Monday, March 03, 2008

What i think of the fever...

Although my husband may think otherwise..i have this motherly intuition that my sweet baby has a UTI. Reason being, this morning after giving her a ton of bottle at 4am and another bottle at 6am, some syringes of water last night, she had one small diaper of urine and it didn't smell very good. She woke up at 214a i went and got her and that was pretty much the end of our good nights rest. I'm exhausted as i'm sure Paul is too, but more so, i want to get my baby well! Despite the fact that my hubby said "just wait it out, maybe it's a 24 hour virus" i'm going to take her in anyway. I know it drives him crazy b/c he has to take off from work and no one else at his job has the convenience of this...but what am i to do? If my kids were all in day care it'd be simple...keep the one that is sick home and take her by herself. They are not in day what do the SAHM's do with the other kids when one is sick and needs to go to the dr? Take all THREE, when PAUL & I can't even control all THREE in the dr's office???? Seriously! Either way, Sam had a 99.5 temp this morning and so i'm sure it's on it's way back up again...we'll see. If she has another stinky urine diaper i'm taking her in either way. IF i didn't think it was contagious, i'd have my parents come over and watch the kidos. Unfortunately, i don't know for sure and don't want to get my parents sick if it is contagious.

I just do NOT think a child has a 103.7 temp out of the blue...and the next day she's fine and there's nothing wrong. Fevers are a way of fighting off don't get them for just NO REASON!

BTW, Sam is already lethargic and it's something! Right now she's just laying in her anywhere chair...while her sister is messing with her. I know poor Sarah just wants to play...but Sam doesn't! Something is obviously wrong with Sam!


Gibson Twins said...

It is definitely hard taking kids to the doctors, especially 3, I couldn't even imagine! When one of mine gets sick, I have to drag both out to the doctors which is no picnic since my husband works far away from home and the doctors, it has to be an emergency for him to go. I took both babies to the doc's in Nov and thought only one was sick, but I came to find out that one had a 104.6 fever and the one I thought who wasn't sick had a 102.2 fever. Talk about embarrasing, not even knowing they were sick. I figured it must have been contagious though. UTIs are really uncommon in babies so I would definitely get it checked out. I think mom's have that gut instinct to know when something's not quite right. Hope everything gets back to normal soon for you! Take care.