Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Big Ultra Sound

Well we had the big ultra sound today. I'm happy to say everything went very well. Evidentally the nurse had booked the ultra sound a bit to early b/c he usually likes to do them around 19 wks...i'm only 18w4d. He was able to see all of baby A(Samantha) but Baby B(Sarah) was hiding out a bit, SO he'll re-check anything he couldn't see really great on Sept 20th. He did say Samantha was Breech, but we may be ok b/c they still have some time to flip before they get to big. Right now one baby is 7 ounces and one baby is 8 ounces, which is totally normal. Lastly Dr. P said he was 100% they were girls. We were actually able to see one of the babies privates...and it was definitely a girl. All in all we had a great appt and i'm starting to get excited about having two more babies added to our family.

One other very important note: the dr. said that he was pretty sure the girls would arrive somewhere between Christmas and New Years...i hope there's enough time to have a glass of champagne at midnight on new years eve!! HA HA...Just kidding! He did tell me he'd try to hold off till after Christmas if all possible. So hopefully we'll be home Xmas day and try to have a semi normal christmas for Hannah...although i'll probably be sooo big i won't want to get out of bed. The good part is that if they are here before the new year...we'll get TWO extra tax write offs! YAHOO!

On another note: we are scheduled to close on the house Monday afternoon! Paul and I are so excited about our new home. It's a great house to raise a family.

Here are some pics of the babies: (L-R) The babies mouth, the babies head and a pair of feet, 2nd row: the babies spine, babies mouth, 3rd row: face, babies head with a pair of feet(this is because they are breech

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hannah 2 year pics, News on the Homefront, NWMOM Update

Hello All,

First of all we finally were able to go get Hannah's 2 yr pics done. What a relief. She did NOT like taking them at all, so when i attach them you will see as she did NOT smile once. I think from now one we'll have to take her alot more often to get her used to having her pics taken. I'm sad she didn't smile and we didn't get any really good ones...but maybe the Christmas pics will be better.

Second of all, we have officially bought the house. We had inspections done last week and everything went very well. As of tomorrow, we are out of option pending and the only way we wouldn't get it is if the owner of the house back out for any reason(i think). We have been making big plans for our new house. We are having a "master bathroom" added behind the bedroom with hopefully 2 showers, having floor to ceiling windows put in the living room, a trellis put on the back patio with a fan and a couple of other small things done. Hopefully we'll get all this done prior to moving in althought it's always sooo hard to sit and wait when you know your new house is right around the corner and there's so much to do. I just can't wait till we actually close and get the keys to the house. I can't wait to show off the new's really a georous house and soo big.

Thirdly, Melody and i went to the NW Mom's of Multiples meeting this past week. We had an ice cream social. YUMMY! It was a fun time and we met a ton of new people. I met this one lady who has twin fraternal boy/girl babies that are 5 weeks old. Gosh, i felt so bad for her. She was not getting much sleep and said that each baby kinda had their own schedule and she'd maybe get 2 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period! YIKES! I did get some great info and one lady said that she'd take a 5-6 hour nap when her hubby got home from work...Paul thought that was a great idea...and then i'd do the over night. We'll see how that works...i think i'll be ok as long as i get a real period of sleep somewhere in a 24 hour period. Another lady said that identical babies may sleep on the same schedules if we are lucky...boy would that be nice.

Lastly, we go to our 19 week ultra sound this coming Wednesday! I can't believe i'm almost half way there! WOW...i'm so excited. I'm really just ready to get over the first 9 weeks or so where the girls will be waking up at night. After that i think i'll really enjoy it alot more! I will update everyone after i get out of the dr.s office Wed. Please say a prayer that both babies are fine and everything comes out normal. I read the other day that 90% of twin pregnancies are normal and the babies are fine. I hope that we are in the 90%!

Here are some pics of Hannah:
The first one is of Hannah & Cousin Allison at Lunch last weekend...they had way too much fun. They were talking...but screaming at the same time. We scared everyone out of the room we were sitting in b/c of the girls :)
The second one was of Hannah putting on "bipstick" after she somehow found some hidden in the bathroom drawer! :) She was so proud of herself! Thank goodness she didn't get it all over the house!
The last three were the photos we took at Picture people. She just refused to smile...although i think they still came out pretty good! :)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Well the GREAT news is we bought the house. We are sooo excited we can hardly wait to move in. We are going to do a couple of things before we move in but not much. The house is just lovely and perfect for our growing family. We will keep Ms. Hannah in the room downstairs by us till the au pair and babies come. Then we'll move Hannah upstairs with the au pair. I'm a little nervous about this just because my poor baby will be upstairs rather far away from me...but i think i'll get used to it. Anyway, we meet with the inspector today. We also have a fence guy coming thursday and a remodeling guy coming today to see if we can add on a bathroom and sun room and how much it would cost. I'll update the blog as soon as we have more information. O yes, we are planning on closing on aug 28th or 29th as the seller is moving to ireland August 30th. It's all just depening on the mortgage company and the title company.

We did meet the owner of the house on Saturday. We drove by on the way to lunch and they were all there cleaning and moving things out. Paul didn't want to stop and bother them, but on the way home i insisted he stop so he did. The owner of the house is such a nice lady. She is so calm and sweet. Paul just couldn't believe how calm she was considering she was moving out of the house she had lived in with her family for 17 yrs. I think i would have been a mess. She was so nice and inviting...welcoming us in her house and showing us all sorts of neat perks to the house. I really can't wait to move in. It's going to be so nice!

