Monday, August 24, 2009

My Kindergartner…

Hannah is officially a kindergartner.   I don’t know where the time has gone!    It seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital!  She’s grown into such a beautiful little girl.  We love her so much! 

Here are some pics of her first day of school.  


She was all dora’d(not sure this is a word)..on her first day of school!  Can you tell she loves DORA?


We walk to school most days and Hannah rides her bike.  As a matter of fact i’ll be posting pics of our first day of teaching Hannah to ride w/o training wheels…she’s getting there!








Hannah’s classroom at her new school…She is now officially A “SAMPSON STALLION”! 

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Computer for Sale..CHEAP!

Well maybe not..but i’m throwing in the towel on this POS!  I’m just  sick of it doing crazy things..SOOO just today i told Paul that’s it…i’m DONE!  THEN, he finally figured out that it was ME, tapping the itsy bitsy very sensitive mouse pad and obviously the computer company knew there would be issues and put a FCN F3  key to shut off the mouse pad since my hands are so close to it when i type.  AND LOW and behold i’ve typed this entire blog without one issue!  GO FIGURE!  FINALLY a REASON for this computer doing crazy things!  CAN I GET A AMEN ON THAT ONE!  LOL!


With all that being said…and DONE, i have tons of pics from the past month..

A Few pics from Hannah’s Birthday..but i’ll do an entire post on that next..NOW, that my computer works!  LOL!!


Happy Birthday TO HANNAH!  5 year olds are AWESOME!  Such a happy big girl!  I’m not sure what’s going on with Sarah’s face in the above pic…i think she was happy and screaming or smiling for the camera! 


Hannah loves her new cross James Avery ring…and she wears it for special occasions and keeps it on my ring holder..she loves being a big girl and having big girl stuff!  :>)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Downtown Aquarium

We decided to make the drive into Houston on Sunday after working in the front yard for a few hours.   The girls were soo good the entire time we were working we thought they really deserved a fun treat.  They are definitely at that age where they really enjoyed the aquarium, fish, sharks, and rides!  We had a blast..and hope to go back in the fall sometime…or maybe next time we’ll make it all the way to Kemah, to that Aquarium! 


Hannah posing in front of the fish


We requested a table right in front of the big fish tank in the middle of the dining room..for some crazy reason they normally sit us in the back and it annoys me since we have 3 kids that can’t see when they sit us back that far…this time was great…the tank was right in front of us..FABULOUS!



Mommy & her sweet pies!  All happy and loving the view!  


One more..with Hannah looking!


Daddy and his girls..this is a really cute pic of them! 


The Shark exhibit is on a train that goes under this cool water way….the sharks are above you! 


Trying out my night vision i never use on my camera…COOL!


On the ferris wheeel that goes above the freeway right beside the restaurant..AWESOME! 


I forgot the name of this guy hanging upside down as we were walking into the aquarium!


Their FAVORITE part…running in the splash pad after all the exhibits!  We didn’t take any clothes for we bought some cute little shirts and just changed them after they were done playing..nothing like a t-shirt and diaper!


I was getting drinks when they first walked up…Paul said they were all a little hesitant at first…wondering if they’d get in trouble for playing in the water in their clothes..SOO FUNNY!  But after a while they were loving the water!