Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The results are in...

I was WRONG! It's actually a virus! YEP, it's one of those weird viruses that all you ever get is a high fever over 103! CRAZY, CRAZY! I don't recall Hannah ever getting this...but know at least i know. It seems to always be my sweet Sam that gets these weird things. Anyway, i actually figured it out before we even got the results back from the urine because all of a sudden Sam broke out in a very weird rash. It's kinda funny...but not really...the rash went from her feet...to her knees....to her privates...and now is going up her back! SOOO WEIRD! SO, now we wait...and wait and wait. We won't know for about 10 days IF anyone else will get it. I read there is a 10 day incubation period. UGH! So now we're pretty much stuck in the house for 10 days...maybe less. I will take the girls to school on Thursday if no one is feeling bad. I do have the weird feeling Sarah WILL get it though because the twins share cups, spoons and anything else they can put in their mouths. They even share snacks...so i'm sure it's coming....it's just a matter or time. YUCK! BUT at least i know so i won't freak out. Just do the normal...tylenol and motrin, rotating out until the fever breaks. I know some people(my sister for instance) feels very strongly about not giving motrin...but the fever was NOT breaking at all with tylenol! I didn't have a choice...and i'll do it again if Sarah gets the virus. To me it's either that...or dehydration and brain damage from an extremly high fever. Now psycho mom is going to be feeling cheeks and heads for a week! Poor Poor kidos! :)

That's all for now...today i had the twins alone. It was fun...but weird!