Also, Melody and i are going to the Mom's of Multiples group this thursday. We are both so excited. I hope she will be able to attend the next one but she is getting so big and starting to slow down a lot so we just don't know what's going to happen. I will update on the meeting after we get home Thursday night. I do know this meeting is a round table where you get the ask a mom that has already gone through pregnancy and birth all sorts of questions. I think this one will be very very informative. We'll find out soon!

Lastly, one of my relatives(not sure how we're really related) who i saw at the Bench Reunion had twins back in February. Well word was out that we were going to have twins and she called me a couple of weeks ago. I just got back to her yesterday and i was so happy i did. She was so informative and gave me lots of ideas once our kido's are here. She did say the first 2.5 months are going to be horrible...but after that it'll all be worth it. I still remember when we had Hannah and that's right about on target when we finally were able to get out of the fog and get a bit of sleep. She did say she seperated the babies and put them in seperate rooms after a month. I did NOT expect to seperate them until they were old enough to beg for their own rooms! YIKES! She said everyone is different and you just really need to do what feels right.
Also, she gave me this AWESOME website to check out: talking about a ton of neat stuff and info. I love it and was on the computer almost all day looking at the site.

Will update ya'll more after we get more info on our new house!

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Well we have big news on the home front. We had planned on building a new house as many of you know. BUT in the midst of talking to builders and meeting with an architect, a really beautiful house a block over went on the market and we have an appt tomorrow with the realator. . Here is a link to the house . It's older but big and looks really nice from what we've seen from the outside and the website.

I will update ya'll on what happens tomorrow after we meet the realator.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Well all signs point to GIRLS!!! I totally guessed right!!!! I just knew it. Paul is a bit sad because our plan had always been to have two and then if we had two girls to adopt a boy. NOW, there's no way we're adopting a child...we won't have room and we'll have to win the lottery to pay for private school tuition and then college and weddings, etc. When i reminded Paul about THREE weddings...he was a bit freaked out. I also just remembered that there is no one so far to carry on the Myers name. It's like a dejavu of my family, which had all girls too! The good part is that the girls can all share clothes and they will probably all love to sleep in the same room and maybe even share a big bed for a while. They will also hopefully be very close since they are so close in age. I regret that i did not have my oldest sister closer in age to me because we were never going to same direction...never hung out together and by the time she was in high school i was just starting elementary school.

Secondly the dr.s checked out the girls and they are doing fine. I had to sign my life away and tell them i didn't want to do any genetic testing b/c if they test for things like spina bifada there are chances of a false positive and it's higher with twins and then you could have to do an amnio to see for sure. The whole thing is weird and i do not agree with testing for these things because they only reason one might test for them is to do selective reduction if there is something wrong with one or both. So i said no to the testing and i'm happy with my choice.

Hannah came with us today to the dr. becuase i was still a bit nervous about her going to school today. She did really good in the dr.s office despite the fact that we had a REALLY long wait today.

I'm also attaching some pics of Hannah in her new bouncy play toy. This was the day after the party because we did not get any pics of her in the boucny on her bday.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hannah's Birthday & the Mothers of Multiples Meeting

Sorry it's been a while since i wrote last. Hannah's been sick for the past two she's been home with me on Mothers Day out Days. She is finally well from her stomach virus so she'll go back to Mothers Day out Thursday.

The mothers of multiples meeting was great. We met a ton of people and every lady had their own story. Most good and all ended good either way. Every lady had a name tag with little feet and birth date. They were printed in the either pink or blue and with the amount of babies they had. I couldn't believe it, but even a lady that looked like she was in her mid 60ish was there to socialize. Melody and i both agreed it was kinda like a sorrority meeting. They read the minutes and then they have a group called the sunshine group that keeps up with all the pregnant moms and updates on progress. What we also found out is that if we become a member, which we definitely will, they have a group that will cook food for you one night after you come home from the hospital OR 2 ladies will come babysit you babies and let you have a night out. I think we'll take them up on watching the babies for a couple of hours for a night out on the town...but we'll see what happens. The group also has breast pumps to borrow and a TON of books you can borrow from their library. All in all the group is great and we've both decided this may be our one night a month out after the babies get here.

Next exciting piece of news...Hannah's 2nd birthday party. Luckily she was not sick that day and had a GREAT time with everyone. She got a ton of toys and lots of money for college. We had about 30 people come to the party and i got take out papasitos for the occasion and it turned out great. We had lots of food, cake, non alcoholic beer and candy! Plus, Paul bought Hannah one of those big jumper things and her present was a climbing/slide so she had a ton of toys outside to play with until the rain came down.

Lastly, we find out the sex of the babies in TWO DAYS!!! I'm soo excited. I'm sure they are girls...but you just never know. I have to say, i will probably have a heart attack on the table if he sees a pee pee or two on the ultra sound machine. Not that i don't want boys, because i'd love boys. But just because i'm sooo sure that they are girls just because i feel the same way i felt when i had Hannah.

Here are a couple of pics from Hannah's 2nd birthday party!

Don't you love how Jaymie(far right) is entertaining all the kidos with playdough! Thanks Jaymes....I'm looking forward to the day when i get to buy finger paints and playdough for your kidos! :)