick some...so the girls and i(including Allison) walked over after lunch and picked a few...they are DELICIOUS! Sam really likes them!

Sarah had a few to eat herself!
Hunting for confetti eggs...
Allison getting ready to bust some confetti eggs!
Having fun with the eggs! Thanks so much Grandma & Grandpa Myers...
Hmm...who's under those high chairs?? All i see is feet! They were hiding from the little girls!

Check out those shoes...Hannah's on the left...wrong feet...Allison on the right...socks with flip flops??? HA HA! O how fun to be a 3.5 year old!
Dancing to some music!
Quick pic of all 4...i was totally out numbered most of the day and it was SOO much fun! All the girls were so sweet!
Picking kumquats on Charlies tree!
The end...what a great day...sorry pics are out of order..